Thursday, March 7, 2013

It's raining, It's snowing, where's Phat Man Dee showing???

Ah springtime in Pittsburgh..... snow filled, lovingly salted Pittsburgh. It's a good thing we have so much wonderful art and music to keep our mind, bodies and spirits warm and stimulated! I've been pretty busy applying for different programs to try and get my video projects off the ground, if you would like to see the demo video I put up kind of illustrating what I'd like to do, which is curate and host a locally based globally destined art and music showcase featuring Pittsburgh based entertainers, check out the demo video I shot at Shadow Lounge last December. It features me with my group "The Cultural District" i.e. Carlos Peña, Tony DePaolis, Miguel Sague III with special guests Olivia Kissel and Miguel Sague Jr.  
Please cross your fingers and wish me good fortune. All I can do is work at my music, video editing and put my dreams out there and hope someone thinks they're worthy enough to support. 

Coming up! 

This Saturday March 9, 2013 - 8 p.m. - 11 p.m. All Ages 
Second Line Saturdays at NOLA on the Square! 
24 Market Square, Pittsburgh, PA 15222
With John Purse on guitar, Tony DePaolis on bass and Miguel Sague III on conga/vocals. If you are thinking of coming, please do make a reservation. It gets very very busy on Saturday nights and I hate to see my friends and fans standing waiting for a table.

 Also Sat March 9, 2013 
I shall also be appearing in the form of electronic signals (read video) in a labyrinth for the Q Ball, a gala fundraiser supporting the much beloved theater company Quantum Theatre. You may recall my friends Colter Harper and Carolina Loyola Garcia did a series of images a couple months ago, they shot some stunning surrealistic light painted images of local artists, of which I was one and another model was Karla Boos (director of Quantum Theatre). Other models included Thaddeus Mosley, Ben Opie, Adrienne Wehr, Olivia Kissel and she decided to put all the images in a labyrinth designed by my old friend Tony Ferreri of City Theatre! Some of the models will actually be in the maze interacting with the people as they go through! Obviously I am already booked that night, but if you would like to go support the beautful work of Quantum Theatre ( maybe after catching some dinner and my first set at NOLA??) then I hope you will! I will be appearing via video that was shot by Ray Gerard of Occupy Pittsburgh Now Media and that I edited as one of the stops in the labyrinth. Enjoy me live, enjoy me digitally, in any case, it's all good in the wood my friend.
More info about the Q Ball: 

Friday March 15, 2013 - 6:00pm All Ages 
The 18th Annual Ides of March March 
Birmingham Square, S 12th St & E. Carson St, South Side Pittsburgh, 15203 

Join us for the 18th Annual Ides of March March! This yearly phenomenon celebrates the "It that Is" and that which makes us each and individual. Bang a drum, toot a horn, beat the scorn, make guitars thrum, wear a costume! All ages, we march to 22nd St, turn around & come back for cake! No $$, just you, in a costume, on time, so we can avoid the drunks!

 Sunday, March 17th at 7:00pm 21+ 
Mr. Smalls Theater 400 Lincoln Ave, Millvale, PA 15209
Creative. Life. Support. Revival series! 
Drowning Clowns cd release party w/ DJ Zombo, Phat Man Dee and more!
I am on early, like 7 p.m., so if you want to come see me, be on time! Email me for a free ticket!

Saturday March 23, 2013 - Invitation Only
I am participating in a private event in a haunted hotel in Windber, something about poetry, jazz and burlesque. Margaret Bashaar of Hyacinth Girl Press and Blair Murphy of the Grand Midway are putting it on, people are coming in from Chicago. That's all I know. I am bringing a tutu.

Friday March 29, 2013 7:00 p.m. , 18+ 
I will be singing first at the last weekend of one of the most important venues in my community. The Shadow Lounge brought together over it's thirteen year adventures people from all walks of life, backgrounds, cultures, it crossed genres like it invented fusion. I am going to miss that venue. We did poetry, burlesque, sideshow, hiop hop, funk, jazz, comedy, spanking parties, you name it, we did it.... Beautiful art was made there every single night and I made friends I will never forget. Join with us this final weekend to see the best of the best. $20 a night or $30 for a weekend pass. More bands and musicians then I can count. I am just honored to be included.The evening will be recorded live. Again, like the previous 3 listings, I AM ON EARLY! Like, I'm first. The sets are SHORT. No one gets more than 20 minutes. Don't be all showing up after 8 p.m. (when I was on at 7:30) and be like, hey girl, when you go on? Cuz I'll be swole up. Salted like an old rusty dog. As in, "Darling dear, I sang my heart out and performed a brand new piece of burlesque sideshow poetry in commemoration of the closing of this momentous venture at 7:30 and was done by 7:45, so sorry you missed it, guess you'll have to buy the Blu Ray when it comes out! Love you!"

It's a thick month and I am currently enrolled in Pittsburgh Filmmakers, so it just keeps getting thicker all the time. I am trying to learn AVID video editing system, as Final Cut Pro decided to destroy itself just as I was becoming comfortable with it..... But we soldier on. I have dreams and I am working on making them reality. Love, light, hope, solidarity. I am yours and you are mine, we are one in the mind of God and God is all around us and we are living in the light of the Goddess with every breath we take.

Thank you for reading, thank you for being you.