Friday, November 30, 2012

December 2012 and a 26000 year cycle comes to a close....

Don't worry, there's another 26,000 year cycle just around the corner! As we enter into this new age of enlightenment and astronomical alignment allow me to ease your way with the soothing balm of sweet music, beautiful and bizarre dancers, drag queens and more.....

Right now, today, (sorry for the late notice, it's been a crazy couple weeks, but if you followed me on twitter you would have heard about it by now) at 6 pm, my good friends Colter Harper and Carolina Loyola Garcia are having an art opening tonight November 30, 2012 from 6 - 9 p.m. The show is a photographic exhibition called After Dark and they have created some gorgeous light painting portraits featuring 10 Pittsburgh artists. I was one subject, as were some of my local idols like Olivia Kissel (dancer/choreographer) and Jon Bañuelos (flamenco guitarist), I will be singing just a couple songs at the opening with Mr. Bañuelos and saxophonist Eric Singer of L.E.M.U.R. (League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots). The show is at 707 Penn Gallery, located at 707 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA. I will complete this email quickly so you can hear about it. If you can't make the gig, go see the show while it's up! It's up til January 6, 2013!
Facebook event information:

Also this weekend, on Sun December 2, 2012 I am hosting a concert to benefit my friend Vincent Eirene and his homeless shelter Duncan and Porter House.
Vincent is a long time activist, author and defender of social justice. His activism has taken him to the swamps of New Orleans to help publicize the need for action post Hurricane Katrina to the tops of mountains in West Virginia to protest the mountain top removal coal mining by Massey Energy decimating the land and creating toxic waste which poisons the inhabitants. Here in Pittsburgh he has protested numerous wars through civil disobedience by fasting outside of Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University Campus and he also took part in Occupy Pittsburgh. This short list of his works should also include the fact that he ran a homeless shelter out of his own home for nearly 20 years. Ironically he has found himself after all of his good works teetering on the brink of homelessness himself. The artists scheduled to perform at this benefit believe in what he is trying to do and hope that through this concert we will raise some money to help him start over and re-create the Duncan and Porter House homeless shelter anew.

This evening of entertainment features Phat Man Dee with members of The Cultural District (Carlos Peña, Cha & Tony DePaolis), the featured artists are Miguel Sague Jr & Miguel Sague III (father and son Afro Cuban musical duets), Olivia Kissel (dancer) and Crystal Hoffman (poetic comedienne).

Sun Dec 2, 2012,  Doors at 8:30 p.m. show at 9 p.m.
$10 suggested donation, 18 and over

Shadow Lounge
5972 Baum Boulevard
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
(412) 363-8277
The evening will be video taped by Occupy Pittsburgh Now & Rustbelt Radio and will be edited to become the first in a series of podcasts showcasing Pittsburgh artists, in a  collaboration between Phat Man Dee and Ray Gerard of Occupy Pittsburgh Now and Indy Media.
Next weekend on December 8, 2012, Pittsburgh Cacophony's 4th Annual Santarchy shall march again and as has become tradition, I shall sing at the opening of their trek through our fair city with plenty of alternate carols (read, inappropriate for kids, but I'll be on the look out for innocent ears) at NOLA on the Square from 1 - 3 p.m. If you would like to join this mad band of merry and mischievous Santas I suggest you read the facebook event page and wear good shoes and lots of layers.
Facebook event information:

The following day on Sunday December 9, 2012 is another one of my favorite ways to spend the holidaze season, with the freaks and geeks I love so well......
Morose & Macabre and Kabarett Vulgare join forces to bring you the second annual Atrocity Exhibition fundraiser, BLACK DECEMBER, a twisted winter cabaret featuring Kabarett Vulgare and other special guests.

Each year in December, Morose & Macabre begin their dastardly plans for the upcoming annual monster that is The Atrocity Exhibition. Atrocity is a collaboration of artists and performers from all over who gather together to create an unforgettable, 360 degree living art piece through cabaret style story telling. Atrocity is an independent event that relies on fundraising and donation from it's followers and fans. Black December is the first yearly effort to begin to raise funds for Atrocity 2013's promotion. Kabarett Vulgare is one of Pittsburgh's newest  performance groups that combines Weimar style cabaret wit the American Sideshow Tradition. It's unique combination of sideshow and burlesque include  Macabre Noir (2012 Pittsburgh Freak of the Year),  Kabarett founder Lilith DeVille (drag queen, boylesque, human blockhead), local jazz legend Phat Man Dee, Penny De La Poison (burlesque artist)  and Gypsy (bed of nails and oracle). Special guests include Cherri Baum (drag guigol), The Countess Von Tella (burlesque), and hoop artist Apex. In addition to the show there will be a chinese auction of items donated by Atrocity artisans and vendors from past and present.

Sunday, December 9th, 2012 Doors open at 8 pm, show at 9.
Admission is $10 and is 21+.

Shadow Lounge
5972 Baum Boulevard
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
(412) 363-8277
Facebook event info:

December 14, 2012 I am singing in a Pink Floyd tribute show at Frankie's in Squirrel Hill.
Facebook event info:

December 15, 2012 I am very excited to take my band The Cultural District to The Hollywood Gardens The show is from 9 p,m, to midnight and while I've never sung there, my friend Olga Watkins (whose show you should see if you haven't yet) speaks very highly of it and I trust her judgement.
Hollywood Gardens is in Rochester, PA and it is located at:

169 Pinney St, Rochester, Pa 15074
More info:

Last but not least, have been invited to sing a couple tunes at a concert to benefit Pittsburgh NORML to be held at James St Tavern on the North Side. If you believe that this long help prohibition on one of God's natural medicines is archaic and cruel, come support the legalization of marijuana by attending this event at one of Pittsburgh's most historic jazz venues.
So, please, fret not about apocalypse or armageddon or fiscal cliffs. We are living in an age of light and love and great change is coming, it's been coming for many years and it will continue for some time after the high point of the change on December 21, 2012,  but if you want to see someone speak about it that knows more than I do, my friend Miguel Sague Jr. is a Taino Shaman, he is a teacher and a wonderful musician, and his videos on his youtube channel are incredibly informative. Here is a link to the first in a series that can explain what this change is and what it means from an indigenous Mayan perspective:
And if you come to the gig this Sun Dec 2 you can ask him about it in person!

So friends, be well, live in harmony with yourself and each other, and thank you so much for allowing me the blessing of being in your world for you are surely a blessing in mine.
One love,

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ghost Stories & Gospel!

Hey friends! What an emotional and charged week we are having! I don't know about you, but I for one am quite concerned about the future of our nation and the world in general.... but the show must go on!

I wanted to remind you of some wonderful events happening in the next couple weeks, I would love to see your beautiful faces at one of our shows.

