Friday, December 18, 2009

Phat Man Dee & Colter Harper to sing in Istanbul! Tomorrow!

Ok, well, at least as close as we've been able to get so far.....
which is the new Istanbul Coffeeshop and Restaurant in Lawrenceville!
My friend Coskun has taken over the old Your Inner Vagabond space at 4130 Butler Street, on the corner of 42nd and Butler. He has done some nice remodeling in the front area for a very comfortable dining experience and the back he has kept with all the Turkish tuffets,
cushions and the big stage, which is awesome, because now you can enjoy his incredible cooking and still see a show in a very comfortable lovely setting. He has a couple eateries around town, a
nice lunch counter downtown on Liberty Ave, so you might have had a chance to enjoy his cuisine before. He is a big sweetie and I am really excited to sing at his new place and that wonderful space that Andrew and AJ worked so hard to bring to our town is preserved.

So this Saturday (tomorrow) I am singing with Colter Harper. I am hoping to have some special guests, and we shall sing some special holiday selections like "Un Flambeau, Jeanette Isabelle" and some of my hebrew / spiritual medleys. I also have a lot of new material I want to swing past you, and we'll throw some classic standards in there as well. A little Turkish rock here, some french cabaret there, a little Sabbath to lighten the mood and my new creepy songs about a
haunted hotel in Windber, PA..... I declare it shall be a delightful evening of sensual song and rhythms. I might even get Colter to break out the djembe......

I hope to see your shining faces, please come spend some time in from out of the cold and have a little coffee, eat some food, and let me sing to you.
The deets:
Showtime 8 pm - 11 pm. Food available til 10 pm.
BYOB , $3 corking fee, all ages, $10 at the door.
4130 Butler St, at 42nd and Butler, Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh, PA

Your friend, your neighbor, your songstress,
Phat Man Dee

Also, I wrote some poetry last week, at Tony DePaolis's cd release party at Little E's, you check out his release, it's pretty awesome, he helped to produce my last disc and I am really proud of him, his disc is called "The Contemporary Dynamic". I wrote this poem at the party while listening to the music.

Righteouscity by Phat Man Dee, copyright 2009

"Righteouscity again, just a little bit brighter
Don't do it again, all night long
With hipsters flying and Gods childrens crying
Sacred music takes many forms as you play that song.

Sing it Kathy, sing it out
And Kenia makes our hearts to shout
Its righteouscity pretty as George cries loud
Little brother selling cds so very proud

But the tune drives us mad with sorrow and pain
Then lifts up our hearts from out of dark rain
Into the heaven where angels fly free
The bass tells a story in counts of three

A flat fourth here and a sus fifth there
The math is almost visible as notes hang in the air
But its the soul which sings from one heart to mine
Its in between phrases that we can feel time

Jimmy wants a peace of the tenderness cuz it fills up inside
And say what you want, they aint playing from pride
And tho some will analyze it all til your sore
My heart cries out for more and more

Righteouscity again, just a little bit brighter
Don't do it again, all night long
With hipsters flying and Gods childrens crying
Sacred music takes many forms as you play that song."

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Phat Man Dee sings at Library today!

In fact, I shall sing songs you can learn if you go to the library! My
set list tonight includes La Vie En Rose, A Tisket A Tasket, Ay Linda
Amiga, Rien de Rien, Dona Nobis Pacem, War Pigs and Imagine. I might
toss in a couple of originals, because I do recall giving the library
my cd once, but if they actually cataloged and made it available for
folks to check out, I don't really know. I tried.....

So I am sorry for the late notice, I have been kind of dazzled by
trying to get back into the Pittsburgh swing of things. I have had
breakfast at O'Learys, noodles at Lulu's and Thai Me Up, wontons at
Cambodican and a singular Black and Gold chocolate bob from the Get
Go. I sang at a benefit for the Brewhouse the same night I flew home,
and then for Zafira and the Indigo at the Rex a couple days later.

Photo by Chiko Sugimoto. Taken at the Rex Nov 29, 2009 with a show I was emceeing. Zafira presents The Indigo. From left to right, me, Christine Andrews, Zoe Jakes, Olivia Kissel, Mardi Love, Maria Hamer, and Rachael Brice.

I should have let you know about these things, but to be fair, I was
mired in gigs for BRAF and also in a movie shoot before I left San
Francisco for the movie FEED and I had little computer access, but I
do try and keep up with shout outs via twitter..... (I feel so Hannah

So tonight, it is Sunday December 6 and my friends The Typewriter
Girls have put together a benefit to save the library!

When I was in California, a community there was just building their
first library, and some small towns don't even have one, we have an
amazing legacy here, we need to protect it. It can be so easy to take
something as grand as the Carnegie Libraries for granted and say what
you want of Andrew Carnegie and his deplorable labor practices, the
library is a gift that has lasted over 100 years but it doesn't have
to be forever, it will only live if we continue to feed it, it will
only be around for our children and their children as a repository of
knowledge and ideas if we maintain and let it grow, so I entreat you,
come on out and show your love for the written word and knowledge and
information in general!

Specific info:
TypewriterGirls Save the Libraries!

What: A poetry reading and performance by the Avant-Garde cabaret
troupe The TypewriterGirls to raise awareness and funds for Carnegie
Library of Pittsburgh
Who: The TypewriterGirls Poetry Cabaret w/ Readers: Sandra Beasley,
and Nancy Krygowski; music by Phat Man Dee; stunts by Dave Doyle;
dance by NAKA; performance art by Christiane D.; comedy by Sean
Collier; and musical accompaniment by upright bassist Spat Cannon and
guitarist Chad Hammitt
Where: Carnegie Library Lecture Hall, 4400 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh PA,
When: Sunday, December 6th Doors Open at 5:30 pm / Show
begins at 6:00 pm
Cost: donation based—minimum donation of $7.00 required

On Sunday, December 6th, utilizing the power of poetry, protest, pygmy
goats, awkward conversation, and, yes, even necromancy, The
TypewriterGirls gather up all of the forces at their disposal and
battle furiously to save the Pittsburgh library system--the same
libraries that spawned their very group’s formation through its fine
artistic and educational programming, amazing international poetry
collection, and its generosity in employing Crystal as a security
guard despite her frequent and occasionally dangerous bouts with
delusions of grandeur.

This show will feature many of the area’s greatest activist artists
including poet Nancy Krygowski, performance artist Christiane D., and
famed vocalist and song writer Phat Man Dee. Don’t miss this
artistically stunning opportunity to show your support of and
contribute to our local library system.

True to the TypewriterGirls’ cabaret spirit, the event will include a
library themed typewriter written exquisite corpse at the door, a sure
to be rousing and thoroughly literary round of the improv comedy game
“Poets” in the middle, and lots of inanely intellectual comedic
theatrics to tie it all together, as Crystal and Margaret and guest
comedian Sean Collier take to the streets (and many other indiscreet
locales) to round up the funds to keep our libraries running, with a
special guest appearance by Franco Dok Harris.

Many other acts will take the stage in this epic battle--including but
not limited to Naka Entertainment, a unique hip-hop dance group
comprised of youth from Pittsburgh‘s East End, Dave Doyle, a daring
performer who will amaze us with a round of physical stunts, poet
Sandra Beasley, author of I Was the Jukebox, forthcoming from W. W.
Norton, and poetic musical accompaniment by stand-up bassist Spat
Cannon and guitarist Chad Hammitt. In addition, there will be a silent
auction filled with goods from local artists, musicians, poets,
restaurants, and shops. Come bid on baskets filled with chapbooks,
CDs, handmade jewelry, and other goods! All the proceeds go to the
library’s operating fund!
More Info:

Hope to see you, if not tonight then down the road, I am working on a
club date, probably at Istanbul Restaraunt for the holidays, more info
as it solidifies. I am still available for some last minute house or
corporate holiday parties before I head west again, so write or call!
Love, butter and follow me on facebook,

This painting was done by my beautiful friend Dr Deb from Palm Springs, CA. She and I met during a run of "How to Survive the Apocalypse, a Burning Opera" in San Francisco, 2009. I dream of singing back up for her in her show "Dr Deb's Southern Bapti-Jew-Bu Gospel Hour and traveling roadshow".

