Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We are so blessed.....

We live in a country that has known violence and oppression, our people have been on both sides of the coin in many cases....but just recently we enjoyed a massive regime change, we witnessed and became real historical change, and we realized it in relative peace. This is not the case for our cousins in Iran. They are really in it right now, and as I write this blog / email to inform you of my next gigs over the week, I realize again, how blessed I feel that I am allowed to go off and do my shows and sing in public and not wear a chador or burka and just be a free woman. Pray for Iran, pray for the people, pray for the music, poetry and children of Iran. Below my show announcements I will include here a poem by my friend Murrie, he wrote it in response for what is happening in his home country.

This Saturday in Windber, PA , I join with Blair Murphy's production of "A Midsummers Night Dream" by Bill Shakespeare. We are performing it in front of his hotel , The Grand Midway, during Thunder in the Valley, a local biker rally also called The Windber Rumble...... I am playing "Fairy", it is a cameo role, and my first foray into the world of Shakespeare....

Here is an article about it from the Daily American:

Showtime is 9 pm this Sat June 27 in front of the Grand Midway Hotel at Miner's Park.
1303 Midway, Windber, PA 15963

Then next Thursday I am singing at Pegasus, showtime is 10:30 pm, 18 and over, $3, other performers tba.

And Friday, I don't know about you, but I am preparing for the End of the World, with my Subgenius brethren......

So I keep busy.... it's been a fascinating year so far. I just put two new videos online:
This is of a burn we held at Teppy's house in Wexford, me and all my local Burningman family and friends:

And then I made a video for Tommy Amoeba, please to enjoy:

And as promised, a poem written by my friend Murrie, The part on the left is Farsi as rendered with English letters phonetically, the words on the right are the English translation.

Mah Hasteem________________________We Are

Mah Hasteem________________________We Are
Bah Allah___________________________With God

Mah Bah Hameem_____________________We are Together
Too een Rah_________________________On this Road

Bah Ham Rah Mereem __________________We walk Together
Emrooz oh Fardah_____________________Today and Tomorrow

Mah Tahamol Kardeem _________________We have put Up
Tah Halla___________________________Until Now

Tah Halla ___________________________Until Now
Sedah Nah Dashdeem___________________We had no Voice

Halla az Fardah_______________________Now from Tomorrow
Nafass Mekhaeem Bekesheem_____________We want to Breath

Mekhaeem Zendeh Besheem______________We want to live Again
Faryad Bekesshem_____________________We Scream

Halla Sedah Dareem ____________________Now we have a Voice
Bahrah yeh Azadi______________________For Freedom

Faryad Meekesheem____________________We Scream
Barah yeh Azadi_______________________For Freedom

Juneh-moon rah Meedeem________________We will give our Lives
Barah yeh Azadi________________________For Freedom

Mah Hasteem_________________________We Are
Too een Rah__________________________On this Road

Bah Ham Rah Meereem__________________We walk Together
Emrooz oh Fardah______________________Today and Tomorrow

Mah Irooni Hasteem_____________________We Are Iranians
Zendeh Hasteem________________________We Are Alive

Tah Sedah Dareem______________________Until our last Voice
Bah Hameem__________________________We Are Together

Tah Azadi Nadareem_____________________Until we have Freedom
Fahdah Meesheem_______________________We will be Martyred

Mah Hasteem__________________________We Are

By Mehrdad Emamzadeh 6-21-09

Written in honor of Neda Soltan and other fallen Iranians protesting for Freedom in Iran.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Songs of Wonder, Songs of Might.....

Phat Man Dee shall sing tonight! And tomorrow as well.....

Tonight, I am singing for a benefit for PERSAD at Altar Bar!
The Shining All Star Awards is an awards ceremony to recognize volunteers in our local non profit community. Guest performers include Bunny Bixler, Gynda Denor, Rose Malloy, Milan and Anna Steezia, our gracious hostess shall be Kierra Darshell!!! $7, all ages. Awards going to Richard Allison (GLCC), Alan Jones (PATF) & Julie Evans (PAAR) !
Altar is located at 1620 Penn Ave, Strip District, Pittsburgh, PA, 15222

Tomorrow, hold your hats on, ere'body on the innerweb..... I have decided to take the Pittsburgh that I see, visible to the world at large, via the mighty power of the interweb. Many years ago you may recall I hosted a weekly show at the Lava Lounge. From 1998 - 2002 I hosted a show there , Phat Man Dee Presents! And what I presented changed every week, sometimes poets, sometimes drag queens, sometimes circus folk, sometimes bluegrass trios with singing bowls (which sound like feedback when miked btw) sometimes beautiful dancers.... from Bulgaria or Crafton.... weekly was hard, it hurt, I had to stop, but I wish the world to see my town of Pittsburgh as I see it, full of creative life.... to that end, tomorrow Tommy Amoeba and I are beginning the first in a series of monthly variety shows at the New Hazlett Theater.