This Thursday October 25, Friday October 26 and Saturday Oct 27 and next week on Friday November 2 and Saturday November 3, 2012
All shows at 9 pm.
I am appearing as the musical guest in Bricolage Theater Company's production of "Mignight Radio - Pittsburgh Ghost Stories"

Midnight Radio is a raucous live comedy series in the style of classic 1940s radio broadcasts, featuring suspenseful action thrillers, vintage sound effects, musical guests, fake breaking news, commercial spoofs, and more.
General admission $25 | Students & Seniors $15

Celebrate Halloween with this macabre installment of Midnight Radio. What does it mean to be haunted? Thomas Brinkman, a data analyst at a local university, is getting pressure from his fiancee to set a date for their wedding. When, on a lark one night, he takes an unusual field trip, he discovers he may possess a special ability that will alter the course of their lives forever.  Is it a gift or is it a curse?
Join us for: The Haunted, an original radio play written by Bricolage’s own Jeffrey Carpenter and writer Matthew Adams based on true Pittsburgh accounts.
But be warned: you may have to sleep with the lights on after this one! The theater is located at : 937 Liberty Avenue, 1st floor, Pittsburgh, PA 15222 and tickets are available at
Facebook event page:

Also this week! For one night and one night only! 

On Friday Oct 27, 2012 at 7 pm, I am singing "Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho" at a concert organized by Reverend Deryck Tines honoring the life of Mahalia Jackson.
We are performing on her birthday and the other singers include:
Deborah Moncrief, Zanetta Wingfield, Marlene Davis, Sonya Carter,Twyla Glasgow, Barbara Price, Helen Jackson, Jen Saffron, Karen Rice, Rose Johnson Thompson, Pamela Johnson, Bernice Wilkerson, Katy Cotton, Adelle Mcclean, Diane Hobson, Brenda Collins, Yolanda Rodgers Howsie, Kim Lankford, Cheryl El Walker, Deborah Hollis, and the Pittsburgh Seniors Gospel Choir will also be debuted. Music provided by Deryck Tines Group.

Tickets are only $20 and can be purchased at the door of Ebeneezer Baptist Church 2001 Wylie Ave, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15219

Facebook event page:
If you cannot attend the concert because you are home bound or not in the Pittsburgh area you can tune in to the live video internet feed by clicking on at 7 pm EST and watching it live on the internet. Streaming provided by Don Carpenter of Rustbelt Radio.

So friends, I know it's a hard world out there, but I hope you vote for whom you believe in. I am casting my vote for Obama. I believe in him and while I am not thrilled with everything he does, I believe he means what he says and he is doing the best he can in the mess he was left to deal with. I love my country and I love democracy and as cynical as I feel about it all I remember the old song "We Will Overcome, We Are Not Afraid, We'll Walk Hand in Hand and We Are Not Alone Today" I learned how to play it on my cello today and it gave me a measure of peace. If my opinions offend you, I am sorry, but change is upon us and when I die and I look back on my life I don't want to say to myself "Well, you could have spoken your mind, and you might have made a difference, but it's for the best you didn't, because if you had, you might have angered a fan......" I guess, what I mean to say is, I love my fans and I appreciate you deeply, and if you appreciate me in turn, you will understand that I make my music not in a vacuum, not in a void, separate from the world in which I live. If you don't, well, I don't understand why you're on this list.

Love, light and let's work together for a brighter future,

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Phat Blast - October 2012 Only Happens Once!

unless of course you believe in time travel, or a non linear approach to time in general, and then, who am I to argue? It's not like I don't drink my coffee from a Dr Who tardis mug like every other red blooded American fan of the Doctor.
Now that we have that cleared up, I am singing in many many places this month and I hope you can come to any one, if not all, of my very exciting gigs!

October 10, 2012
Grey Area Productions Presents at the Thunderbird Cafe
21+ | Doors at 7pm | Limited Seating
Thunderbird Cafe is located at 4023 Butler St, Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Grey Area Productions Presents at the Thunderbird Cafe
21+ | Doors at 7pm | Limited Seating
Thunderbird Cafe is located at 4023 Butler St, Pittsburgh, PA 15201
This band's story is very exciting, I am looking forward to opening up, joining me will be guitarist Carlos Peña.
Four years, festivals and village concerts on three continents, two previous albums, several languages from Hindi to Tzotzil to French, many musical traditions, and countless moments of joy, sorrow, loss, and transformation were the construction materials that came together for Rupa and the April Fishes' riveting new album BUILD, due out October 2nd, 2012. This collaboration with brilliant producer Todd Sickafoose travels the long road from solitude to solidarity in both directions.

October 25, 26, 27 and November 2 & 3, 2012
 I am joining Bricolage's very exciting series Midnight Radio! Midnight Radio is a raucous live comedy series in the style of classic 1940s radio broadcasts, featuring suspenseful action thrillers, vintage sound effects, musical guests, fake breaking news, commercial spoofs, and more.Celebrate Halloween with this macabre installment of Midnight Radio. Unearth Pittsburgh’s haunted past with this original radio show written by Bricolage’s own Jeffery Carpenter and writer Matthew Adams. Hear tales of local ghost stories inspired by true accounts of unexplained phenomena. You may have to sleep with the lights on after this one!
I will be the musical guest and will be singing my own original songs about the unquiet dead of Southwestern PA. Joining me will be guitarist Carlos Peña. I do not often get a great venue for singing these songs, they are usually relegated to the beautiful haunted hotel in which I wrote them, but I think this will be the perfect venue!
Bricolage Theater is located at 937 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

October 26, 2012
I am joining a cast of wonderful female singers led by Reverned Deryck Tines at the Ebenezer Baptist Church for a concert performing the all time favorites of Mahalia Jackson in celebration of her birthday. (I will be singing early in the program so I can make the Midnight Radio performance on time, I wish I could stay the whole night, it will surely be an evening to remember, with so many wonderful vocalists shall be singing!
All ages welcome, $20
Ebenezer Baptist Church is located at 2001 Wylie Ave, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15219

Oct 27, 2012
I am bringing my show Phat Man Dee and the Cultural District to one of the hottest clubs downtown! If you come to my show that night at Midnight Radio, walk on down after for one of Pittsburgh's wildest costume parties! Celebrating diversity and alternative lifestyles the 941 Saloon is a haven to some of the most chic and lavish partying known to the cultural district and beyond!
941 Saloon is located at 941 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Facebook page for the club:

So that's what I've got going on for the wildly busy month of October 2012, there are a couple private events I am engaged at, and if you would like to consider booking me and my jazz trio "The Cultural District" or the burlesque sideshow with whom I am affiliated "Kabarett Vulgare" for one of your events, do not hesitate to contact me. Supporting live entertainment is holy work, and whether you can come to the show, buy a cd or some hand made merchandise or even book us to perform at your home or event, we appreciate you.

Also, one last quick note, I am booked to read my poetry at a private event this night, but I will be stopping down later to show my support, but my friends at Eljays Used Books in Dormont are hosting a Read A Thon on October 13, 2012! Proceeds benefit the Greater Pittsburgh Literacy Council. Stop by the store or email them to receive a registration packet. Once you are registered you can start collecting pledges. Some readers will try to make it the whole 24 hours, others will only read for a few hours, but everyone who gets pledges and participates is helping GPLC!!

