Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A wonderous chaos....

And a musical one, these past several weeks has been so consuming, so insular, I have been neglecting basics, like eating or sleeping..... or promoting shows that are well impending...... To explain, I haven't been slacking off, we just finished the run of the opera last week (SOLD OUT SHOWS FOR 3 WEEKS!!!) , then cleaned out the rehearsal studio in West Oakland, and then immediately caravaned to the Hollywood Hills with a sack of burritos to record a cd of the music for the opera with many of the cast members and orchestra. It's been a physical and emotional whirlwind and we have made some wonderful music together. Last night we finished tracking the song I helped write the melody for and we had naked recording sessions of several of the tunes. My friends from the opera Renfey (fire elemental and gorgeous diva extraordinaire) and her husband David Bergeaud (brilliant musician and producer) opened their palatial home in the Hollywood Hills to our motley rag tag newly formed tribe of musicians and madmen and let us at the studio for 4 days (16 hour days) straight. They have an incredible home and studio just up the street from Charlize Theron's place.... but whatever, the real party was right here, under their magical tree, across from their lighted dome, beside the pool and jacuzzi.....I said we were busy working, but we made some time for a little pleasure too.... the naked choral session was pretty lovely.....maybe that video will make it into the extras portion of the directors cut of the dvd release......no promises though......you don't really want to see me singing "Chance is a dance, designed to align, reality and the mind" in 3 part harmony with 20 other people do you? No I didn't think so.....
Here is a photo of me and Renfey, our diva , fire elemental and gracious host with the incredible
offer to come into her home and record this music.

So back to reality.....

In San Francisco, tomorrow night, at 8 pm I am taking the stage with some of my wonderful friends from the opera and beyond. David Kaye has invited me to perform at the Climate Theater's Music Box Series, and for musicians I have Charles Darius, Aaron Taylor, John Hollis (all from Burning Opera) and John McManus. For soloists and special guests I have Marisa Lenhardt, and David Erik Petersen and Leslie Freeman (also of the Burning Opera) and my friend Rose Harden (dancer) will be joining us as well. I am expecting a thick and tasty musical madness to heal and inflame the body and soul......
Doors 7:30pm - Showtime 8:00pm sharp.
Most shows are $7-15 sliding scale
Climate Theater, 285 9th Street @ Folsom, San Francisco, 94109

After this concert, I am heading over to the Jellyfish Gallery at 1286 Folsom to sing a short set for the Ripper Journey Art Auction, a benefit for the Tom Kennedy Art Foundation. Please come to the show at the Climate Theater and then follow me to the gallery! Tom and his art mean a great deal to me and though he is sorely missed, bringing his message of peace and art to the world is in some way very healing.

And then, hold your horses happy humans, I am heading to north to my favorite peace of heaven on earth, Point Arena, California, where I am singing on Halloween as the opener for a great show called "Lord Loves a Working Man" at the Point Arena Theater. Joining me will be Chris Campbell on drums and John McManus on bass, other players tba. There is a costume ball at 8 pm to begin the evening and doors are at 7 pm, tickets are $15.
214 Main Street, Point Arena, CA 95468

So for now, I remain your ever loving, if never writing, Phat Man Dee. I am so grateful for your love and support as I try to negotiate this world of music, chaos and joy. I am looking very much forward when the dvd comes out of the stage show at Teatro Zinzanni and then a cd of the music from this wonderous experience, "How to Survive the Apocalypse, a Burning Opera".
Please read the review of our show in the San Francisco Bay Guardian! I am really excited about the future of this show.

I am doing my best to keep picture logs on flickr and facebook.....

The whole opera is breaking up right now from Renfey and David's house, it is sad, but this fire will burn for a long time..... as the poet Erik Davis once said "Dust is only dust, so let it burn!"
Erik Davis seen here:

photo by Michael Rauner

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