Love, butter and hope to see you out!
Phat Man Dee

PS New modeling agency in NYC, let me know what you think of my

PPS Also just posted phone video to you tube of my fabulous last
friday night, saw Jim Donovan, Zafira and Machete in one night....
reminding me again, exactly why I adore this crazy town we call

Jim Donovan Drum the Ecstatic @ Istanbul:

Zafira @ Pandemic:

Machete @ Pandemic:

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A wonderous chaos....

And a musical one, these past several weeks has been so consuming, so insular, I have been neglecting basics, like eating or sleeping..... or promoting shows that are well impending...... To explain, I haven't been slacking off, we just finished the run of the opera last week (SOLD OUT SHOWS FOR 3 WEEKS!!!) , then cleaned out the rehearsal studio in West Oakland, and then immediately caravaned to the Hollywood Hills with a sack of burritos to record a cd of the music for the opera with many of the cast members and orchestra. It's been a physical and emotional whirlwind and we have made some wonderful music together. Last night we finished tracking the song I helped write the melody for and we had naked recording sessions of several of the tunes. My friends from the opera Renfey (fire elemental and gorgeous diva extraordinaire) and her husband David Bergeaud (brilliant musician and producer) opened their palatial home in the Hollywood Hills to our motley rag tag newly formed tribe of musicians and madmen and let us at the studio for 4 days (16 hour days) straight. They have an incredible home and studio just up the street from Charlize Theron's place.... but whatever, the real party was right here, under their magical tree, across from their lighted dome, beside the pool and jacuzzi.....I said we were busy working, but we made some time for a little pleasure too.... the naked choral session was pretty lovely.....maybe that video will make it into the extras portion of the directors cut of the dvd promises don't really want to see me singing "Chance is a dance, designed to align, reality and the mind" in 3 part harmony with 20 other people do you? No I didn't think so.....
Here is a photo of me and Renfey, our diva , fire elemental and gracious host with the incredible
offer to come into her home and record this music.

So back to reality.....

In San Francisco, tomorrow night, at 8 pm I am taking the stage with some of my wonderful friends from the opera and beyond. David Kaye has invited me to perform at the Climate Theater's Music Box Series, and for musicians I have Charles Darius, Aaron Taylor, John Hollis (all from Burning Opera) and John McManus. For soloists and special guests I have Marisa Lenhardt, and David Erik Petersen and Leslie Freeman (also of the Burning Opera) and my friend Rose Harden (dancer) will be joining us as well. I am expecting a thick and tasty musical madness to heal and inflame the body and soul......
Doors 7:30pm - Showtime 8:00pm sharp.
Most shows are $7-15 sliding scale
Climate Theater, 285 9th Street @ Folsom, San Francisco, 94109

After this concert, I am heading over to the Jellyfish Gallery at 1286 Folsom to sing a short set for the Ripper Journey Art Auction, a benefit for the Tom Kennedy Art Foundation. Please come to the show at the Climate Theater and then follow me to the gallery! Tom and his art mean a great deal to me and though he is sorely missed, bringing his message of peace and art to the world is in some way very healing.

And then, hold your horses happy humans, I am heading to north to my favorite peace of heaven on earth, Point Arena, California, where I am singing on Halloween as the opener for a great show called "Lord Loves a Working Man" at the Point Arena Theater. Joining me will be Chris Campbell on drums and John McManus on bass, other players tba. There is a costume ball at 8 pm to begin the evening and doors are at 7 pm, tickets are $15.
214 Main Street, Point Arena, CA 95468

So for now, I remain your ever loving, if never writing, Phat Man Dee. I am so grateful for your love and support as I try to negotiate this world of music, chaos and joy. I am looking very much forward when the dvd comes out of the stage show at Teatro Zinzanni and then a cd of the music from this wonderous experience, "How to Survive the Apocalypse, a Burning Opera".
Please read the review of our show in the San Francisco Bay Guardian! I am really excited about the future of this show.

I am doing my best to keep picture logs on flickr and facebook.....

The whole opera is breaking up right now from Renfey and David's house, it is sad, but this fire will burn for a long time..... as the poet Erik Davis once said "Dust is only dust, so let it burn!"
Erik Davis seen here:

photo by Michael Rauner

Friday, October 9, 2009

A week of joy and tears.....

Hello dear friends!

It has been a magnificent and equally emotional week in the world of Phat Man Dee. The Burning Opera company opened our show, "How to Survive the Apocalypse" at Teatro Zinzanni this week to sold out and we received very positive responses. We have even added a third week
due to sell out crowds! Maybe someday we will realize our dreams of taking the show on the road across North America and Europe..... fingers are crossed for sure!

Here are some wonderful press and blog postings!
Laughingsquid post:

photo by Michael Rauner

Contra Costa Times:

My own behind the scenes evolving set of photos, here with David Petersen as we prepare for the opening of the show with the song "Gypsy Dogs"

That said, even between gigs, I never rest, I never sleep, I only think of new and wonderful ways to entertain the beautiful people who come to hear me sing......
Tonight, sorry for late notice, I been a little busy, if you are in San Francisco early tonight I am singing at Red Hots Burlesque at El Rio, 3158 Mission St! Doors at 7:30 pm, $10, come early, seats sell out fast! A new and different show each week,including bizarre beauties,senseless sideshow, drag, burlesque and comedy! Each Show Features burlesque by DOTTIE LUX and film stimulus by VAL KILLMORE
Seating is limited to reserve seating please email For a complete show calendar please see the RHB myspace page at
Accompanying me tonight is the lovely Charles Darius, he is one of the wonderful musicians from the Burning Opera, and I am not sure who all is dancing, but Dottie puts on a great show, and if you like tassel twirling and g strings, El Rio is THE place to be!

Hope to see you tonight, but if not, then maybe at the opera! Buy your tix now, I think next week is sold out!

Love and fried garbanzo beans,

P.S. I say week of joy and tears because on Sunday we (the cast and crew of the opera) tried to go to Baker Beach to celebrate where the Burning Man got started, and thus led us all down the path which led to each other.... but these days it's closed at night and the cops ran us off and no one had enough $$ to go any one else's bail, so we made our way to Ocean Beach for some fire and music action. It was difficult for me, because earlier this year we lost a wonderful artist
and activist there, Tom Kennedy, and in that moment, I was in no way prepared emotionally to deal with an immediate confrontation of that geographic location AT ALL. It was a hard night for me, but it was nice to be with the opera, who remind me of how much we have to live
for..... and then last night, on our night off, we all sat down to watch video from our Wed night performance, to critique and whatnot, but beforehand we watched some video of one of the last Pepe Ozan desert operas, Eye of Rudra.....these productions, while very different from our own definitely inspired many of us in some way, some of us helped write direct and star in them, and then, without warning, across the screen of the video walked my friend Felicity. She passed away last year, and in sitting down to watch some video with my friends, again, I simply wasn't prepared for the sight of her...... Basically, I lost it, both Sunday and last night, in the middle of
such joy and intense passion of good music and performance, I was blind sided by the pain and utterly senseless loss of two people for whom I cared very deeply. I know if Tom and Felicity could see us now, both would be so proud of the work we're doing and probably be involved, or be roping us into some similar madness and artistic expression..... So friends, know that whatever time I have been able to spend with you, I consider it a blessing and for as long as we have together, I do not want to take a single moment for granted. I can't do everything I want to, but I sure as hell can try. Thank you for being in my life, thank you for being in my community, just thank you for being the you who has spent some time with me, I consider *you* the gift.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Burn..... from Playa to Proscenium....