Stay strong, stay literate, spread the word and the word is NOW!
Love, light, follow me on twitter,

Friday, September 14, 2012

and the autumn weather turns the leaves to flame...

but we have no time for the waiting game.....

Hello my beauties,

Just a quick line to let you know I am headed to Cleveland, Ohio tomorrow September 15, 2012, to sing with a new troupe whose company I very much enjoy. Kabarett Vulgare is a young group of performers in whom I have found some like minded defenders of the weird, the mad sexy and bizarre. Kabarett Vulgare also includes Macabre Noir, Deville D'Eggs, Nick Noir & Penny de la Poison. Together we've create a show featuring sideshow marvelry combined with drag queens, boylesque, fan dancers, beds of nails and nymphettes dancing broken glass.....Good, clean, American fun.
Tomorrow we descend on Cleveland, Ohio to perform with Bella Sin and Dolly Rocker Ragdoll at the legendary Beachland Ballroom located at 15711 Waterloo, Cleveland, Ohio 44110. 
Doors open at 8 p.m., and to purchase tickets visit:
More info check out the facebook page:

Also coming up are some very exciting Pittsburgh events!

On September 21, 2012 from 8 p.m. - 11 p.m. I am singing at NOLA on the Square with my trio of trusty jazz warriors, Tony DePaolis, Carlos Peña and Miguel Sague III there is  free valet parking and some truly delightful delicious nouveau creole cuisine!  There is no cover charge, but a $5 voluntary donation may be made to support some incredible charities dedicated to helping the communities in the Gulf recover from Katrina.
facebook event page:
for venue info check out:

And I am really excited about my impending showcase at Thunderbird Cafe on September 28, 2012. For the first time ever my band shall share a stage with Geña with her band of bomba beating salsatic señors "Machete Kisumontao" featuring Ketan, Vijay, Dino, Greg & Lars! The evening also includes me with my trio of jazz warriors which I have recently renamed "Phat Man Dee and The Cultural District" featuring Carlos Peña, Miguel Sague III & Tony DePaolis. A more powerful night of music could not be found in many places. Only $10 and 21 and over, we warn Pittsburgh to watch out! Cuidado! The last time these two forces came together there was a micro burst which ripped off half of the roofs on Mount Washington..... Thankfully the Thunderbird has plenty of deep fried macaroni and cheese nuggets laid in for provisions and lots of delicious beers to keep us lubricated. Take off your dancing shoes and come to the party!

Facebook event page:
Venue info:
Info about Machete Kisumontao:

A couple nights later on Sunday September 30, my friend David J (of Bauhaus and Love and Rockets) is performing at the Thunderbird, so maybe I will see you there 2 times on the same weekend?
His show info:
In the intervening hours between the 2 events the weekend of Sep 29 and 30, 2012,  I suspect I shall make my way to the Council of Three Rivers American Indian Center's annual pow wow!
For more info visit:

Before I sign off from this month's Phat Blast, I would like to take a moment to ask you to remember the lives the musical community lost this month, 2 great, if very different, masters of their craft were sent home. We are a richer world for having had them and they will be remembered by all whose lives they touched. Please take a moment to appreciate the music and the lives of these two.
Owain Phyfe  
Leroy K. Wofford
Stay strong, love well,

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'm singing 2mrw w/Gene Stovall, Ricardo Iamuuri & Guaracha!

Hello good people! 
 I am sorry to be sending this out so last minute, but truth be told, I have had the worst cold I have had in a whole year..... While I have been sick I have realized, yet once again, how blessed I am to have my the support network I have around me, my Amoeba, my friends, my family, we are there for each other when we need each other, and so I am happy to be part of a wonderful event happening tomorrow at Shadow Lounge. Please come out to hear some great music and to support one of our own who needs us right now. After this gig I will be kind of laying low for a minute, my summer was nuts, and I have some serious writing to do on a composition I am co writing with a German composer named Jens and a Brooklyn based art collective called Madagascar......we are writing music for me to sing while atop a mobile spider sculpture made of metal by a man called "Hackett". I can give no furthur details at present, but just to say, if you would like to hear me sing in person, short of hiring me to sing in your home, tomorrow is the day! 
"Wifey's Wednesday" Local musicians sing to benefit a local artist in her time of need!

August 22, 2012 at The Shadow Lounge
5972 Baum Boulevard  Pittsburgh, PA 15206
8 p.m., $10 suggested donation, 21 and over or with a parent or legal guardian

"Wifey's Wednesday" shall be an evening of music to raise tangible support for our friend Danielle Robinson. Danielle is an incredible artist whose recent hand problems have caused serious and very painful issues not only in her artistic creation but in her day to day life as well. She has been told by her doctors not to work her day job as a security guard and she has no health care. She is unable to work, pay her current bills or even get the medications the doctors have prescribed. Against medical advice she is looking at going back to work before she even has a diagnosis. Not only is a she our friend and a wonderful painter, she has helped support so many charities and local music and arts that we feel we would like to give back to her in her time of need. She has always been there for us, it is now our turn to be there for her.

If you know Danielle and want to help her out, or just want to see what incredible music is made by her friends and family, please come to the show on Wednesday, August 22 at the Shadow Lounge. Featured musicians include Ricardo Iamuuri, Phat Man Dee, Gene Stovall, Guaracha Latin Dance Band, Tony DePaolis, Carlos Peña and more. The night will include folk, soul, jazz, salsa and a whole lot of love. If you cannot attend the event, please consider donating online to help her. Someday everyone will have health care and someday hardworking people will know that they won't lose their apartments if they can't work for a couple weeks, but right now that isn't the case. Let's not let this good friend fall through any systematic cracks!

I hope to see you there, one love,

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Effigies, Burlesque Festivals & Phat Man Dee!

Hello beautiful people, this last month I have spent  interweaving my multiple communities in music and dance. If you missed my show in the Pufferdome at Starwood at Wisteria in Ohio, or on the main stage at Summerfest at Brushwood in New York, then you missed me playing with digeridoos, middle eastern percussion masters, New Orleans Pagan jugband bluesmen, salsa musicians, burlesque dancers, sword dancers, glass walkers and more..... I was blessed with the opportunities to bring my favorite Pgh based musicians and dancers to meld with the larger traveling community of artists that I really only see at festival time. I love any chance I get to bring world class artists to Pittsburgh, but I enjoy showing off our world class Pittsburgh based artists to the rest of the world just a little bit more......
That said, I have one show in Pittsburgh this week on Aug 3, I hope you may attend. One of the dancers I brought with me on my journeys is the indefatigably brilliant Macabre Noir. She is a performer held in high regard, and her art is very popular. I am excited that she is doing a gallery show, she usually sells out of her work as soon as it's created. I will be singing at her opening at Most Wanted Fine Arts located at 5015 Penn Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15224 Macabre is doing a duo show with another artist named Danielle M. Bartone. Both women create 3 dimensional pieces that examine Archetypal Females. Performing at the opening will be members of Macabre Noir and Lillith Deville's newly formed burlesque and sideshow group Kabaret Vulgare. I will be sing, Penny Dela Poison, Deville D'Eggs, and Macabre herself shall perform!

