Thursday, January 22, 2009

Can I sing to you in San Francisco on Jan 23?

Can I sing to you in San Francisco on Jan 23? Of course it would be easier if you were in San Francisco too, but
some of you are, you know who you are...... and if you
aren't you might know someone who is, so pass the word along......

Phat Man Dee in San Francisco with Red Hots Burlesque!
Friday, January 23, 2009
7:30pm - 9:00pm
El Rio in the Mission
3158 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA, 94110
Phone # 415-282-3325

So let your friends know!! I have been a busy beaver editing video
like there is no tomorrow, keep checking my for
more stuff, though because of the 10 min limit, the longer segments
are going up in higher def on my myspace and facebook accounts.

Stay warm and see you in sunny San Francisco!!


PS Save the date, next Pittsburgh gig on Feb 5 at Pegasus with dancer
Olivia Kissel!!!

PPS Yes, we had a Burn last weekend in the subzero temperatures of Western Pennsylvania. As the Nation prepared for change, we burned....

We were not the first, but in the last 17 years, we were the coldest.... In record breaking sub zero temperatures I joined with 150 or so of my dumbest friends and some of their children at Cooper's Lake Campground to camp out and enjoy the community which believes "Those who burn together stay together". Unless one of us gets frostbite and then, well, you might lose some external bits..... Please to enjoy the burning of our effigy, created by Rob, If you know the names of the fire spinners, let me know and I will add them here in the info section. For info about the event visit

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside!!!

So let's go camping!!!! Ok I don't actually expect anyone of you on
this email list to join me @ Frostburn this weekend (if I see you
there it will be a delightful surprise!) but I do expect you (assuming
you are in Pittsburgh) to attend my dear husband's show at Howler's
Coyote Cafe in Bloomfield, he has put together with his good friends,
"Who-Phoria" a tribute show wherein local bands will all play songs by
the Who.

If you are crazy enough to join us at Frostburn, for God's sake read
the FAQ and Survival Guide on the website:
I will be leading the Annual Mr Roger's Singalong on Sunday morning.

And on Monday night, in celebration of Dr King's birthday, please join
me at Howler's (hip spot these days!) as we perform to benefit
survivors of Katrina and the Common Grounds Relief fund.

Martin Luther King Birthday Benefit on Monday January 19 at Howlers
4509 Liberty ave. Bloomfield at 9PM
Suggested donation is $10 for the Rich and $5 for the not so Rich.
Show starts at 9PM and ends at Midnight.

The line up:
Moonlight Motel
Duane "Irate" Jones and Evan Knauer
Bobby Porter
Lucid Music
Deleted Scenes (from New York City)

Proceeds benefit the Victims of Hurricane Katrina / Common Ground

Next week if you are in San Francisco, join me at Dottie Lux's evening
of Burlesque with the Red Hot Mama's at El Rio!
Doors at 730 and the show is over by 9, so be on time!!
El Rio is located at 3158 mission st , San Francisco, CA

I have been going crazy putting up footage of shows so keep checking
out my channel (today youtube, tomorrow my own satellite!) :

Me with Erin Carey (aerialist)

Video of the end of the seesion led by Howie Alexander's trio with Paul Thompson and James Johnson III at Ava Lounge in E Liberty last monday:

Stay warm , stay well and I hope to see or hear of you attending
something awesome this weekend.

On a sadder note, last week we all lost someone very special to me, Lucy the Dog.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I ordered the cake!!!

And it's black with hot pink roses! A full sheet, so you better come
to Pegasus and have a piece! It is Meoww Kitty's aka Suz Pisano's
birthday and she is turning lovelier than ever. For those of you who
know her, you know how lucky you are, for those of you who don't ,
well what are you waiting for?!?? She creates the neatest bags and
hats and scarves and costumery. The fun fur scarves I bought from her
for my nieces literally made those little girls squeal at the top of
their lungs! (They had googly eyes with lashes and little leather red
tongues....really adorable.)

See a tasty example of her handiwork:
So anyhoo, as if just me singing at Peg's wasn't enough, now we have
cake and a Suzy P to further entice you, so I do hope you can make it
tomorrow Jan 8 at 10 pm at 818 Liberty Ave, in the basement,
underground Pittsburgh, PA. 18 and over , with ID. $3. Come on down
and get your gay on, and if you can't get your gay on, then you can
just sit down and watch while we do it for you...... there will be
plenty of cake......

And while we are looking at pictures, here's one taken last November at Zafira's Vaudeville Carnevale III, by Darter:
I better see you out, if you can' t make it, please to enjoy some video I shot at Howler's last week of Kagero, America's latest Japanese Gypsy Funk Sensation!