We are announcing the first of a three month experiment in podcasting for Phat Man Dee Productions and the New Hazlett Theater. To kick off the first one, Phat Man Dee and Tommy Amoeba shall host a wonderful evening of circus, belly dance and jazz. Featuring entertainers Andrew the Impaled, Pittsburgh's Premiere Pain Proof Clown, the lovely dancing of Lady J and the amusing duet that is your host, Phat Man Dee and Tommy Amoeba! With technical director Dave Bjornson and his crackerjack team of videographic maniacs, watch in pain or pleasure as PMD Productions re-embarks on the journey to bring Pittsburgh to the world at large! The public is invited to sit in on these live tapings, to be later edited and made available for free to the world via the magic of the interweb! All ages and Free but for the EGRESS!

June 20, 2009
New Hazlett Theater
Allegheny Square East
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
All Ages and Free (but for the Egress)
10:30 pm (after the main show lets out)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Video Online! And show tonight @ Pegasus and more! Options There are currently too many topics in this group that display first. To make this top

Wow, NY was a monster, I don't think I exactly slayed it, but I definitely had a good time rough and tumbling with it! While in NY I caught up with some wonderful Pittsburgh ex-patriots,
Sharon Mama Spell put on a wonderful show for us "Shrink" @ Ottos Shrunken Head, and we saw Paul Tabachneck and sat in with his open stage at Winegasm.... and then I stayed to work with my good friends from Dark Passage and the Madagascar Institute to celebrate their 10
years of existence as art and exploratory groups. I will include links to that madness below......I am just happy I came back alive......thanks to John Law and Rick McKinney I shall live to sing
another day, though after the biker rally this weekend and the show for PFLAG @ Hard Rock on Monday, that might be it, so come see me this weekend before I expire from exhaustion......

Tonight at Pegasus! I am singing with Michael Murray on keys and
joining us will be my good friends and phabulous entertainers
Gabryella Divine, with Ms Pegasus 2009 Angelique Young and introducing
Ivanna DeVaughn Browne! Showtime is 10:30 pm, 18 and over, with i.d.
and the cover is only $3. Gear up for PRIDE week and get your cocktail
on, I want to see you out there!

This weekend, I am joining my friend Bag Lady Sue is hosting her first
ever motorcycle rally, a Benefit for Operation Troops Assist!
For more info visit:

Then next Monday June 8 @ Hard Rock Cafe, Station Square
Join us for the THE BOOB TUBE FOLLIES, a Benefit for PFLAG
(Parents & Friends of Lesbians and Gays' 20th Anniversary)
with Patrick Arena and Mark Lucas
6:30 p.m. Donation: $25
Featuring performances by Patrick Arena, Phat Mandee,Gab Bonesso,
Brenda Jean, and Tracy Drach
Come as your favorite TV character! Prizes for Best Costume!

I might send out another email next week if I have the energy, and I
am still counted among the living...... but if I don't , I want to see
you at my gigs anyways, I am not booked at the Arts Festival this
year, so if you want me downtown, come out and support your Pittsburgh
Queers! Without them, you know we would have a much uglier city,
don't you? Sometimes it's easy to get spoiled by how good we look....
but I travel, I know, Pittsburgh is sexy.......

June 14
Pittsburgh Pride in the Streets
7th St Stage at 5 pm •

June 19
Shining All Star Awards at Altar Bar
Benefit for PERSAD

June 20
The New Hazlett Theater
1st Video shoot for my new Webcast Variety Hour!!

I promised video and video I shall produce........
Watch in horror as your favorite 300 pound singing Jew flies across
the Gowanus Canal last weekend in Brooklyn:
Madagascar Institute & Dark Passage 10 Year Anniversary Celebrational

Be delighted at the antics of the friends for whom she thought that
was a great idea:
"Revenge of the Future" Part One:

"Revenge of the Future" Part Two