Or thrust, actually......
Where to begin? My last show in the hometown of my heart and hackles (Pittsburgh, PA) occurred on Aug 29. I was blessed to emcee a wonderful night of performance and art to welcome the new art space The Meter Room to our humble burgh. John Ross and his wonderful group of freaks and friends have been undaunted in their struggles to bring more art and music to the West End. I remember when the Meter Room was just a basement in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, literally a basement with meters for the gas man to read for the apartments above, now it is a huge beautiful warehouse with space for art of all kinds, industrial, music, dance, you name it. In Pittsburgh, PA, which is the important part.....

So after that wild and crazy extravaganza, I headed west, to meet Colter Harper and head to the desert. For the Burningman..... My first burn was 1996, and my, the event certainly has changed since then! I went by accident, to my reckoning, that first time. On tour with the Bindlestiff Family Zirkus, Dave Apocalypse and I were informed in San Francisco , after our show at Cell Space that our next show was in Black Rock City , NV. "Great I thought", to myself, "I have never been to Nevada".... at no point did anyone think to inform my little bald nineteen year old self that we were actually going to a desert wasteland and I might wish to procure a water bottle and hat.... or a tent..... or a neckerchief, or sunscreen..... so off we went , when I woke in the van, my first thought was "Where the f*!k is the club?!?" No club, no bathroom, no coffeeshop, nuthin'. Just dust. Dust everywhere and in everything. Aggro alkali dust that liked to eat you and your stuff. Violent looking people with massive artillery. And rigging. Lots of rigging. Metal machines, operas by crazed Argentinians celebrating Dante's Inferno, Chicken John burning Hollywood in effigy, Papa Satan serving up burgers and lighting sculptures on fire whilst madly giggling..... I barely left camp.... except to get a burger from Satan. What can I say? I like the flavor of dead cow and the Bindletwits were all vegetarian......we had number 10 cans of hominy and condiment sandwiches in my camp.... if camp you can truly call it, I had a german army suplus tentish thing, basically an isosoles triangle portion of camo canvas. I was so scared by the opera and the burning of Hollywood and then a man lept from a 40 foot tower which burst into explosive flame (later John Law, who didn't , as I thought at the time, die during that performance, became one of my very good friends who I will adore til the end of time) , I refused to leave center camp for the burning of the man..... I watched it from the interior of Chris DeMontery's pyramid camera obscura.... much more calm. No dust, no debris, no screaming mad men. Well, I watched it go with Dusty Balls, but he didn't truly go mad til much later......

So why, you ask, did I go back after such an awfully traumatizing experience? The circus again.... except in 1997, I was with Chicken John's Circus Rediculous...... and I stayed on the road with Chickie for 7 months in 1997. We ended this grueling tour of America with about 12 starving punk rawk klowns left over from an original cast of 26.....45 miles an hour , across the nation and back, with the Veg O Matic of the Apocalypse and 1000 pounds of bikes of Peet Manuel's Hard Times Bike Club school bus of pain. We smelled like rotten baloney, hard tortillas, stubbed cigarettes, stale beer, dill pickle juice and foot. We looked worse. But we could work. We set up a bike circus camp, we helped Jim Mason build a 12 foot high (very impressive in those days) ice ball sculpture, and then we became the first ever BRC DPW (Black Rock City , Department of Public Works). As a joke. Because the 8 guys trying to build the city were having difficulty. Long story short, there was a massive changeover in leadership and a break in the organization , for details read Brian Doherty's very comprehensive book:

All we could see was pain as far as the eye can see and clowns like to heal..... and we didn't have a car, we were trapped , on a soft playa with violent looking strangers who sometimes had beer. That they mixed with Clamato juice..... but beer nonetheless. So we stayed. And I kept coming back, for years, as a cook to feed the men and women of the DPW, til about 2001, when I decided I was done. I came back as a participant, in 2002 with Tommy Amoeba for our honeymoon, but I didn't work DPW that year, or really ever again. I had to back off, they work hard and the group is over 150 people now, but to see what it was like when I was there you can check Susan Barron's documentary:
Working for the Man: The Building, Burning and Disappearance of Black Rock City 2000 (2001)

So I stopped for years, burnt out, fried fried, fricaseed fried. My husband and I had our honeymoon, our "friends" burned our wedding elephant, for details check it on my website
We sued them on Judge Joe Brown and everything.......

I wasn't going to go back till my friends Kimric and Shannon decided it would be a wonderful idea to build a 3 story Victorian house that drove itself across the desert.... "The Neverwas Haul" I so didn't believe it would happen , that I actually rote a song on my second disc called "Neverwas is Forevermore" in dedication to what I believed would utterly fail..... I went to watch it fail in a magnificent fashion. Which it didn't. Beautifully. And much to delight of tens of thousands, it has made it to 3 burns and I have been to every one with it. It's incredible. Kimric makes accordions and blows stuff up with SRL. Shannon builds sets for Renny fairs and haunted houses.... perfect combination. This year it worked every day, 2 times a day, we took tours all over the playa, with little kids (baby burners are soooooo cute!!!) and everything.

So here we are, 14 years later. I have hair, I know to bring a realish tent to the desert, bring a water bottle, and some food..... sunscreen and every single costume I ever owned.... and be sure to camp with a Victorian house..... not some mangy circus with foot fungus reeking of pickle juice. (Really truly pickle juice, they were just sure it cured the hangover.....) There are even naked pictures of me online by my cousin, Jon Alloway (who btw, I met while doing a circus show at Burningman 1997) with Chicken, Flash (aka Papa Satan of 1996 and of the hit tv show "Doin' DaVinci) and Larry Harvey, head poobah of the Burningman LLC Himself.....

And now, though Pepe Ozan never cast me in one of his desert operas, (so bitter was I over this grand insult that I penned a tune called "Pepe" on my debut album, he didn't really like it, though I always loved him, brilliant self centered son of gun that he is......) I have been blessed with the opportunity to join an incredibly talented cast of wonderful performers of every genre from all over the world. This new rock opera is called "How to Survive the Apocalypse, a Burning Opera" . In this wonderful work, Mark Nichols and Erik Davis have penned something that somehow manages to actually capture the wild spirits of Burningman in a staged indoor production. I don't want to give too much away, but in this blog, over the next couple of weeks, I will be uploading pictures and some video clips from the building of this inspiring work. In fact the director of this new show is a very talented man named Christopher J. Fülling who actually helped write and directed every opera that Pepe designed in the desert during those early, heady, we can do anything or die trying, years of Burningman..... So, of course, I want you should all buy tickets, or help us figure out a way to take this show on the road..... or maybe fund a film..... but in any case, I will share as much of my experience with you as I can. I am having a blast, I feel like I am exactly where I need to be and when and with whom I need to be.

Some initial images:
Me with Mark Nichols, from Seattle, now of Sebastopol, CA, the music director and composer:

Erik Davis our Wordsmith and poet, with costume designers Deborah Sciales and Oliver Lowe:

Me with Dj Jonni Ji and Andrew Stack (we are here trying to figure out my break out song, "Don't See Me" which I got to actually help write, totally exciting!!!!!)

And for now, last but not least, my favorite moment today...... when Michael Michael came in to rehearse with us..... Michael Michael aka Danger Ranger is a beautiful man with whom I have enjoyed many wonderful burns. always an enigmatic figure he and I have shared screaming matches and the serenity of the hot springs.... once he rode me up a mountain in a silver RV named "The BARTH" at breakneck speeds, I was sure we would all die..... he doesn't make me feel safe exactly, but he always made me feel something......