  The following day on Saturday August 4, 2012, I am heading to Cleveland, Ohio, where I am really hoping some of my new fans and old friends from Starwood, many of whom are based in and around Cleveland, can attend.... I am helping emcee the Second Annual Ohio Burlesque Festival curated by Bella Sin of La Femme Mystique and going down at the Beachland Ballroom located 15711 Waterloo, Cleveland, Ohio 44110. Showtime is
Our Headliners are Go Go Amy (NYC) and Crystal Swarovski (L.A.). The charities benefiting from this years event are
The Cleveland Food Bank and MS Society.
Other acts include dancers from all over the United States and for specific details please visit their facebook page or the website.
For ticketing info, please click here!

After these events, I am going on a little trip with my mom, we are driving her back to the Navajo Nation where she teaches special needs children and then I have a private party I must play in Detroit, I don't know the details, all I know is that it's on a river, weird people will be there and I think it's formal, invite only, there may be will probably get a little odd...  

On Tuesday August 14,  I am returning home to play with Kabarett Vulgare again, but this time as a fully fleshed performance at the Shadow Lounge. Kabarett Vulgare's Odditease Pittsburgh Premiere shall be joined by NYC band Tigriss. Kabarett Vulgare is a sideshow cabaret that combines traditional American sideshow and Vaudeville into a Weimar Cabaret format and includes Macabre Noir (2012 Pittsburgh Freak of the year), Phat Man Dee (Chanteuse & Legendary Weirdo), Penny De la Poison (Temptress of Tease), Gypsy (The seer of fate), Apex and Kiyla Kitty (Gemini twins of the Hoop), Bella Sin (Cleveland's queen of burlesque), Tadashi (Japanese master of the blade and flame). Hosted by Lilith DeVille (The Mouth of the South)!
Doors @ 9 p.m., show at 10 p.m., must be 21+ to attend, $8 to enter.
Shadow Lounge is located at 
5972 Baum Blvd, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15206

I would love to see you at any of these performances. Blessings upon you and your families and may we play together and make art and music in a kinder, stranger world.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Phat Blast 2012

Hello my beautiful friends, fans and compadres,

Summer 2012 is well underway and I've been traveling with some wonderful musicians, spreading the good word of our blessed aural community as far as I can!
Last week I was at Wisteria Campground for Starwood, one of America's longest running celebration of diversity and alternatives in belief systems, lifestyles, and spirituality. I sang in the Pufferdome with Miguel Sague Jr and Miguel Sague III of Guaracha and I was joined by my husband of 10 years Tommy Amoeba, Princess Wei R Doe of the Subgenius Foundation, middle eastern percussionist Billy Woods, Pagan Jugband multi instrumentalist songwriter Kenny Klein, didgeridoo master Douglas Bischoff and together we made some wonderfully mixed up music at midnight on Fri the 13th in America's most popular inflatable dome nightclub. The week before Tommy Amoeba and Amoeba Knievel made their out of state debut at the same campground for the Subgenius annual gathering. I am home briefly for a show tomorrow and then I head back out, this time to NY state to SummerFest at Brushwood in Sherman, NY.

I would like you to consider coming out to one of these festivals with me, if not this year then next. My friend Kenny Klein has a great blog about why they are incredible:
All I know is that something special happens in my soul when I am around a fire and drums are beating and people bursting into song and there is art and mead and friends and community. Bonds are formed, friends are made, dreams are born (or realized) and transformation abounds. I mean, it's a camping event, if you don't like to get a little dirty, and you hate the idea of co ed clothing optional showers and drumming gives you a head ache, well, stay away. You should come to my show tomorrow at Cattivo, where there is air conditioning and when it's over you can go home to bed that hasn't been in a dampish tent... But then you won't wake up to moonlight, the smell of fires, but you can wake up to a coffee pot, so you have to make your own decisions.

In the next week, I hope you will decide to come to one of my shows......
TOMORROW Friday July 20, 2012
I will emcee as we celebrate 3 years of Pittsburgh Burlesque and Vaudeville performance with the Bridge City Bombshells! Featuring and DJ Zombo, with performances by Elizabeth Couteau, Countess Von Tella, Macabre Noir, Penny De La Poison, Deville D'Eggs, Boom Boom Bridgette, Cindy Crochford, Johnny Valient, Lita D'Vargas, and Lusciouss Lottie! Representing the sexiest and most hilarious performances Yinz have ever seen, N'at! You know "em, you love 'em, come ott n sho it! Games and Prizes as always, Daggervision films, The Coat Hanger Club and other Vendors TBA! $7 9pm 21+ only
Cattivo is located in Lawrenceville at 146 44th St, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15201
Facebook invite:

Next week, get your tent packed and buy some canned food and meet me in Sherman, NY at Brushwood Folklore Center. I am performing with Phat Man Dee and the Transdimensional Jazz Experience on Thursday July 26, 2012 at the main pavillion with Carlos Peña, Miguel Sague III, Tony DePaolis and we will be sharing the stage with Kabaret Vulgaire, one of Pittsburgh's most exciting burlesque and sideshow's featuring Macabre Noir, Deville D'Eggs and internationally reknowned artist Foxy Moxy! She has just returned triumphant from Austria, where last year she and Scott Fray of Living Brush won "Best Bodypainters" and this year they competed in the Special Effects division.... She is the one who introduced me to Brushwood and their magical events and it is my honor to help bring her back with my current show. The following evening Guaracha Latin Dance Band is performing, so you know it's going to be a good time!

Details for registration:
Brushwood is located
address is: 
8881 Bailey Hill Rd. Sherman NY 14781.
Phone number: 716-761-6750

Whatever you do, know I would love to share it with you, but please, stay safe, drink lots of water and know I feel grateful for having you in my life. I am blessed to know you.


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Phat Man Dee & Tommy Amoeba are gonna be on the tv!!!!

Summer Solstice 2012 is proving to be a wildly thick weekend for me and the Amoeba, set your dvrs kids, cuz we're going to be on the Cooking Channel as characters in the upcoming episode of "The Culinary Adventures of Baron Ambrosia"!!! The episode is entitled "The Stomach Rumble of Baltimore, MD" and features a very special guest in the form of the one and only, Mr. John Waters! I met the Baron Ambrosia when he was a mad film student living and creating in Pittsburgh, PA about 12 years ago. He was always crafting something beautiful and bizarre for the movie going public..... I appeared as a snake charming belly dancer in one of his more elaborate pieces "Canzo Empyrean" which detailed the life of Destro after the fall..... Since then he has gone on to return to his motherland of the Bronx and feature their local ethnic eateries in his podcast "Bronx Flavor" and as the engaging culinary quaffer and host, his show debuted on the Cooking Channel several weeks ago. Tommy and I appear in this weeks episode on June 22, 2012 at 10 PM (EST) and we hope you tune in! (They do show the episodes on the web after they air, if you don't have cable.)
Me and the Baron on set, my hair & photo by Regina Wilderman of Luxx Salon and my jacket by Zoe Collins of Threadneedle Street
More info:

If you would like to congratulate me and the Amoeba in person, or perhaps tell us what terrible actors we are, it's your choice, we do have some very exciting live appearances in Pittsburgh this weekend!

