Friday, June 19, 2009

Songs of Wonder, Songs of Might.....

Phat Man Dee shall sing tonight! And tomorrow as well.....

Tonight, I am singing for a benefit for PERSAD at Altar Bar!
The Shining All Star Awards is an awards ceremony to recognize volunteers in our local non profit community. Guest performers include Bunny Bixler, Gynda Denor, Rose Malloy, Milan and Anna Steezia, our gracious hostess shall be Kierra Darshell!!! $7, all ages. Awards going to Richard Allison (GLCC), Alan Jones (PATF) & Julie Evans (PAAR) !
Altar is located at 1620 Penn Ave, Strip District, Pittsburgh, PA, 15222

Tomorrow, hold your hats on, ere'body on the innerweb..... I have decided to take the Pittsburgh that I see, visible to the world at large, via the mighty power of the interweb. Many years ago you may recall I hosted a weekly show at the Lava Lounge. From 1998 - 2002 I hosted a show there , Phat Man Dee Presents! And what I presented changed every week, sometimes poets, sometimes drag queens, sometimes circus folk, sometimes bluegrass trios with singing bowls (which sound like feedback when miked btw) sometimes beautiful dancers.... from Bulgaria or Crafton.... weekly was hard, it hurt, I had to stop, but I wish the world to see my town of Pittsburgh as I see it, full of creative life.... to that end, tomorrow Tommy Amoeba and I are beginning the first in a series of monthly variety shows at the New Hazlett Theater.

We are announcing the first of a three month experiment in podcasting for Phat Man Dee Productions and the New Hazlett Theater. To kick off the first one, Phat Man Dee and Tommy Amoeba shall host a wonderful evening of circus, belly dance and jazz. Featuring entertainers Andrew the Impaled, Pittsburgh's Premiere Pain Proof Clown, the lovely dancing of Lady J and the amusing duet that is your host, Phat Man Dee and Tommy Amoeba! With technical director Dave Bjornson and his crackerjack team of videographic maniacs, watch in pain or pleasure as PMD Productions re-embarks on the journey to bring Pittsburgh to the world at large! The public is invited to sit in on these live tapings, to be later edited and made available for free to the world via the magic of the interweb! All ages and Free but for the EGRESS!

June 20, 2009
New Hazlett Theater
Allegheny Square East
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
All Ages and Free (but for the Egress)
10:30 pm (after the main show lets out)

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