Friday, March 13, 2009

Dreams of Hope and 14th Annual Ides of March March

Hey friends,
Just a quick blog to remind you about this weekend, tonight I am stopping by the New Hazlett theater to sing at Dave Bjornson's open stage, he is hosting an evening, and the benefit to the performers is a dvd of their set... I can always use new video, I am working out some new tunes, so if I don't see you tonight, I will post links after I get it up on the net, I always like feedback about the new music.

And tomorrow I singing for "Banding together for Dreams of Hope"

Dreams of Hope is an organization focused on providing support for the creative initiatives of GLBT youth and their allies.

Saturday, March 14th at 7:30 PM at the The Edgewood Club One Pennwood Avenue, Pittsburgh PA , Doors @ 7:00 PM

Performances by: Dreams of Hope, Etta Cox, Lisa Ferraro, Mark Lucas,Patrick Arena and Phat Mandee with Mike Murray.

Featuring: Auctions, Complimentary Wine and Beer, Desserts and Appetizers

Tickets available February 1st at Square Café, Regent Square and A Pleasant Present, Squirrel Hill for $35, Cash Only

For more information: Visit

And then Sunday the 14th Annual Ides of March March!!
March 15, on South Side, @ Birmingham Square 12th and Carson, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15203
The cost is free but for the price of your soul.....ladies and gentlemen, the time has come, it is now upon us...... The 14th Annual Ides of March March!!!!
Meet us at 12th and Carson, we meet at 6:30 pm, but we leave at 7:30
sharp, so don't come crying to me if you get left behind.....

Love and honey, see you there, and see you aware,

PS I just joined Twitter, my handle is @phatmandee for those of you
who tweet.... and for those of you who don't all I can say is the best
way I have heard it explained is "It's like the whole world is having
a conversation with itself and we are the medium" I kind of like the
idea of the internet as more than just a place for porn and pancakes
(though, for the record, I do appreciate both) I like the idea of the
internet as a place where we can contribute to the world's and our own
growing sentience. This morning I tweeted about something that is
appalling to me, apparently the energy companies are blasting off
mountain tops in W VA looking for coal. Great. Awesome. More pollution
and destruction in the name of profit and 19th century style good old
fashioned toxic coal heat!! Of course, 16 hours before that I tweeted
a video of me and Tommy dancing around like bears to Tim Minchin's new
song "Bears Don't Dig on Dancing" so it's a grab bag, but I am
curious to see what is in it...
Example of my tweets:
They are blasting mountaintops in W VA

Video of me and Tommy dancing as bears

It's just a new thing, not sure what I think of it yet, any tweeters
out there?

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