Friday June 22, 2012
5 PM - 7:30 PM, no cover, all ages
Backstage Bar, 655 Penn Ave, Downtown, Pittsburgh PA
I will be singing with jazz masters Howard Alexander (piano) and George Jones (percussion) for a delightfully musical way to start your Summer Solstice 2012! Sweet jazz and delicious cocktails. Light menu, no cover. Find a little sanity in this crazy world with some gregarious grooves at this sweet little bar in the heart of Downtown's Cultural District.

Saturday June 23, 2012
10 PM, $5, 21 and over
The 31st St Pub
3101 Penn Avenue  Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Tommy Amoeba's Rock n' Roll Birthday Show!

Come celebrate Tommy Amoeba's Rock n' Roll Birthday with Amoeba Knievel, Phat Man Dee, Middle Children and out of town sensation Poor Elvis, a Chicago-based duo that play hot-rockin', ear-splittin' original Rhythm & Revival music on guitar, washboard, mouth-harp, and ukulele. It's gonna be a night to remember! Come for music, stay for cake!

Things are constantly changing moving, so if you would like to follow me on twitter you might get more info in real time, albeit in a somewhat disorganized stream of consciousness style.....Also, Tommy Amoeba built me a new website for his birthday, check it out, share it around!
Phat Man Dee Dot Com - hosted at the sexiest web hosting and culture blog in the world Laughing Squid!

Be well my friends, may you grow and love and become enlightened as the world shifts and we along with it, and remember to wear a bit of purple, you are royalty, we are all children of the blessed divine.
Love and light,

Friday, May 25, 2012

Tomorrow Phat Man Dee at Savoy & next week at BRGR!

I hope you are well and enjoying this beautiful weather currently blessing Pittsburgh. I am chugging along, making progress here and there, making new fans wherever I can and expanding the community of phabulous and phreaky jazz lovers, be it in a room filled with sideshow dancers and burlesque glass walkers, in fancy high end jazz supper clubs or gourmet burger joints with delicious parmesan dusted french fries.

Last week's show at the Rex with Atrocity was amazing, if you couldn't make it, then you missed me playing my cello in public for the first time in the better part of a decade. I found my cello teacher, Paul Critser, from when I studied in high school at Centers for the Musically Talented, on the net and lucky for me, he is still teaching and lives within 5 miles of my home. He is still running his youth orchestra, he still plays for the Ballet and Opera orchestras, the only thing that seems to have changed about him is that now he rides for hundreds of miles at a stretch in bicycle rides. So for Atrocity I wore a new dress made by Zoe Collins of Threadneedle St and played Thelonious Monk's "'Round Midnight" on my cello and accompanied myself as I sang it. I was terrified. However, nothing exploded, I didn't gack any notes too much and I think that if you missed it last week, then you have a chance to see it tomorrow at the Savoy in Pittsburgh!

I am singing 2 songs as part of a benefit tomorrow, one of which will be "'Round Midnight" on cello. The event is called "AfternoonTimeJazz" Saturday May 26, 2012 from 5:00pm until 10:00pmIt is the first Annual Benefit Fundraiser for ProMusica Pittsburgh's Summer Young Artists Residency Program, and Summer Choral Intensive Institute.
The show will feature Lilly Abreu, Maureen Budway, Phat Man Dee, Gene Stovall, Michael Jackson with the Howie Alexander Quartet.
Tickets are available online at
Tickets are $10.00 in Advance & $15.00 at the door
For more information visit us online at
Facebook page:
SAVOY Restaurant & Lounge is located at:
2623 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Also tomorrow night, my sweet husband, Tommy Amoeba, will be playing at Gooski's with Young Brokaw & his group "Amoeba Knievel"
Live and in person appearing at Gooski's for one night only! I will get there after the Savoy hit.
More info:

And next week I will appearing next Friday, June 1, 2012 with my good friends Carlos Peña (guitar) and Miguel Sague III (conga, vocals and bandleader of Guaracha Latin Dance Band) at BRGR in East Liberty- a fine, meatly establishment, which offers a variety of specialty burgers with a sexy blend of angus chuck, sirloin, NY Strip and ribeye, American Kobe Beef & salmon also available. 10 pm - midnight! No cover! Come support live music, they are hosting live bands on their patio every Fri all summer long!
Facebook event page:
BRGR is located at 5997 Penn Circle South Pittsburgh, PA 15206

I am gearing down from my local appearances, with summer comes festivals and on the horizon I am appearing at X Day at Wisteria, Starwood at Wisteria and Summerfest at Brushwood. There are some local things that may come up and as always I will keep you appraised.

For more info about the festival shows here are some web links:

X Day for members of the Church of the  Subgenius ONLY:
July 2 - 8 "2012"

Starwood, a celebration of diversity and alternatives in belief systems, lifestyles, and spirituality.
July 10-16, 2012

Summerfest at Brushwood, a Sanctuary for the Open Mind:
July 23 – 29, 2012

2nd Annual Ohio Burlesque Festival 2012
August 4th 2012 in Cleveland, OH at The Beachland Ballroom and Tavern

One last thing..... I will send out a reminder, but I'm a gonna be on the tv! End of June, look for the new tv show "The Culinary Adventures of Baron Ambrosia" on the Cooking Channel (a Food Network Channel) I am in the season finale. I don't want to give away who the special guest is..... but it's pretty exciting stuff.
Here's the info with air times and everything:
More info about the Baron:

I will see you when I see you and not a moment before, but try not to keep me waiting.... I miss you!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Don't Say "Break a Leg" - Say "Pop a Pastie!"

Or that is what I am told anyways..... Come see for yourself, tonight!
Burlesque-A-Pades, After Dark at Jergel's Rhythm Grille, 103 Slade Lane, Warrendale, PA 15086

Friday Mar 4, 2012 , doors at 8 pm, only $10
Burlesque-A-Pades, After Dark plays the Pittsburgh area with this special performance featuring the World Famous Pontani Sisters and the Brian Newman Quintet with Gal Friday and special guest Phat Man Dee!
Only $10 at the door or GET TICKETS HERE!!

I am very excited about this show, I simply adore the Pontani Sisters, I first met them some years ago when I appeared at the festival they founded, the NYC Burlesque Fest, I appeared with a dancer from Pittsburgh who did the cutest strip tease you ever did see, out of a classic NYC coffee cup, while I sang "Black Coffee" for her. They are as beautiful now as ever and they have teamed up with a jazz band and I can't wait to hear/see it. I hope you can be there with us! Warrendale isn't that far away, just past Wexford up 79. You can do it. The North Hills are sexy. And they are about to get even more so as soon as the Pontani's pull into town.
For more info:
Facebook event page:

Upcoming event! Please save the date!!!!