He is here with the brilliant tenor and director Christopher J. Fülling and Erik Davis (wordsmith)

And for now just a little video for your viewing pleasure a clip of me and Mark Nichols actually composing my big break out number: "Don't See Me":

To buy tix visit:

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Since last we spoke.....

I have seen and heard so many things since last we spoke.... someday I hope I will actually get a chance to edit all the video I shoot, compile all the pictures I take..... I do update my facebook regularly, now I have some crazy wacko phone thing, you know, I remember when I was a kid, we used to get all worked up about the man. Remember him? The one who was watching, and making little notes for hisself and his cronies? Also known as the CIA or the Secret Service, we used to worry that the Man was watching, taking pictures to use against us in some future psycho techno Joe McCarthy hearings..... we would wax prophetic for hours about what we were gonna do when the Sh*t hit the Fan, when we could hear the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse actually coming down S 15th St, and then Dave would look at me and say, "Fat girl, you are
the first to go..... you can't keep up, so you will be jerky by the morning......." I told him I would learn to brew beer and distill strong spirits , since alcohol was a valuable skill especially in
times of Apocalypse...... so fast forward to 2009, and I now have a phone which actually has a microphone, and video camera, and home based hi speed wireless internet and a computer with higher res versions of the same media capturing devices......and I pay for the privilege!! So, yes, sometimes I lay awake at night, wondering if the Man is going to come down on me and use against me all the pictures I take and video I shoot, tracking me with the GPS unit built into the
phone.... and then other times I exit the movie theater in South Side to discover the Boilermaker Jazz Band playing out in the grass and I upload some video on the spot.....and just delight in the fun of it all, the immediacy of sharing our cultural heritage with the world with the flick of some buttons on a hand held computing phone video internet gizmo......

So where was I going with this rant, oh yeah, I upload alot of stuff on the facebook more often than I send out an email, so if you want more, friend me and fan me on the facebook, and I will deal with the Man when he comes for me (for you know, he will, oh he will......)

And tonight, the last in a 3 part series with the New Hazlett Theater! Free show, video taped live for a future podcast!

Tonight, August 15 at 10:30 pm come to see a FREE show featuring the over-the-top rawk antics of Amoeba Knievel and and the unparalleled
stylings of Phat Man Dee.
This is an all ages show but alcohol will be available for purchase with ID.

New Hazlett Theater
Allegheny Square East
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
phone: 412-320-4610
fax: 412-320-4612
For more info about the theater:

Next week I am heading east to Windber, PA for my 3rd ever Kerouac Fest. My friend Blair A Murphy bought a haunted hotel, the Grand Midway, just outside of Johnstown, in Windber, about 8 years ago on eBay, he bought it for $10,000 sight unseen, and moved to it from Los
Angeles with his two friends, Damien Youth and Betsy Black.... Damien and Betsy have since moved back to her hometown in Louisiana, but Blair perseveres..... He has built a very strange and wonderful scene out there, people come from all over the world to visit and make art
there, Blair was a filmmaker who used to work for Stan Lee and Prince when he lived in LA, and now is a fine bartender and still a filmmaker. So he puts on these crazy events, and this year I am
singing on the Friday night of Kerouac Fest..... along with many others....
The line up as I know it (*way* subject to change)

Thursday night Aug 20
a play featuring my friend Dylan and Curtis (they were in Midsummer
Night's Dream with me last June)

Friday night Aug 21
Typewriter Girls
Bridge City Bombshells Burlesque Review
and me singing with Colter Harper and Tony DePaolis

Sat night Aug 22
Jack Cassady
Damien Youth
David J
Amoeba Knievel
The Skirt Tasters

So if you feel like making the journey, you should come, rooms at the hotel are all booked, but it is only 2 hours east of Pittsburgh and we'll be up all night anyways, if you feel a need for a bed though check out the local holiday inn....... and the event itself is Free, though you should bring something to share, food, wine, whatev.....
Info about the Grand Midway

Hope to see you there!
Love, butter and bones,

Friday, July 17, 2009

Sometimes weeks go by.......

Hot warm muggy heat of summer comes to bear down in great steamy waves..... weeks pass and I don't want to sit at a computer in a city connected to electricity and synaptic emphatic digital impulses promising the world of the great things to come if you would just keep reading the emails , checking the my spacebook invites, and following the tweets to the promised land..... I don't want to insist that you hear my new songs or rather, I want you to discover them organically like presents thrown at us from the ether...... I want you to hear me around a camp fire at night as we dance naked, drums pounding, feeling the primal energy of the mother earth around us.... but sometimes it is just best to invite our friends to an air conditioned nice theater
and leave your clothes on..... or not, depending on the venue, and for you, I truly have the best of both worlds this weekend!

Tonight Friday July 17, 2009!
Want to see some clothes come off? Not mine, the flimsy frippery and finery of Pittsburgh's premiere burlesque troupe, the Bridge City Bombshells!!!!!! I do hereby officially invite you see me sing for these lovely ladies. I shall also be doing a set with Tony DePaolis, Pittsburgh's hottest bass man with fingers fueled by the liquid fire that is his soul....Also with DJ Hates You!
Doors 9 pm, showtime 10 pm. Tickets are $5 before 10 pm, and then $7
after 10 pm.
Drink specials $2 Yuenglings, $3 well drinks, 21 and over, sorry kids!
Belevedere's is located in the Lawrenceville section of Pittsburgh, PA at:
4016 Butler St
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15201

Tomorrow Saturday night July 18, 2009!
Live taping! This is the second in a phabulous experiment in the Amoeba’s GOING GLOBAL! Announcing the second of a three month experiment in podcasting for Phat Man Dee Productions and the New Hazlett Theater. I shall host a wonderful evening of jazz, cartoons
and dance. Featuring entertainers Patrick Arena, Miss Angelique Young aka Miss Pegasus 2009 & Joe Wos! With technical director Dave Bjornson and his crackerjack team of videographic maniacs, watch in pain or pleasure as PMD Productions re-embarks on the journey to bring
Pittsburgh to the world at large! The public is invited to sit in on these live tapings, to be later edited and made available for free to the world via the magic of the interweb! All ages and Free but for the EGRESS!
Showtime: 10:30pm
New Hazlett Theater
One Allegheny Square East
Northside, Pittsburgh, PA
phone: 412-320-4610

And Monday July 20, 2009
I am making my debut appearance with Dr Sketchy's Anti Art School at Gypsy Cafe from 8pm-11pm!
1330 Bingham St
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15203
Cost:$10 adv, $12 @ door
Dr. Sketchy presents: A Midsummer’s Night Sketch Featuring Phat Man Dee! Ah the great bard would be proud. Provided he was an artist who drank a lot and drew scantily clad fairies. Join us for Drinking, Drawing, Dames and Games as Dr. Sketchy Takes on Shakespeare’s Midsummer masterpiece! This month will feature special guest performer/ model Phat Man Dee. Your chance to sketch a true Pittsburgh icon. Mel Practice, Dollface Dani and introducing our newest model Rachel Weichbrodt! Artists and photographers are welcome, however photographers will have specific poses to shoot to allow for the artists to sketch without distraction. As always must be 18 to attend and 21 to drink. for more information. Tickets only 10 dollars online, 12 dollars at the door. Students enter code aip for discount tickets. To buy tickets visit
Sponsored by Boyd and Blair Vodka, Gypsy Cafe, and Baby Tattoo Books.

New video of the week, check out Pittsburgh Guitars newest theme song/video!

And next week, I am going to Starwood to dance around a fire in as few clothes as humanly possible , you are all invited to join me......

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We are so blessed.....

