Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I ordered the cake!!!

And it's black with hot pink roses! A full sheet, so you better come
to Pegasus and have a piece! It is Meoww Kitty's aka Suz Pisano's
birthday and she is turning lovelier than ever. For those of you who
know her, you know how lucky you are, for those of you who don't ,
well what are you waiting for?!?? She creates the neatest bags and
hats and scarves and costumery. The fun fur scarves I bought from her
for my nieces literally made those little girls squeal at the top of
their lungs! (They had googly eyes with lashes and little leather red
tongues....really adorable.)

See a tasty example of her handiwork:
So anyhoo, as if just me singing at Peg's wasn't enough, now we have
cake and a Suzy P to further entice you, so I do hope you can make it
tomorrow Jan 8 at 10 pm at 818 Liberty Ave, in the basement,
underground Pittsburgh, PA. 18 and over , with ID. $3. Come on down
and get your gay on, and if you can't get your gay on, then you can
just sit down and watch while we do it for you...... there will be
plenty of cake......

And while we are looking at pictures, here's one taken last November at Zafira's Vaudeville Carnevale III, by Darter:
I better see you out, if you can' t make it, please to enjoy some video I shot at Howler's last week of Kagero, America's latest Japanese Gypsy Funk Sensation!

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