Friday, June 21, 2013

Final local Phat Man Dee appearance for 5 weeks!

Hey sugar dumplings!

I am just making a quick post to thank you for being on my list and in my world. I have been blessed to have some great gigs lately and I just want you to know that it's such a blessing to recently sing for new people and make new fans and it makes me realize afresh how much I appreciate the fans and friends I've had for so long. I also, wanted to remind you about my last local shows for a little while. I am out traveling doing festivals this Summer, so if you want to hear me sing before I go, then this is the weekend to do it!

Tonight June 21, 2013!
I am singing at an art opening at Ava Lounge, the show is called She: Art by Danielle Robinson
I probably go on about 9 ish. Big emphasis on the ish. My friend makes beautiful images, and this venue is closing soon, so come celebrate with us before the lights go out on Ava Lounge.
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Tomorrow June 22, 2013

I am singing at my husband Tommy Amoeba's Rock N Roll Birthday Bash and SubGenius Devival! Special guest the Reverend Ivan Stang himself!
Howlers Coyote Cafe, doors at 9 p.m.,  21 +, $10 at door
Performers include amoeba knievel, Andrew the Impaled, Eric Singer, Phat Man Dee, sT tENTATIVELY a cONVENIENCE and the Reverend Ivan Stang!!!!!!!
If you are lucky, maybe Princess Wei R Doe will join me for a tune or 2!
See what Bill O'Driscoll had to say about it in the Pittsburgh City Paper:
Scott Mervis also included it in the Weekender in this week's Pittsburgh Post Gazette:

Facebook invite:
It's so exciting to have Ivan Stang back in town, he hasn't been here since 1998, and if you purchase salvation this weekend, you could come camping with us in July at the SubGenius World Gathering on July 1-7 at Wisteria Campground!!!
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Hope to see you, I will have live musicians with me tomorrow (Michael Murray, Colter Harper and Tony DePaolis), but am singing to backing tracks tonight.

If you wish to come on the road with us, you should consider coming camping at the beautiful Brushwood Folklore Center in Sherman, NY. I am performing at Summerfest on July 26 with both my jazz band, The Cultural District, AND the sideshow burlesque troupe with whom I am affiliated, Kabarett Vulgare. On Sat July 27th, the night after we play, my good friends Guaracha Latin Dance Band, will be performing and then shall lead us drumming and chanting to the big bonfire in the Round House. Camping and singing and drumming and dancing and going to workshops with other beautiful musicians and artists sound good to you? Buy your ticket now and make sure your tent is in good order!!!
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Have a beautiful weekend, may your solstice burn bright and shower you with cosmic life force, keep our friends who need our prayers in mind, there is much strife in the world and I hope we can leave this place better than we found it, one song, one kindness, one gesture at a time.