Thursday, May 3, 2012

Don't Say "Break a Leg" - Say "Pop a Pastie!"

Or that is what I am told anyways..... Come see for yourself, tonight!
Burlesque-A-Pades, After Dark at Jergel's Rhythm Grille, 103 Slade Lane, Warrendale, PA 15086

Friday Mar 4, 2012 , doors at 8 pm, only $10
Burlesque-A-Pades, After Dark plays the Pittsburgh area with this special performance featuring the World Famous Pontani Sisters and the Brian Newman Quintet with Gal Friday and special guest Phat Man Dee!
Only $10 at the door or GET TICKETS HERE!!

I am very excited about this show, I simply adore the Pontani Sisters, I first met them some years ago when I appeared at the festival they founded, the NYC Burlesque Fest, I appeared with a dancer from Pittsburgh who did the cutest strip tease you ever did see, out of a classic NYC coffee cup, while I sang "Black Coffee" for her. They are as beautiful now as ever and they have teamed up with a jazz band and I can't wait to hear/see it. I hope you can be there with us! Warrendale isn't that far away, just past Wexford up 79. You can do it. The North Hills are sexy. And they are about to get even more so as soon as the Pontani's pull into town.
For more info:
Facebook event page:

Upcoming event! Please save the date!!!!

Atrocity Exhibition Morose & Macabre present “Phantasmagoria.”
Saturday May 19, 2012, Rex Theater, 1602 E. Carson St., Pittsburgh, PA 15203 Tickets are $10 in advance, $13 at the door.
(I have advance tix if you want to buy one off of me I'd so appreciate it.)

Atrocity Exhibition Morose & Macabre present “Phantasmagoria.” The story goes like this: The House of Oddities has come into the possession of a haunted theater, and with the help of a spiritual medium, Madame Lilith DeVille, they will attempt to contact the theaters most prominent spirit, the late Cherri Baum. Through her guidance, they will call upon the specters of the stage and re-enact the theaters dark and dismal history, one death at a time.
Featured performers are:
*Event co-founder and Pittsburgh native Macabre Noir
*BethAnn Phetamine (Charlotte, NC) Drag Guignol
*Reverend Decay of The Hook is Family (Baltimore, MD) Flesh Suspension
*Elizabeth Couteau (Pittsburgh, PA) Theatrical Dom/Burlesque
*Countess Von Tella of Prometheus Burning (Pittsburgh, PA) Dance/Burlesque
*Jaded Jade (Tennesee) Aerial Pole Artist
*Alaska Thvnderfvck (Pittsburgh, PA) Drag Guignol
*AtmoStrataElectro music/spoken word ensemble featuring Christiane D and Paul Cunningham (Pittsburgh, PA),
*Penny De La Poison (Pittsburgh, PA) sideshow/burlesque
*Local sideshow legend, jazz vocalist Phat Man Dee.

Facebook event page:

To recap from last week's post:
In last week's Pittsburgh Freak of the Year competition I came in second, just after one of my favorite freaks, Ms Macabre Noir and in front of my sweet husband, Tommy Amoeba. So now, I may truthfully say that I am still solidly, number two! I am actually simultaneously holding the titles #2 Best Local Jazz Singer (Pittsburgh City Paper Readers' Polls of 2010 and 2011) and now #2 Pittsburgh Freak of the Year 2012. I think it's a perfect combination.....To promote the competition and also Pyrotopia, which I am thrilled to say was attended by 2100 fire hungry souls, (go Pittsburgh!) Andrew the Impaled and I appeared on Randy Baumann and the DVE Morning Crew's show. To see the infernal video of that woefully disturbing morning radio appearance visit:

Also last week Tony Buba posted a wonderful video featuring Anne Feeney and friends as we sang "This Land is Your Land" for Earth Day in solidarity with Pete Seeger and a nationwide movement of people who love the Earth to all sing at the same time this hallowed Woody Guthrie tune.... And of course the Amoeba and I were late, I mean to my defense, who ever heard of a bunch of hippies doing anything on time? And when was the last time ANY video shoot actually happened when you were told it would?? And what were the chances of them happening on time together? Well, apparently, when Anne Feeney is in charge of the revolution, those chances are very, very good.... So we were late, missed the shoot, but Tony Buba was kind enough to shoot some footage of me and Tommy anyways and cut us in for a cameo appearance. I think the goal is that Pete Seeger's team will take ALL of the video from all over the country and cut together one compilation video of all of us singing together. So we don't have that yet, but to see Pittsburgh singing some love to the Earth, check this link:

Have a beautiful spring, I hope to see you somewhere beautiful and bizarre, full of dark jazz toned rainbows.

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