Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Great Gigs in Pittsburgh w/ Phat Man Dee this weekend!

Hello my loyal defenders of phabuloscity!

It has been a whirlwind of wonder for me the last couple weeks, it really has. After a wildly successful 17th Annual Ides of March March and a really lovely show at my favorite book store El Jays in Dormont, I then ran with my Amoeba and my hairdresser Regina to Baltimore, where I acted in the new season of "The Culinary Adventures of Baron Ambrosia" I can't tell you too much about the episode, except that I got the chance to act with 2 of my heroes, the Baron himself and.....JOHN WATERS!  That's all I can say, I may have said too much. Watch out for it on the Cooking Channel in June for this incredible new show.
Photo of me & Baron Ambrosia by my hairdresser Regina Wilderman of Luxx & Locks on E. Carson St, my jacket was custom made by Zoe Collins of Threadneedle St in Sharpsburg, PA

 After this life changing moment I came home for a day and half and did a show with the beautiful burlesquers, the Bridge City Bombshells, and then packed my bags again and went to Cleveland to record with Miguel Sague III, Carlos Peña & Tony DePaolis at my friend Steve's studio. Now if I could just get to spend some time editing my fundraiser video for my dvd project I would be hyping my dvd live filming,  but I have too many gigs, so maybe next week..... but I did start back to cello lessons with my teacher from high school, Mr Critser. He still plays for the opera and he says my technique is intact, so who knows, maybe that dvd will include a string section...... But between now and then.....

This Friday night I'll be at the Kelly Strayhorn Sunstar music festival where I am singing back up for the incredible Christiane D and we are performing songs from her recent album "Obliquity of the Ecliptic" Other musicians include Izzy Arlet is on guitar, Chris Belin is the drummer and we have 2 crazy keyboard players Paul Cunningham and David McKelvey, so we sound like we're flying through space, if space had a seriously poetic funk feel. We're on at 9 pm, so get there on time!
Friday, March 30, 2012 | 9 PM–11 PM
Other groups on the bill include:
Boca Chica, DJ Mary Mack, The Armadillos, only $10, all ages
more info:

The next night I am singing with my band at NOLA on the Square
This week the Band means: Carlos Peña on guitar, Dave Pellow on bass and Dylan Aragon on drums. We have some brand new pieces in our repertoire both some more eclectic classics and some originals.
Sat March 31, 2012 | 8 PM–11 PM

24 Market Square, Pittsburgh, PA 15222
No cover but a voluntary donation may be made to the club for them to send to some wonderful New Orleans charities.

All ages, incredible menu & free valet parking!

Then the following Monday I'm singing with my band at the Shadow Lounge.
This show will be extra fun because I am sharing the bill with Tommy Osh from the Ultimatics who is now apparently backing the guy who wrote "St Elmo's Fire" That show is called "Tom Kurlander & Pale Blue Sound". Other acts include: Dubravka Bencic, and Fry Jones.   
Monday March 2, 2012 | 8:30 pm

5972 Baum Boulevard, Pittsburgh, PA 15206
$10, 21 and over

That's it for shows right now.... who knows what the future will hold.... do I see the E Coast's First Ever Fire Festival brightly burning in the future??? And is that me as the emcee with Andrew the Impaled????
More info on that event impending on April 28, 2012:

Also, please if you live in Pittsburgh near the South Side Slopes, I am posting this for a good friend, please keep an eye out for this wee beastie. We love her very much (she is not my dog, but she is the mother of my sweet Pumpkinseed, so any help would be wildly appreciated):

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hey friends!

Just a quick note to let you know my husband Tommy Amoeba is playing tonight with his show Amoeba Knievel as the opening act for 2 groups from Japan, "Peelander-Z" and "Electric Eel Shock"!
I hope you can make it out!

I hope you are thinking on about what you will be wearing for the 17th Annual Ides of March March. Thursday March 15th we shall gather as we have in years past (almost 17 years to be somewhat exact) to celebrate the it that is and the us who is us in a grand nonsensical fashion for no apparent reason in grand mockery of reality at large. We shall gather at 6 pm at 12th and E Carson at Birmingham Square in South Side of Pittsburgh, PA, and depart at 7 p.m. to march to S 22nd St and then cross the street and come back again, stopping at the Beehive, South Side's original bastion of freak community , where we shall have some cake. We can only hang out til about 9 pm, at 9 is when the Beehive goes over 21 and becomes a bar. I mean, you can stay and drink, but the young'uns have to go.
Here's a link to some video South Side Vinni and Juicy Jay shot a couple years ago at the 15th Annual Ides of March March:

In my last email/blog blast I made a mistake which I would like to correct, I had mentioned the Cacophony Art Show currently on display in Santa Ana, CA which opened the night my cousin previewed his movie "Into the Zone" and I said that Rev Al had made the art show, when in truth, that installation was curated by my cousin Jon Alloway, the filmmaker, Rev Al of Art of Bleeding, and Albert Cuellar who has had major installations at MoMA and LACMA and has worked extensively for Tim Burton, David Lynch and many others. Together they all deserve the credit for  curating, designing and producing that incredible museum show which so beautifully documents Cacophony. If you are in Southern California, you should check the show, it's really something, to see the freaks who went before us and what they wrought, it is sheer inspiration.
More info:

If you can make it out tonight to my sweet Amoeba's show, I would love to see you. Here is what he had to say about his gig:
March 3, 10PM, $10, 21 and over
31st St Pub, 3101 31st St, Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Tonite will be a special nite in international relations and crazy rock n roll hijinks at the 31st St. Pub in the strip district as east meets west when Pittsburgh's own vanguards of rockin cartoon depravity, Amoeba Knievel, share a bill with long standing garage rock mavens Elecric Eel Shock and colorfully festooned rock weirdos called Peelander Z who claim to be from the Z section of the Planet Peelander by way of Japan and NYC

It'll be a nite of crazy costumes, onstage antics and unadulterated rock and roll out the wazoo!

For our part, Amoeba Knievel will hit the stage for the first time in months bringing their A-game rock-nanigans combined with their patented pop culture addled rock n roll onslaught. We are proud to announce that tonite the role of bass player will be played by the illustrious Justin Brown of Crawlin' Low Band and Alexei and the Justins fame.

Band order is Amoeba Knievel, Electric Eel Shock and Peelander-Z.

Facebook Invite:
Amoeba Knievel:
Electric Eel Shock:
31st St Pub, 412-391-8334: