Wednesday, April 15, 2009

the Angel of Death didn't miss all of us...

So I hope you had a lovely Pesach or Easter or Beltane or whatever it is you personally celebrate, me, I do it all..... I like colored eggs with haroses with bitter herbs, but I don't think they eat much at Beltane, I think eating is not really not the primary focus of that particular may not have even happened just yet, I think it might be just around the corner, I need to check my Pagan/ Judeo-Christian datebook..... that said I hope you all had a wonderful time. I know I did, I went to dinner and sacrilegiously enjoyed the ham and the eggs and I even made a new taste treat called "White Trash" which is comprised of chex mix , pretzels, peanuts and chow mein noodles mixed up with white chocolate morsels. I forgot the m and m's and the mini marshmallows, but it was still a gastronomical circus for all to share.

And as usual I digress.... I hope you are available this Saturday? I am singing at the Backstage Bar (at Katz Plaza and CLO Cabaret space, katy corner from the Benedum downtown, Pittsburgh) at 655 Penn Ave. The show is from 5 - 7:30 pm and it is FREE FREE FREE! Also playing downtown that night is Rent, so make a night of it and check us out before the show! Joining me will be Mike Murray on keys and Tony DePaolis on bass. Stop in for some music and have a cocktail....
For more info you can call the host desk: 412-325-6769

Earlier that day at about 3, I will be singing a few songs at the tree planting we are holding in honor of the memory of my dear and very missed friend, Jay Bernard. He was an incredible artist, and community activist. His store Jay Design still sells the best soap I have ever used. We will be celebrating his life with the planting of a tree at Arsenal Park in Lawrenceville at 2:45 pm. I will sing a couple songs before I need to run downtown, I loved Jay very much and the tree will be a living tribute to his wild and very flowery spirit.

While I don't like to dwell overly much on the passing of my friends, when you lose one it just hurts, especially when they leave before any of us were ready to say good bye. Jay Bernard was one such man, and another was Tom Kennedy, who left us this past Sunday. While I was sitting down to a lovely ham and ravioli dinner in Bethel Park with Tommy Amoeba's wonderful family, my friend Tom Kennedy was taken from us on Ocean Beach in San Francisco, a rip tide pulled him under and when his friend Mike pulled him to shore, was unable to be revived. I
don't want to think so much about how he left us as who he was and the art he made. I would like you to check out his art and say a little something to whomever you pray to , he was a good man and I will miss him so very much.

Here is a picture I took while riding his Green Dream Machine, we are looking at his roommate Dana Albany's sculpture, The Bone Tree.

His blog

A tribute on Laughingsquid

His project for Dino Demolition Derby

Pictures by my cousin Jon Alloway

We will miss him and the art he didn't get to make for a long time. Please get to know who he was. He was such a good friend and supporter of me and my music, and please pray for his family, he is survived by his wife, 2 brothers and his mother.

Love and light, remember, we are not promised tomorrow so live the shit out of today, Mandee

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