We live in a country that has known violence and oppression, our people have been on both sides of the coin in many cases....but just recently we enjoyed a massive regime change, we witnessed and became real historical change, and we realized it in relative peace. This is not the case for our cousins in Iran. They are really in it right now, and as I write this blog / email to inform you of my next gigs over the week, I realize again, how blessed I feel that I am allowed to go off and do my shows and sing in public and not wear a chador or burka and just be a free woman. Pray for Iran, pray for the people, pray for the music, poetry and children of Iran. Below my show announcements I will include here a poem by my friend Murrie, he wrote it in response for what is happening in his home country.

This Saturday in Windber, PA , I join with Blair Murphy's production of "A Midsummers Night Dream" by Bill Shakespeare. We are performing it in front of his hotel , The Grand Midway, during Thunder in the Valley, a local biker rally also called The Windber Rumble...... I am playing "Fairy", it is a cameo role, and my first foray into the world of Shakespeare....

Here is an article about it from the Daily American:

Showtime is 9 pm this Sat June 27 in front of the Grand Midway Hotel at Miner's Park.
1303 Midway, Windber, PA 15963

Then next Thursday I am singing at Pegasus, showtime is 10:30 pm, 18 and over, $3, other performers tba.

And Friday, I don't know about you, but I am preparing for the End of the World, with my Subgenius brethren......

So I keep busy.... it's been a fascinating year so far. I just put two new videos online:
This is of a burn we held at Teppy's house in Wexford, me and all my local Burningman family and friends:

And then I made a video for Tommy Amoeba, please to enjoy:

And as promised, a poem written by my friend Murrie, The part on the left is Farsi as rendered with English letters phonetically, the words on the right are the English translation.

Mah Hasteem________________________We Are

Mah Hasteem________________________We Are
Bah Allah___________________________With God

Mah Bah Hameem_____________________We are Together
Too een Rah_________________________On this Road

Bah Ham Rah Mereem __________________We walk Together
Emrooz oh Fardah_____________________Today and Tomorrow

Mah Tahamol Kardeem _________________We have put Up
Tah Halla___________________________Until Now

Tah Halla ___________________________Until Now
Sedah Nah Dashdeem___________________We had no Voice

Halla az Fardah_______________________Now from Tomorrow
Nafass Mekhaeem Bekesheem_____________We want to Breath

Mekhaeem Zendeh Besheem______________We want to live Again
Faryad Bekesshem_____________________We Scream

Halla Sedah Dareem ____________________Now we have a Voice
Bahrah yeh Azadi______________________For Freedom

Faryad Meekesheem____________________We Scream
Barah yeh Azadi_______________________For Freedom

Juneh-moon rah Meedeem________________We will give our Lives
Barah yeh Azadi________________________For Freedom

Mah Hasteem_________________________We Are
Too een Rah__________________________On this Road

Bah Ham Rah Meereem__________________We walk Together
Emrooz oh Fardah______________________Today and Tomorrow

Mah Irooni Hasteem_____________________We Are Iranians
Zendeh Hasteem________________________We Are Alive

Tah Sedah Dareem______________________Until our last Voice
Bah Hameem__________________________We Are Together

Tah Azadi Nadareem_____________________Until we have Freedom
Fahdah Meesheem_______________________We will be Martyred

Mah Hasteem__________________________We Are

By Mehrdad Emamzadeh 6-21-09

Written in honor of Neda Soltan and other fallen Iranians protesting for Freedom in Iran.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Songs of Wonder, Songs of Might.....

Phat Man Dee shall sing tonight! And tomorrow as well.....

Tonight, I am singing for a benefit for PERSAD at Altar Bar!
The Shining All Star Awards is an awards ceremony to recognize volunteers in our local non profit community. Guest performers include Bunny Bixler, Gynda Denor, Rose Malloy, Milan and Anna Steezia, our gracious hostess shall be Kierra Darshell!!! $7, all ages. Awards going to Richard Allison (GLCC), Alan Jones (PATF) & Julie Evans (PAAR) !
Altar is located at 1620 Penn Ave, Strip District, Pittsburgh, PA, 15222

Tomorrow, hold your hats on, ere'body on the innerweb..... I have decided to take the Pittsburgh that I see, visible to the world at large, via the mighty power of the interweb. Many years ago you may recall I hosted a weekly show at the Lava Lounge. From 1998 - 2002 I hosted a show there , Phat Man Dee Presents! And what I presented changed every week, sometimes poets, sometimes drag queens, sometimes circus folk, sometimes bluegrass trios with singing bowls (which sound like feedback when miked btw) sometimes beautiful dancers.... from Bulgaria or Crafton.... weekly was hard, it hurt, I had to stop, but I wish the world to see my town of Pittsburgh as I see it, full of creative life.... to that end, tomorrow Tommy Amoeba and I are beginning the first in a series of monthly variety shows at the New Hazlett Theater.

We are announcing the first of a three month experiment in podcasting for Phat Man Dee Productions and the New Hazlett Theater. To kick off the first one, Phat Man Dee and Tommy Amoeba shall host a wonderful evening of circus, belly dance and jazz. Featuring entertainers Andrew the Impaled, Pittsburgh's Premiere Pain Proof Clown, the lovely dancing of Lady J and the amusing duet that is your host, Phat Man Dee and Tommy Amoeba! With technical director Dave Bjornson and his crackerjack team of videographic maniacs, watch in pain or pleasure as PMD Productions re-embarks on the journey to bring Pittsburgh to the world at large! The public is invited to sit in on these live tapings, to be later edited and made available for free to the world via the magic of the interweb! All ages and Free but for the EGRESS!

June 20, 2009
New Hazlett Theater
Allegheny Square East
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
All Ages and Free (but for the Egress)
10:30 pm (after the main show lets out)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Video Online! And show tonight @ Pegasus and more! Options There are currently too many topics in this group that display first. To make this top

Wow, NY was a monster, I don't think I exactly slayed it, but I definitely had a good time rough and tumbling with it! While in NY I caught up with some wonderful Pittsburgh ex-patriots,
Sharon Mama Spell put on a wonderful show for us "Shrink" @ Ottos Shrunken Head, and we saw Paul Tabachneck and sat in with his open stage at Winegasm.... and then I stayed to work with my good friends from Dark Passage and the Madagascar Institute to celebrate their 10
years of existence as art and exploratory groups. I will include links to that madness below......I am just happy I came back alive......thanks to John Law and Rick McKinney I shall live to sing
another day, though after the biker rally this weekend and the show for PFLAG @ Hard Rock on Monday, that might be it, so come see me this weekend before I expire from exhaustion......

Tonight at Pegasus! I am singing with Michael Murray on keys and
joining us will be my good friends and phabulous entertainers
Gabryella Divine, with Ms Pegasus 2009 Angelique Young and introducing
Ivanna DeVaughn Browne! Showtime is 10:30 pm, 18 and over, with i.d.
and the cover is only $3. Gear up for PRIDE week and get your cocktail
on, I want to see you out there!

This weekend, I am joining my friend Bag Lady Sue is hosting her first
ever motorcycle rally, a Benefit for Operation Troops Assist!
For more info visit:

Then next Monday June 8 @ Hard Rock Cafe, Station Square
Join us for the THE BOOB TUBE FOLLIES, a Benefit for PFLAG
(Parents & Friends of Lesbians and Gays' 20th Anniversary)
with Patrick Arena and Mark Lucas
6:30 p.m. Donation: $25
Featuring performances by Patrick Arena, Phat Mandee,Gab Bonesso,
Brenda Jean, and Tracy Drach
Come as your favorite TV character! Prizes for Best Costume!

I might send out another email next week if I have the energy, and I
am still counted among the living...... but if I don't , I want to see
you at my gigs anyways, I am not booked at the Arts Festival this
year, so if you want me downtown, come out and support your Pittsburgh
Queers! Without them, you know we would have a much uglier city,
don't you? Sometimes it's easy to get spoiled by how good we look....
but I travel, I know, Pittsburgh is sexy.......

