Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sorry I have been out of touch, I was at a memorial in California last weekend, for my friend Tom Kennedy, and I just kind of fell off the promotion machine..... but please come on out to Pegasus for a rollicking good old gender bending time.... some of my favorite gender illusionists and performers are joining me tomorrow at Pegasus and I would be so happy if you came out to support us!

I will be singing and featuring performances by the lovely Gabyrella Divine, the very dapper Adam Hunter Starr & Miss Teen Pegasus herself, Angelique Young! Come clap your hands for these young performers and celebrate them and they community we represent.

-Pegasus Lounge, 818 Liberty Ave, downtown Pittsburgh, PA

-Thursday May 7, 10:30 pm, 18 and over with I.D. , $3

I have some very exciting projects on the horizon, in June I am launching, in conjunction with Tommy Amoeba and the New Hazlett Theater , we wil be presenting a monthly series, a variety show, as a tv pilot with live audience, also to be then available as a free downloadable podcast, and then in the fall I am heading to San Francisco to be part of a new opera called "How to Survive the Apocaypse, A Burning Man Experience" , and between now and then I am working on 2 albums, but for now, all I ask, is come out to the gig tomorrow and if you can't, buy album on iTunes..... and keep your eyes peeled for my gig @ the Hard Rock with Patrick Arena June 8.

Love and butter,
Phat Man Dee

On a separate note, a poem I wrote after Tom's memorial last weekend:
A Memorial, A Celebration, A Remembrance of a Life Well Lived....
words for Tom Kennedy by Phat Man Dee

"Wailing and heartache were all that were left
as I cried with the big brass band.

Sorrow and loss and confusion and pain,
Made tuneful with syncopation heart stain.

The sun went out when the sea took his life,
I could never feel good again.

Ripper the Shark drowned , not forgot,
1000 replicas would not replace him.

There were songs and altars and photographs too,
Proof you had been here, proof we loved you.

But nothing could have prepared me for the sound,
Of a marching brass band, wailing for the man who had drowned.

Their song was simple, it echoed the pain,
Of a life we lost as we cried in the rain.

Drums pounding, horns screaming, the fire flames high,
Primal silence and screaming, I could only cry.

A Little Bell whispered into my soul,
"If we loved him" she said, "He will never grow old."

His soul is timeless and his message is true,
Lost not forgot, we are still part of his crew.

She said the reason he lived has not changed with his death,
We must all try to furthur his holy quest.

To live without warning, and sing songs with our friends,
The love is still there, it can never end.

He drove fast in the fantasia he made with his hands,
He adapted to sea forms to ride on dry land.

He made missiles to fire the harsh words of peace,
to warlords and monsters he demanded relief!

We love him and miss him, we must endeavour to be,
the people Tom Kennedy would want us to be. "

For more info about Tom Kennedy and his art:

Pics my cousin Jon Alloway took on his flickr page

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