Friday, October 9, 2009

A week of joy and tears.....

Hello dear friends!

It has been a magnificent and equally emotional week in the world of Phat Man Dee. The Burning Opera company opened our show, "How to Survive the Apocalypse" at Teatro Zinzanni this week to sold out and we received very positive responses. We have even added a third week
due to sell out crowds! Maybe someday we will realize our dreams of taking the show on the road across North America and Europe..... fingers are crossed for sure!

Here are some wonderful press and blog postings!
Laughingsquid post:

photo by Michael Rauner

Contra Costa Times:

My own behind the scenes evolving set of photos, here with David Petersen as we prepare for the opening of the show with the song "Gypsy Dogs"

That said, even between gigs, I never rest, I never sleep, I only think of new and wonderful ways to entertain the beautiful people who come to hear me sing......
Tonight, sorry for late notice, I been a little busy, if you are in San Francisco early tonight I am singing at Red Hots Burlesque at El Rio, 3158 Mission St! Doors at 7:30 pm, $10, come early, seats sell out fast! A new and different show each week,including bizarre beauties,senseless sideshow, drag, burlesque and comedy! Each Show Features burlesque by DOTTIE LUX and film stimulus by VAL KILLMORE
Seating is limited to reserve seating please email For a complete show calendar please see the RHB myspace page at
Accompanying me tonight is the lovely Charles Darius, he is one of the wonderful musicians from the Burning Opera, and I am not sure who all is dancing, but Dottie puts on a great show, and if you like tassel twirling and g strings, El Rio is THE place to be!

Hope to see you tonight, but if not, then maybe at the opera! Buy your tix now, I think next week is sold out!

Love and fried garbanzo beans,

P.S. I say week of joy and tears because on Sunday we (the cast and crew of the opera) tried to go to Baker Beach to celebrate where the Burning Man got started, and thus led us all down the path which led to each other.... but these days it's closed at night and the cops ran us off and no one had enough $$ to go any one else's bail, so we made our way to Ocean Beach for some fire and music action. It was difficult for me, because earlier this year we lost a wonderful artist
and activist there, Tom Kennedy, and in that moment, I was in no way prepared emotionally to deal with an immediate confrontation of that geographic location AT ALL. It was a hard night for me, but it was nice to be with the opera, who remind me of how much we have to live
for..... and then last night, on our night off, we all sat down to watch video from our Wed night performance, to critique and whatnot, but beforehand we watched some video of one of the last Pepe Ozan desert operas, Eye of Rudra.....these productions, while very different from our own definitely inspired many of us in some way, some of us helped write direct and star in them, and then, without warning, across the screen of the video walked my friend Felicity. She passed away last year, and in sitting down to watch some video with my friends, again, I simply wasn't prepared for the sight of her...... Basically, I lost it, both Sunday and last night, in the middle of
such joy and intense passion of good music and performance, I was blind sided by the pain and utterly senseless loss of two people for whom I cared very deeply. I know if Tom and Felicity could see us now, both would be so proud of the work we're doing and probably be involved, or be roping us into some similar madness and artistic expression..... So friends, know that whatever time I have been able to spend with you, I consider it a blessing and for as long as we have together, I do not want to take a single moment for granted. I can't do everything I want to, but I sure as hell can try. Thank you for being in my life, thank you for being in my community, just thank you for being the you who has spent some time with me, I consider *you* the gift.

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