June 14
Pittsburgh Pride in the Streets
7th St Stage at 5 pm •

June 19
Shining All Star Awards at Altar Bar
Benefit for PERSAD

June 20
The New Hazlett Theater
1st Video shoot for my new Webcast Variety Hour!!

I promised video and video I shall produce........
Watch in horror as your favorite 300 pound singing Jew flies across
the Gowanus Canal last weekend in Brooklyn:
Madagascar Institute & Dark Passage 10 Year Anniversary Celebrational

Be delighted at the antics of the friends for whom she thought that
was a great idea:
"Revenge of the Future" Part One:

"Revenge of the Future" Part Two

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

in New York, have many shows....

Long time no post... what can I say, I have been bopping hither, thither, and yon all month, I think I had one weekend home this month..... I have been gigging coast to coast, here are some pictures from my last trip to California, there I met with Mark Nichols and Dana Harrison about the opera with whom I am singing this fall, and I saw our own Zafira Dancers in Sebastopol, CA at Tribal Fest, and my friend Rick McKinney, author of Dead Man Hike No Trails, took me on his boat and then I went to SF Music Tech Summit 2009 where I got to meet the guy who runs the company which presses my albums.....

Check out some of my photos:
Also another nice set of photos by Taboo Media of a show I did with the Boiler Bar 2 weeks before that:

That said if I have been lax in in promoting my current gigs, please forgive, and come out anyways....
Tonight May 27, 2009
Live and in person! Tommy Amoeba and I are visiting Sharon Mama Spell, at this very moment she is making popcorn for the Shrink mix for tonight's show:

Shrink @ Otto's Shrunken Head
538 East 14th Street, New York City, 10009 (Between A & B. Take the L to 1st Avenue)
Stand-Up Comedy Variety Show. "When you Shrink, you come closer together."

Guest Host: Emmy Rivera
With Special Guest Sound Tech by DJ Welly Wells
Featuring: Nick Zimmerman, soce the elemental wizard, Brian Longwell, Evan Morgenstern, Fariaz, and with other special guests Phat Man Dee & Tommy Amoeba.

Free. 8-9:30 pm. 212-228-2240

21+, Cash Only. Otto's happy hour ends at 8 pm, so join us before the show starts for: 2 for 1 Bud / Bud Light and well drinks, $1 off everything else (which means $2 PBR!).

We provide Shrinx Mix, and feel free to bring your own snacks.

And this weekend I am singing for the 10 year Anniversary of the Madagascar Institue and Dark Passages!!

Next month save the dates:
June 4 at Pegasus more info tba
June 6 Biker Rally with Bag Lady Sue, benefit for Operation Troops Assist
June 8 with Patrick Arena and Mark Lucas , benefit for PFLAG at the Hard Rock Cafe
June 14 Pittsburgh Pride in the Streets
June 19 Shining All Star Awards at Altar Bar , benefit for PERSAD
June 20 The New Hazlett Theater , 1st Video shoot for my new Webcast Variety Hour!!
June 27 Grand Midway Production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" w/ cameo by Phat Man Dee
Ok, so it's not as sexy as bellydancers and sailing ships and drag queens and decadence, but meeting with local Move On members and Congressman Mike Doyle is pretty hot to me..... after I got back from playing with Peeka A Boo Revue in Philadelphia couple weeks back, I found myself invited as a member of the community and of Move On to Mike Doyle's office to discuss the environment.... Pretty rocking stuff..... If you're good I'll show you the outtakes with the aides....

Friday, May 22, 2009

A Memorial, A Celebration, A Remembrance of a Life Well Lived....

a poem for Tom Kennedy by Phat Man Dee

Wailing and heartache were all that were left
as I cried with the big brass band.

Sorrow and loss and confusion and pain,
Made tuneful with syncopation heart stain.

The sun went out when the sea took his life,
I could never feel good again.

Ripper the Shark drowned , not forgot,
1000 replicas would not replace him.

There were songs and altars and photographs too,
Proof you had been here, proof we loved you.

But nothing could have prepared me for the sound,
Of a marching brass band, wailing for the man who had drowned

Their song was simple, it echoed the pain,
Of a life we lost as we cried in the rain.

Drums pounding, horns screaming, the fire flames high,
Primal silence and screaming, I could only cry.

A Little Bell whispered into my soul,
"If we loved him" she said, "He will never grow old."

His soul is timeless and his message is true,
Lost not forgot, we are still part of his crew.

She said the reason he lived has not changed with his death,
We must all try to furthur his holy quest.

To live without warning
, and sing songs with our friends,
The love is still there, it can never end.

He drove fast in the fantasia he made with his hands,
He adapted to sea forms to ride on dry land.

He made missiles to fire the harsh words of peace,
to warlords and monsters he demanded relief!

We love him and miss him, we must endeavour to be,
the people Tom Kennedy would want us to be.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sorry I have been out of touch, I was at a memorial in California last weekend, for my friend Tom Kennedy, and I just kind of fell off the promotion machine..... but please come on out to Pegasus for a rollicking good old gender bending time.... some of my favorite gender illusionists and performers are joining me tomorrow at Pegasus and I would be so happy if you came out to support us!

I will be singing and featuring performances by the lovely Gabyrella Divine, the very dapper Adam Hunter Starr & Miss Teen Pegasus herself, Angelique Young! Come clap your hands for these young performers and celebrate them and they community we represent.

-Pegasus Lounge, 818 Liberty Ave, downtown Pittsburgh, PA

-Thursday May 7, 10:30 pm, 18 and over with I.D. , $3

I have some very exciting projects on the horizon, in June I am launching, in conjunction with Tommy Amoeba and the New Hazlett Theater , we wil be presenting a monthly series, a variety show, as a tv pilot with live audience, also to be then available as a free downloadable podcast, and then in the fall I am heading to San Francisco to be part of a new opera called "How to Survive the Apocaypse, A Burning Man Experience" , and between now and then I am working on 2 albums, but for now, all I ask, is come out to the gig tomorrow and if you can't, buy album on iTunes..... and keep your eyes peeled for my gig @ the Hard Rock with Patrick Arena June 8.

Love and butter,
Phat Man Dee

On a separate note, a poem I wrote after Tom's memorial last weekend:
A Memorial, A Celebration, A Remembrance of a Life Well Lived....
words for Tom Kennedy by Phat Man Dee

"Wailing and heartache were all that were left
as I cried with the big brass band.

Sorrow and loss and confusion and pain,
Made tuneful with syncopation heart stain.

The sun went out when the sea took his life,
I could never feel good again.

Ripper the Shark drowned , not forgot,
1000 replicas would not replace him.

There were songs and altars and photographs too,
Proof you had been here, proof we loved you.

But nothing could have prepared me for the sound,
Of a marching brass band, wailing for the man who had drowned.

Their song was simple, it echoed the pain,
Of a life we lost as we cried in the rain.

Drums pounding, horns screaming, the fire flames high,
Primal silence and screaming, I could only cry.

A Little Bell whispered into my soul,
"If we loved him" she said, "He will never grow old."

His soul is timeless and his message is true,
Lost not forgot, we are still part of his crew.

She said the reason he lived has not changed with his death,
We must all try to furthur his holy quest.

To live without warning, and sing songs with our friends,
The love is still there, it can never end.

He drove fast in the fantasia he made with his hands,
He adapted to sea forms to ride on dry land.

He made missiles to fire the harsh words of peace,
to warlords and monsters he demanded relief!

We love him and miss him, we must endeavour to be,
the people Tom Kennedy would want us to be. "

For more info about Tom Kennedy and his art:

Pics my cousin Jon Alloway took on his flickr page

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Draculacon in Windber on Sat, and last min gig in Pgh Fri!

Hey kids, as I write this I am getting ready to head to NYC, my agents
at UGLY NY got me a wonderful shoot with a photographer named Tony
Notarbernadino at the Chelsea Hotel for a coffee table book he is
planning of portraits of people, I am pretty excited about it.