Atrocity Exhibition Morose & Macabre present “Phantasmagoria.”
Saturday May 19, 2012, Rex Theater, 1602 E. Carson St., Pittsburgh, PA 15203 Tickets are $10 in advance, $13 at the door.
(I have advance tix if you want to buy one off of me I'd so appreciate it.)

Atrocity Exhibition Morose & Macabre present “Phantasmagoria.” The story goes like this: The House of Oddities has come into the possession of a haunted theater, and with the help of a spiritual medium, Madame Lilith DeVille, they will attempt to contact the theaters most prominent spirit, the late Cherri Baum. Through her guidance, they will call upon the specters of the stage and re-enact the theaters dark and dismal history, one death at a time.
Featured performers are:
*Event co-founder and Pittsburgh native Macabre Noir
*BethAnn Phetamine (Charlotte, NC) Drag Guignol
*Reverend Decay of The Hook is Family (Baltimore, MD) Flesh Suspension
*Elizabeth Couteau (Pittsburgh, PA) Theatrical Dom/Burlesque
*Countess Von Tella of Prometheus Burning (Pittsburgh, PA) Dance/Burlesque
*Jaded Jade (Tennesee) Aerial Pole Artist
*Alaska Thvnderfvck (Pittsburgh, PA) Drag Guignol
*AtmoStrataElectro music/spoken word ensemble featuring Christiane D and Paul Cunningham (Pittsburgh, PA),
*Penny De La Poison (Pittsburgh, PA) sideshow/burlesque
*Local sideshow legend, jazz vocalist Phat Man Dee.

Facebook event page:

To recap from last week's post:
In last week's Pittsburgh Freak of the Year competition I came in second, just after one of my favorite freaks, Ms Macabre Noir and in front of my sweet husband, Tommy Amoeba. So now, I may truthfully say that I am still solidly, number two! I am actually simultaneously holding the titles #2 Best Local Jazz Singer (Pittsburgh City Paper Readers' Polls of 2010 and 2011) and now #2 Pittsburgh Freak of the Year 2012. I think it's a perfect combination.....To promote the competition and also Pyrotopia, which I am thrilled to say was attended by 2100 fire hungry souls, (go Pittsburgh!) Andrew the Impaled and I appeared on Randy Baumann and the DVE Morning Crew's show. To see the infernal video of that woefully disturbing morning radio appearance visit:

Also last week Tony Buba posted a wonderful video featuring Anne Feeney and friends as we sang "This Land is Your Land" for Earth Day in solidarity with Pete Seeger and a nationwide movement of people who love the Earth to all sing at the same time this hallowed Woody Guthrie tune.... And of course the Amoeba and I were late, I mean to my defense, who ever heard of a bunch of hippies doing anything on time? And when was the last time ANY video shoot actually happened when you were told it would?? And what were the chances of them happening on time together? Well, apparently, when Anne Feeney is in charge of the revolution, those chances are very, very good.... So we were late, missed the shoot, but Tony Buba was kind enough to shoot some footage of me and Tommy anyways and cut us in for a cameo appearance. I think the goal is that Pete Seeger's team will take ALL of the video from all over the country and cut together one compilation video of all of us singing together. So we don't have that yet, but to see Pittsburgh singing some love to the Earth, check this link:

Have a beautiful spring, I hope to see you somewhere beautiful and bizarre, full of dark jazz toned rainbows.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Cocktails, Fire, Phat Man Dee!

Greetings and salutations good people!

I am so excited about the gigs I have coming up, and I hope you will be as well! If you don't know about them, allow me to share the knowledge!

Tomorrow on Saturday April 21, 2012, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., I am singing at the Backstage Bar at CLO Cabaret located at 655 Penn Ave, in Pittsburgh's Cultural District, beside Theater Square at Katz Plaza. There is no cover charge and I will be playing in that darling little bar with Miguel Sague III (conga) and Tony DePaolis (bass). Come check us out while you get your game face on for the homegame of Pirates vs Cardinals, cuz nothing says "We're going to a ball game in Pittsburgh!" like martinis and jazz with Phat Man Dee! Avast ye mateys, beware jazz lass Phat Man Dee and the impending victory of the Pittsburgh Pirates! No cover, all ages, light menu.

On a decidedly odder note, I don't know if you have been following the drama concerning the Pittsburgh Freak of the Year contest, but for the past 3 months Andrew the Impaled has been hosting a weekly contest to find Pitttsburgh's freakiest citizens.
The finale is next Wednesday April 25 at the Lava Lounge, 2204 E Carson St, in the South Side of Pittsburgh. Showtime is 9 pm, no cover and it is a 21 and over event. Sponsors have included Fireball Whiskey, El Jays Books and more. Finalists include Macabre Noir, Scott Bobincheck, Deville D'Eggs, Tommy Amoeba and even (I am so shocked to say) me, and many others.... I didn't mean to compete, truly it was an accident, I just saw it as a way to swing a free sausage sandwich... See if you compete, you get a complimentary beverage from the bar, and while I am not much of an alcohol drinker, I do like a fine link of hot sausage... So I thought, hey, Andrew needs to fill some time, David Apocalypse is in town for a real estate deal and making a cameo appearance and I began to feel nostalgic for the good old days when I was a freak in a travelling punk rawk circus side show..... and I remembered the pain of being actually on the road in that show and in my rose coloured and mental time machine, I psychosomatically became hungry, so I asked for a hot sausage instead of a cocktail and proceeded to backwards engineer it into my act..... which ended up as me singing "California Dreaming" while consuming the entire hot sausage on a bun in under 5 minutes. I never intended on winning the weekly competition, I never wanted to compete with the new young beautiful freaks of today's South Side, like Macabre Noir or Tommy Amoeba.... but I got a perfect score against a lovely girl who could touch her tongue to her nose and a gentlemen who turned his ball cap around..... so if you would like to see me compete against glass walking burlesque queens, boylesque stars and men who can spin weights from their nether regions, stop on down next Wed April 25, 2012 to the Lava Lounge.... Someone has to win $500, and hey, it could be me!
Check out the article I wrote about it on NakYouOut!

So, if you know anything about me, you know I like certain things, I like jazz, I like freaks, and I like fire....
Goddess bless Pittsburgh, this next week has it all! I am so glad I am alive in 2012.....Next Saturday is Pyrotopia, Pittsburgh area’s First Annual Festival of Fire Arts!
I am co-emceeing the event with my good friend, the Prince of Pierogies himself, Pittsburgh's Premiere Pain Proof Clown, Andrew the Impaled! 
Pyrotopia will occur on Saturday, April 28th, 2012 at The Historic Pump House & Water Tower, 880 E. Waterfront Drive, Munhall, located at Pittsburgh’s Waterfront. The one-day event is FREE and open to the public. It will be the East Coast’s first-ever festival dedicated entirely to fire arts, presenting fire’s diversity of use by artists and celebrating humankind’s primal fascination with fire. Pyrotopia will entertain, enchant and introduce attendees to the use of fire, as well as electricity and light, as artistic media by showcasing artists employing these elements in many ways.
Programming throughout the day and night will appeal to a wide range of interests and ages. Workshops, demonstrations, and other fire-related programming will take place during the day on Saturday, with live fire art and events on Saturday night. All day and early evening activities will be appropriate for children and families.

