Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Really I am a skinny republican...

April Fools!

Ok, now that's over, I should state that I consider today a holy day, one spent best in meditation and plans for the future. The art of the fool is sacred and if no one gives you reason to question reality than what's the point? But tomorrow we were made to party.....

Allow me to remind you I am singing at Pegasus Lounge tomorrow Thursday April 2, 2009 at 10 pm, joining me will be dancer Maria Hamer of Boheme Dance Studios & Zafira Dance Co. Also, I am so pleased to announce the debut performance of one of Pittsburgh's young queens my
friend Gabriella! Do come out and celebrate with us!

Pegasus Lounge
818 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh , downtown, 18+ with ID , $3

And for your viewing pleasure, my attempt to sing in Turkish last Sunday night with Nick Ragheb's band , Kirik Hava. We opened up for Eastern Blok, it was a pretty cool show. I promise to memorize all the words the next time I do this, in fact, I should just learn Turkish (I had a Turkish man tattooed on my arm years ago...) Speaking of which, have you checked out the new Istanbul Grill location? Coshkun's got a lunch counter downtown right next to Dominion Towers on Liberty. Super tasty dude, and the food's good too of course (ba da ching! APRIL
FOOLS!!! - slap knee here) seriously, the food is really yummy ..... I think Kirik Hava is playing his Shadyside/East Liberty location across from Giant Eagle Market District on April 10, mayhap I shall see you there?

Til then check it on the youtube n'at!

And here is a lovely photo of me that my friend Cindi Steuber's boyfriend Mario Schirripa took of me at the Boheme Center for Dance student recital last week!

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