I can't stay long however, as I have a last minute gig I want to warn you
about, Friday, from 5-7:30 pm I will playing with Mike Murray at the
Backstage Bar at the CLO Cabaret, off of Katz Plaza , located at 655
Penn Ave, downtown, Pittsburgh. Hope you can make it, it's also
Gallery Crawl I do believe, but I am not sure, I heard they were going
to do it, then they didn't have the $$ to do it, then I heard someone
gave them the $$ to do it... so I don't know how the inner workings of
giant funding and non profits work, I just know I am singing, and I
hope you are there, free, no cover, light menu, delicious cocktails,
be there....

Then Saturday I am headed to Draculacon in Windber, PA! I am so
excited about this I cannot tell you, David J of Bauhaus will be
there, I was a massive Love and Rockets fan as a child, and still am,
so this is really a thrill for me, I am singing and emceeing, so for
more details and info where to stay visit :

Gotta go, have to pack, always leave it til last min and have a hair
appt in 3 hours, so be well and I shall hopefully see you soon!


Friday, April 17, 2009

Hey kids,

Just a quick note to send you the link, I have a new video of one of
my new tunes online, let me know what you think!

Also a reminder I am singing at the Backstage Bar tomorrow from 5-7:30
with Mike Murray and Tony DePaolis, hope to see you there!

And next Saturday..... I vant to drink your Bloodweiser......
Draculacon is happeneing in Windber and I am the Mistress of
Saturday, April 25, 2009
2:00pm - 9:30pm
The Arcadia Theater
1418 Graham Avenue
Windber, PA

A Delightful Day of Dracula Con Speakers featuring:
$10 at door, includes night performances as well (see below for event
2 PM - 5 PM
(in the beautiful Arcadia Theater, downtown center of Windber)

(VFW next to the Arcadia Theatre, downtown center of Windber)
Free! Please come down and donate your blood!
9 AM - 2 PM

The Harris Funeral Home will be bringing their fabulous motorcycle
hearse, to be parked out front the Arcadia for the day!

Host and emcee:

Event organizer:
BLAIR MURPHY, filmmaker of Jugular Wine, owner of the Grand Midway Hotel, and your host for Dracula Con, speaks on Count Dracula, Bram Stoker, and this event.

"Mondo Bizarro Real Vampire Tales!"
Author of the underground classic Vampires Among Us, the fan book The
Complete Vampire Companion, and the authoritative The Encyclopedia of
Vampires, Werewolves and Other Monsters.

Deliciously-creepy fine artist of Inky Dreadfuls.

"The Space of Desire and the Hammer Dracula Films"
Catherine S Cox, PhD, teaches in the Humanities Division at the
University of Pittsburgh's Johnstown campus, specializing in biblical and
medieval literature and gender studies. She's published two books,
"Gender and Language in Chaucer" (1997) and "The Judaic Other in Dante, the Gawain
Poet, and Chaucer" (2005), and is currently working on a third, on ethical
dilemmas framed by contiguous religious traditions.

Tim and John Frick (the Brothers Frick) have long been fascinated by
the Man in Black legend. They first began investigating MIB cases in
2002. In 2005 they were asked to portray the Men in Black for a Travel
channel documentary (Weird Travels Creepy Creatures). Since then they
have appeared on a Sci-fi documentary as the MIB and filmed with the
Biography channel for a show that has yet to be released. They have
also portrayed the MIB at various parties and conventions, and have
appeared as MIB every year since 2005 at the Mothman festival in Point
Pleasant, WV.

"Magic and the Paranormal Influence within the Vampire Myth"
Voxx is listed in the national best-selling book, "America's Top 100 Psychics," where she is featured as the world's youngest and most accurate Psychic.

"Early Hollywood, light and shadow, and the films Dracula and Nosferatu"
Silent film professor Bill Eggert says the reason he loves silent film so much is because the work transforms us to a world that seems underwater, full of magic and unique haunting beauty. Having spoken at several other Grand Midway events, Bill is a familiar good friend to the local scene as well as a filmmaker himself.

Dinner Break
5 PM - 6:30 PM

DRACULA FEST NIGHT... Continuation!
Note: If you paid for the first portion, you do not have to pay for this.
The $10 covers day and night, no discounts will be given for just the night portion.
(Arcadia Theater)
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM


"Children of the night! What sweet music they make!"

Next, as if all that wasn't enough, the legendary David J, of the seminal goth band Bauhaus and later Love and Rockets, and underground legend Damien Youth, lead performer for decade of Anne Rice Halloween parties, along with Pittsburgh's very own classical violinist Paul
Dvorchak, join forces to make history one night only performing a slow deconstructed acoustic version of the classic all-time goth masterpiece Bela Lugosi's Dead! It just doesn't get much cooler than this...

"The climax of the night: A screening of the classic silent film
NOSFERATU set to live music by Devil Music Ensemble"
The Devil Music Ensemble, formed in Boston in 1999, is comprised of Brendon Wood on guitars, lap steel, and synthesizer; Jonah Rapino on electric violin, vibraphone, and synthesizer; and Tim Nylander on drums, percussion and synthesizer.

will be there!
The Southwestern Pennsylvania League of Apparition
Technologists is a professional team dedicated to aiding those
tormented by apparitions and the paranormal.

Finally, the folks who run the famed Pittsburgh Comic Con will be here showing off their goods for sale. Their store, Comics World, is actually located in downtown Windber, and will be staying open late to accommodate all vampiric DraculaCon guests!

DRACULA FEST is a scholastic, history-oriented day and night of entertainment. Some of the material being of the vampire mythos will be mature. This is a serious event, not appropriate for children younger than 17 years of age. Costumes are naturally welcomed for the day.

WINDBER, PA is located next to Johnstown, PA, about an hour and a half
East of Pittsburgh.

This event is growing. The times are apt to shift a tad as more ghouls and friendly fiends have begun to crawl from their crypts to join us as well... As J. Gordon Melton used to say, "We hope to blow your coffin lids off." Please check back in with this web site for further details.

Local Housing if needed:
Richland Inn
1540 Scalp Avenue, Johnstown, PA 814-269-3366
rates $51.00

Holiday Inn Express
1440 Scalp Avenue, Johnstown, PA 814-266-8789
rates $94.00

Hope to see you there!!!

Lastly, it has occurred to me in my personal grief over the loss of my friend Tom, I forgot that I was remiss in my last email by not mentioning that we as a city have been in mourning for 2 weeks now for the fallen men who swore to protect us. There is nothing I can say that has not already been said, we lost three good men who deserved better than to go out at the hands of a lunatic. I just hope we as a city can be deserving of people like that, I think it will be hard to
live up to how good they were but we owe it to them and their families to try and be the people who could deserve the protection of people like that. Rest in peace Officers Sciullo , Kelly, and Mayhle. You left us far too soon. Thank you for your sacrifice, may we be worthy of your untimely passing.

May the universe and all her mercy bless you and your families, we don't know how long we may or may not have, so tell the ones you love that you love them today and don't wait for tomorrow.

Yours til you can't stand it anymore,

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

the Angel of Death didn't miss all of us...

So I hope you had a lovely Pesach or Easter or Beltane or whatever it is you personally celebrate, me, I do it all..... I like colored eggs with haroses with bitter herbs, but I don't think they eat much at Beltane, I think eating is not really not the primary focus of that particular may not have even happened just yet, I think it might be just around the corner, I need to check my Pagan/ Judeo-Christian datebook..... that said I hope you all had a wonderful time. I know I did, I went to dinner and sacrilegiously enjoyed the ham and the eggs and I even made a new taste treat called "White Trash" which is comprised of chex mix , pretzels, peanuts and chow mein noodles mixed up with white chocolate morsels. I forgot the m and m's and the mini marshmallows, but it was still a gastronomical circus for all to share.

