Saturday, August 15, 2009

Since last we spoke.....

I have seen and heard so many things since last we spoke.... someday I hope I will actually get a chance to edit all the video I shoot, compile all the pictures I take..... I do update my facebook regularly, now I have some crazy wacko phone thing, you know, I remember when I was a kid, we used to get all worked up about the man. Remember him? The one who was watching, and making little notes for hisself and his cronies? Also known as the CIA or the Secret Service, we used to worry that the Man was watching, taking pictures to use against us in some future psycho techno Joe McCarthy hearings..... we would wax prophetic for hours about what we were gonna do when the Sh*t hit the Fan, when we could hear the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse actually coming down S 15th St, and then Dave would look at me and say, "Fat girl, you are
the first to go..... you can't keep up, so you will be jerky by the morning......." I told him I would learn to brew beer and distill strong spirits , since alcohol was a valuable skill especially in
times of Apocalypse...... so fast forward to 2009, and I now have a phone which actually has a microphone, and video camera, and home based hi speed wireless internet and a computer with higher res versions of the same media capturing devices......and I pay for the privilege!! So, yes, sometimes I lay awake at night, wondering if the Man is going to come down on me and use against me all the pictures I take and video I shoot, tracking me with the GPS unit built into the
phone.... and then other times I exit the movie theater in South Side to discover the Boilermaker Jazz Band playing out in the grass and I upload some video on the spot.....and just delight in the fun of it all, the immediacy of sharing our cultural heritage with the world with the flick of some buttons on a hand held computing phone video internet gizmo......

So where was I going with this rant, oh yeah, I upload alot of stuff on the facebook more often than I send out an email, so if you want more, friend me and fan me on the facebook, and I will deal with the Man when he comes for me (for you know, he will, oh he will......)

And tonight, the last in a 3 part series with the New Hazlett Theater! Free show, video taped live for a future podcast!

Tonight, August 15 at 10:30 pm come to see a FREE show featuring the over-the-top rawk antics of Amoeba Knievel and and the unparalleled
stylings of Phat Man Dee.
This is an all ages show but alcohol will be available for purchase with ID.

New Hazlett Theater
Allegheny Square East
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
phone: 412-320-4610
fax: 412-320-4612
For more info about the theater:

Next week I am heading east to Windber, PA for my 3rd ever Kerouac Fest. My friend Blair A Murphy bought a haunted hotel, the Grand Midway, just outside of Johnstown, in Windber, about 8 years ago on eBay, he bought it for $10,000 sight unseen, and moved to it from Los
Angeles with his two friends, Damien Youth and Betsy Black.... Damien and Betsy have since moved back to her hometown in Louisiana, but Blair perseveres..... He has built a very strange and wonderful scene out there, people come from all over the world to visit and make art
there, Blair was a filmmaker who used to work for Stan Lee and Prince when he lived in LA, and now is a fine bartender and still a filmmaker. So he puts on these crazy events, and this year I am
singing on the Friday night of Kerouac Fest..... along with many others....
The line up as I know it (*way* subject to change)

Thursday night Aug 20
a play featuring my friend Dylan and Curtis (they were in Midsummer
Night's Dream with me last June)

Friday night Aug 21
Typewriter Girls
Bridge City Bombshells Burlesque Review
and me singing with Colter Harper and Tony DePaolis

Sat night Aug 22
Jack Cassady
Damien Youth
David J
Amoeba Knievel
The Skirt Tasters

So if you feel like making the journey, you should come, rooms at the hotel are all booked, but it is only 2 hours east of Pittsburgh and we'll be up all night anyways, if you feel a need for a bed though check out the local holiday inn....... and the event itself is Free, though you should bring something to share, food, wine, whatev.....
Info about the Grand Midway

Hope to see you there!
Love, butter and bones,