Festival installations and performers will include:

• Flaming Simon, a fire-driven version of the electronic game "Simon" created by Pittsburgh artist and Pyrotopia founder Eric Singer.

• Fiery Flamenco Dancing by Carolina Loyola-Garcia, with live musical accompaniment by Jon Bañuelos, James Bond, Luke Savage and Barb York.

• Fire spinners and dancers from Steel Town Fire, Pittsburgh’s premiere fire performance troupe.

• Megavolt Tesla Coil, a six-foot tall Tesla coil created by Pittsburgh engineer Mark Barlow.

• A special ground-effects fireworks show by New Castle’s Pyrotecnico, which orchestrated the dazzling fireworks display at the 2011 Three Rivers Regatta.

• Live demonstrations of fire-related arts, including glassblowing, pewter casting, and plasma torch cutting.

Pyrotopia fb event page:
Pyrotopia website:

As you can see, I am wildly busy, but I am living in righteouscity. I hope to see you in the aether. (Or at a gig, though the two are not truly mutually exclusive...)
Love, light and justice,

Are you planning for the future? Here are some May dates to save:

May 4, 2012
Burlesque A Pades with Angie Pontani at Jergels in Warrendale!

May 19, 2012
Atrocity Exhibition: Phantasmagoria at the Rex in South Side!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Great Gigs in Pittsburgh w/ Phat Man Dee this weekend!

Hello my loyal defenders of phabuloscity!

It has been a whirlwind of wonder for me the last couple weeks, it really has. After a wildly successful 17th Annual Ides of March March and a really lovely show at my favorite book store El Jays in Dormont, I then ran with my Amoeba and my hairdresser Regina to Baltimore, where I acted in the new season of "The Culinary Adventures of Baron Ambrosia" I can't tell you too much about the episode, except that I got the chance to act with 2 of my heroes, the Baron himself and.....JOHN WATERS!  That's all I can say, I may have said too much. Watch out for it on the Cooking Channel in June for this incredible new show.
Photo of me & Baron Ambrosia by my hairdresser Regina Wilderman of Luxx & Locks on E. Carson St, my jacket was custom made by Zoe Collins of Threadneedle St in Sharpsburg, PA

 After this life changing moment I came home for a day and half and did a show with the beautiful burlesquers, the Bridge City Bombshells, and then packed my bags again and went to Cleveland to record with Miguel Sague III, Carlos Peña & Tony DePaolis at my friend Steve's studio. Now if I could just get to spend some time editing my fundraiser video for my dvd project I would be hyping my dvd live filming,  but I have too many gigs, so maybe next week..... but I did start back to cello lessons with my teacher from high school, Mr Critser. He still plays for the opera and he says my technique is intact, so who knows, maybe that dvd will include a string section...... But between now and then.....

This Friday night I'll be at the Kelly Strayhorn Sunstar music festival where I am singing back up for the incredible Christiane D and we are performing songs from her recent album "Obliquity of the Ecliptic" Other musicians include Izzy Arlet is on guitar, Chris Belin is the drummer and we have 2 crazy keyboard players Paul Cunningham and David McKelvey, so we sound like we're flying through space, if space had a seriously poetic funk feel. We're on at 9 pm, so get there on time!
Friday, March 30, 2012 | 9 PM–11 PM
Other groups on the bill include:
Boca Chica, DJ Mary Mack, The Armadillos, only $10, all ages
more info:

The next night I am singing with my band at NOLA on the Square
This week the Band means: Carlos Peña on guitar, Dave Pellow on bass and Dylan Aragon on drums. We have some brand new pieces in our repertoire both some more eclectic classics and some originals.
Sat March 31, 2012 | 8 PM–11 PM

24 Market Square, Pittsburgh, PA 15222
No cover but a voluntary donation may be made to the club for them to send to some wonderful New Orleans charities.

All ages, incredible menu & free valet parking!

Then the following Monday I'm singing with my band at the Shadow Lounge.
This show will be extra fun because I am sharing the bill with Tommy Osh from the Ultimatics who is now apparently backing the guy who wrote "St Elmo's Fire" That show is called "Tom Kurlander & Pale Blue Sound". Other acts include: Dubravka Bencic, and Fry Jones.   
Monday March 2, 2012 | 8:30 pm

5972 Baum Boulevard, Pittsburgh, PA 15206
$10, 21 and over

That's it for shows right now.... who knows what the future will hold.... do I see the E Coast's First Ever Fire Festival brightly burning in the future??? And is that me as the emcee with Andrew the Impaled????
More info on that event impending on April 28, 2012:

Also, please if you live in Pittsburgh near the South Side Slopes, I am posting this for a good friend, please keep an eye out for this wee beastie. We love her very much (she is not my dog, but she is the mother of my sweet Pumpkinseed, so any help would be wildly appreciated):

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hey friends!

Just a quick note to let you know my husband Tommy Amoeba is playing tonight with his show Amoeba Knievel as the opening act for 2 groups from Japan, "Peelander-Z" and "Electric Eel Shock"!
I hope you can make it out!

I hope you are thinking on about what you will be wearing for the 17th Annual Ides of March March. Thursday March 15th we shall gather as we have in years past (almost 17 years to be somewhat exact) to celebrate the it that is and the us who is us in a grand nonsensical fashion for no apparent reason in grand mockery of reality at large. We shall gather at 6 pm at 12th and E Carson at Birmingham Square in South Side of Pittsburgh, PA, and depart at 7 p.m. to march to S 22nd St and then cross the street and come back again, stopping at the Beehive, South Side's original bastion of freak community , where we shall have some cake. We can only hang out til about 9 pm, at 9 is when the Beehive goes over 21 and becomes a bar. I mean, you can stay and drink, but the young'uns have to go.
Here's a link to some video South Side Vinni and Juicy Jay shot a couple years ago at the 15th Annual Ides of March March:

In my last email/blog blast I made a mistake which I would like to correct, I had mentioned the Cacophony Art Show currently on display in Santa Ana, CA which opened the night my cousin previewed his movie "Into the Zone" and I said that Rev Al had made the art show, when in truth, that installation was curated by my cousin Jon Alloway, the filmmaker, Rev Al of Art of Bleeding, and Albert Cuellar who has had major installations at MoMA and LACMA and has worked extensively for Tim Burton, David Lynch and many others. Together they all deserve the credit for  curating, designing and producing that incredible museum show which so beautifully documents Cacophony. If you are in Southern California, you should check the show, it's really something, to see the freaks who went before us and what they wrought, it is sheer inspiration.
More info:

If you can make it out tonight to my sweet Amoeba's show, I would love to see you. Here is what he had to say about his gig:
March 3, 10PM, $10, 21 and over
31st St Pub, 3101 31st St, Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Tonite will be a special nite in international relations and crazy rock n roll hijinks at the 31st St. Pub in the strip district as east meets west when Pittsburgh's own vanguards of rockin cartoon depravity, Amoeba Knievel, share a bill with long standing garage rock mavens Elecric Eel Shock and colorfully festooned rock weirdos called Peelander Z who claim to be from the Z section of the Planet Peelander by way of Japan and NYC

It'll be a nite of crazy costumes, onstage antics and unadulterated rock and roll out the wazoo!