And as usual I digress.... I hope you are available this Saturday? I am singing at the Backstage Bar (at Katz Plaza and CLO Cabaret space, katy corner from the Benedum downtown, Pittsburgh) at 655 Penn Ave. The show is from 5 - 7:30 pm and it is FREE FREE FREE! Also playing downtown that night is Rent, so make a night of it and check us out before the show! Joining me will be Mike Murray on keys and Tony DePaolis on bass. Stop in for some music and have a cocktail....
For more info you can call the host desk: 412-325-6769

Earlier that day at about 3, I will be singing a few songs at the tree planting we are holding in honor of the memory of my dear and very missed friend, Jay Bernard. He was an incredible artist, and community activist. His store Jay Design still sells the best soap I have ever used. We will be celebrating his life with the planting of a tree at Arsenal Park in Lawrenceville at 2:45 pm. I will sing a couple songs before I need to run downtown, I loved Jay very much and the tree will be a living tribute to his wild and very flowery spirit.

While I don't like to dwell overly much on the passing of my friends, when you lose one it just hurts, especially when they leave before any of us were ready to say good bye. Jay Bernard was one such man, and another was Tom Kennedy, who left us this past Sunday. While I was sitting down to a lovely ham and ravioli dinner in Bethel Park with Tommy Amoeba's wonderful family, my friend Tom Kennedy was taken from us on Ocean Beach in San Francisco, a rip tide pulled him under and when his friend Mike pulled him to shore, was unable to be revived. I
don't want to think so much about how he left us as who he was and the art he made. I would like you to check out his art and say a little something to whomever you pray to , he was a good man and I will miss him so very much.

Here is a picture I took while riding his Green Dream Machine, we are looking at his roommate Dana Albany's sculpture, The Bone Tree.

His blog

A tribute on Laughingsquid

His project for Dino Demolition Derby

Pictures by my cousin Jon Alloway

We will miss him and the art he didn't get to make for a long time. Please get to know who he was. He was such a good friend and supporter of me and my music, and please pray for his family, he is survived by his wife, 2 brothers and his mother.

Love and light, remember, we are not promised tomorrow so live the shit out of today, Mandee

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Really I am a skinny republican...

April Fools!

Ok, now that's over, I should state that I consider today a holy day, one spent best in meditation and plans for the future. The art of the fool is sacred and if no one gives you reason to question reality than what's the point? But tomorrow we were made to party.....

Allow me to remind you I am singing at Pegasus Lounge tomorrow Thursday April 2, 2009 at 10 pm, joining me will be dancer Maria Hamer of Boheme Dance Studios & Zafira Dance Co. Also, I am so pleased to announce the debut performance of one of Pittsburgh's young queens my
friend Gabriella! Do come out and celebrate with us!

Pegasus Lounge
818 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh , downtown, 18+ with ID , $3

And for your viewing pleasure, my attempt to sing in Turkish last Sunday night with Nick Ragheb's band , Kirik Hava. We opened up for Eastern Blok, it was a pretty cool show. I promise to memorize all the words the next time I do this, in fact, I should just learn Turkish (I had a Turkish man tattooed on my arm years ago...) Speaking of which, have you checked out the new Istanbul Grill location? Coshkun's got a lunch counter downtown right next to Dominion Towers on Liberty. Super tasty dude, and the food's good too of course (ba da ching! APRIL
FOOLS!!! - slap knee here) seriously, the food is really yummy ..... I think Kirik Hava is playing his Shadyside/East Liberty location across from Giant Eagle Market District on April 10, mayhap I shall see you there?

Til then check it on the youtube n'at!

And here is a lovely photo of me that my friend Cindi Steuber's boyfriend Mario Schirripa took of me at the Boheme Center for Dance student recital last week!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Last minute gig 2nite & singing @ Pegasus next Thursday!

Hey beautiful people! This weekend I thought I was visiting my father in Ohio, however with the Amoeba down with a cold and nephew Oliver feeling under the weather as well, we decided to postpone the trip just now.... So what do you do when things don't go as planned??? Sing for belly dancers ... *obviously*......
My good friend Maria (Zafira Dance Co.) is having a student show, featuring students from the Boheme Center for Dance, as well as students of Zafira, and their concert, "Habibah!" Also joining the reindeer games will be Nick Ragheb, master drummer of Kirik Hava and our friend August Hoerr of Mezmer Society (North Carolina).
The show is TONIGHT (sorry for late notice, I thought I was in Ohio, today!!!) , doors at 7 pm, show at 8 pm, $5, all ages, 12 and under are free, BYOB. Your Inner Vagabond is located at 42nd and Butler St in Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh, PA 15201. More info can be found at

And in trade for my emceeing for Maria, she is dancing for me at Pegasus next Thursday April 2!!!
Pegasus Lounge is located at 818 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222
Doors 10 pm, showtime 10:30 pm, 18 + with ID, $3
Celebrate Spring with Phat Man Dee in Pittsburgh’s favorite nightclub, Pegasus Lounge! Special guest Maria Hamer Douglas of Zafira Dance Co.

Until then enjoy my friend Southside Vinni's and his brother Jay's video blog of the Ides of March March!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Dreams of Hope and 14th Annual Ides of March March

Hey friends,
Just a quick blog to remind you about this weekend, tonight I am stopping by the New Hazlett theater to sing at Dave Bjornson's open stage, he is hosting an evening, and the benefit to the performers is a dvd of their set... I can always use new video, I am working out some new tunes, so if I don't see you tonight, I will post links after I get it up on the net, I always like feedback about the new music.

And tomorrow I singing for "Banding together for Dreams of Hope"

Dreams of Hope is an organization focused on providing support for the creative initiatives of GLBT youth and their allies.

Saturday, March 14th at 7:30 PM at the The Edgewood Club One Pennwood Avenue, Pittsburgh PA , Doors @ 7:00 PM

Performances by: Dreams of Hope, Etta Cox, Lisa Ferraro, Mark Lucas,Patrick Arena and Phat Mandee with Mike Murray.

Featuring: Auctions, Complimentary Wine and Beer, Desserts and Appetizers

Tickets available February 1st at Square Café, Regent Square and A Pleasant Present, Squirrel Hill for $35, Cash Only

For more information: Visit

And then Sunday the 14th Annual Ides of March March!!
March 15, on South Side, @ Birmingham Square 12th and Carson, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15203
The cost is free but for the price of your soul.....ladies and gentlemen, the time has come, it is now upon us...... The 14th Annual Ides of March March!!!!
Meet us at 12th and Carson, we meet at 6:30 pm, but we leave at 7:30
sharp, so don't come crying to me if you get left behind.....

Love and honey, see you there, and see you aware,

PS I just joined Twitter, my handle is @phatmandee for those of you
who tweet.... and for those of you who don't all I can say is the best
way I have heard it explained is "It's like the whole world is having
a conversation with itself and we are the medium" I kind of like the
idea of the internet as more than just a place for porn and pancakes
(though, for the record, I do appreciate both) I like the idea of the
internet as a place where we can contribute to the world's and our own
growing sentience. This morning I tweeted about something that is
appalling to me, apparently the energy companies are blasting off
mountain tops in W VA looking for coal. Great. Awesome. More pollution
and destruction in the name of profit and 19th century style good old
fashioned toxic coal heat!! Of course, 16 hours before that I tweeted
a video of me and Tommy dancing around like bears to Tim Minchin's new
song "Bears Don't Dig on Dancing" so it's a grab bag, but I am
curious to see what is in it...
Example of my tweets:
They are blasting mountaintops in W VA

Video of me and Tommy dancing as bears

It's just a new thing, not sure what I think of it yet, any tweeters
out there?