For our part, Amoeba Knievel will hit the stage for the first time in months bringing their A-game rock-nanigans combined with their patented pop culture addled rock n roll onslaught. We are proud to announce that tonite the role of bass player will be played by the illustrious Justin Brown of Crawlin' Low Band and Alexei and the Justins fame.

Band order is Amoeba Knievel, Electric Eel Shock and Peelander-Z.

Facebook Invite:
Amoeba Knievel:
Electric Eel Shock:
31st St Pub, 412-391-8334:

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Phat Man Dee w/ Pontani Sisters on Fri and w/ DJ Brother Strawberry on Sat!

Hey to the hey to the hey hey!

I just got back from California, my cousin Jon Alloway's movie preview was a huge success. Standing room only, the Amoeba and I got to see old friends, sing to hundreds of new ones I've never met before, outside in February, in the light of stars, under palm trees and in kissing distance of the Dog Heads and Pizza Dragon. The movie "Into the Zone" is a documentary about the Cacophony Society and their ongoing work. There was an accompanying art show wrangled by Rev Al at the Grand Central Art Center which is up til April, it is well worth viewing if you are in the area.
More info:

So if you missed me, and you live in Pittsburgh or Homestead, PA, come check me out this weekend!

Tomorrow night I am singing in the 
with the Pontani Sisters!

In the great spirit of classic burlesque, Times Square sass,  vaudeville and variety, BURLESQUE-A-PADES is back at THE REX THEATER on FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10th with an all new show to celebrate VALENTINES DAY! It’s the season of love and romance, so make it the perfect date night at BURLESQUE-A-PADES!

With over ten years of touring experience, THE WORLD FAMOUS PONTANI SISTERS have done it again, bringing together a top caliber cast to entertain you! This 90 minute review features performances from ANGIE PONTANI, ALBERT CADABRA, PHAT MAN DEE, HELEN PONTANI, MISS SATURN, THE PONTANI SISTERS and more guests to be announced!

(412) 381-6811
9:00PM/ TICKETS $15.00
Tickets are available at:

FB Event page:

The following evening I am singing at the Tin Front Cafe in Homestead! Not only is it Pre Valentine's Weekend, it is also the Birthday Eve of Abraham Lincoln, Judy Blume, Isaac Asimov, Andrew the Impaled and me, Phat Man Dee! Come celebrate and have some cocktails! Phenomenal vegetarian cuisine, delicious drinks by Sister Shortcake, DJ Strawberry on the vinyl and Phat Man Dee on the mic! No cover! Reservations recommended but not required. The ShortStraws return, and I will perform LIVE for your listening pleasure, complete with dinner, candlelight and pink champagne!

216 E 8TH AVE, HOMESTEAD, PA 15120
(412) 461-4615

FB Event page:

I am also moments away from launching a kickstarter fundraiser
campaign. I am so excited about it, I have been tweaking the video and
the budget and I am just so worked up about inviting my friends and
fans to help me make my first ever live studio dvd!!! Please keep your
eyes peeled, it is coming in the next day or 2, just in time for my

Here's to love, light, and a cacophonous howl as pasties twirl in the

Saturday, January 14, 2012

It's 2012...Where's Phat Man Dee?!?

Prospero Año y Felicidad mis amigos!  Happy 2012! 
We're still here and music must be made whilst we have the blessings of sharing our lives on this planet together in this exciting time!

Tonight, Saturday Jan 14, 2012 , 8:00 PM
I am joining in with a beautiful musical experience with some of Pittsburgh's finest vocalists!
The Pillow Project's monthly jazz-happenings w/ Vie Boheme joined by  sounds spun by Brotha Free w/  Phat Man Dee, Gene Stovall, Jacquea Mae, Anquenique Wingfield, Ricardo Iamuuri. Spontaneous jazz physicality by The Pillow Project, new works by  Kaylin Horgan, ongoing live art by Jordan Bush.
This event shall occur at:
The Space Upstairs (above Construction Junction)
214 N. Lexington Street. Pittsburgh, PA 15208
(the black door opposite Thomas Blvd)    
All Ages, $10 suggested donation

Next Monday Jan 16, 2012
Bloomfield Bridge Tavern, 4412 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA
412 682-8611
An annual concert on Martin Luther King's birthday featuring Pittsburgh based musicians and artists to benefit the homeless shelter "Duncan and Porter House" which is run by Vincent Eirene.
Other entertainers include:
With Bob Ziller, Renee Alberts, Johnnyflower, Paul Labrise & The Trees, Ben Hartlage, Chris Serra, The Grifters, The Stillhouse Pickers, and The BEATLESs
Age Limit: 21+ or w/ adult   Tickets: $10 (sliding scale)

Next Saturday Jan 21, 2012
Belvedere's Ultra Dive
4016 Butler St , Pittsburgh, PA
I am emceeing for Pittsburgh's Premier Burlesque Beauties as we celebrate the colors that surround us! The Bridge City Bombshells Burlesque Troupe will be shaking it up with all of the colors of the rainbow. Each sexy vixen will represent a spectacular color. Our colorful songbird, the always enchanting, Phat Man Dee will be there to guide us through our prismatic journey! Our newest member, Deville (House of Deville, Charlotte, NC) will be there providing boylesque the likes of which Pittsburgh has never seen! DJ Hates You will provide the soundtrack throughout the evening as you bust a move to our favorite bright songs and a few special guests including the lovely Lola Veronica will be popping in as well. Who will represent each color? Will there be any Purple Rain? Perhaps we will take our Yellow Submarine. Join us January 21st at Belvederes and find out!
Doors at 9pm
Show at 10pm $7 before 10, $10 after 10

Next month:
Feb 4, 2012 
I will be singing at the gallery show following the benefit/preview of my cousin Jon Alloway's movie preview of "Into the ZoneThe Story of the Cacophony Society" in Santa Ana, CA.
Advance tickets for the movie:
I will be singing as part of the later gallery show:
The Cacophony Society Zone Show: You May Already be a Member

Feb 10, 2012 
at The Rex Theater in Pittsburgh, PA
A Burlesque-a-pades Valentine's special featuring THE WORLD FAMOUS PONTANI SISTERS with some of NYC's hottest talents Angie Pontani, Albert Cadabra, Helen Pontani, Maine Attraction with local feature act Phat Man Dee! Advance Tickets: