Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Marching forth with PMD and friends!

So it's 13 degrees outside? What better time to dust off the parade
gear and make preparations for the 14th annual Ides of March March?
Let the dog heads hang high as you press and steam your cumbersome
bumbleshoot in wild and frenzied preparations for music and mayhem in
the streets.... but between now and then, come to a show, I have been
getting complaints that I only ever play in California, and that's
just not true, I just make more $$ in California and we burn alot more
stuff out there than we do here..... though I think these things are
changing.... I digress, come to a show, I would love to see your
shining face! Singing the classics and new, with fresh mixes by Omar
Abdul and live musicians when I can afford them and drrrty punk rawk
pain proof klowns when I can't.

This Thursday! March 5, 2009 @ Pegasus Lounge
818 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15224
Cost: $3
When Phat Man Dee sings, young drunks listen, and you should too! This
Thursday March 5 at Pegasus Lounge! PMD has special guest Andrew the
Impaled, Pittsburgh's premiere pain proof clown as he wows us all with
his brave feats of fortune and pain! Beautiful music curated by Brian
Staley at the DJ booth and original tunes by Phat Man Dee herself.
Ages 18 and over with ID welcome!

This Saturday! March 7 @ The Rex Theater,
Bellydance Show for Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
1602 E Carson St, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15203
Door at 7 pm, show time 8 pm done by 10 pm so be on time!!!!
21+ show; under 21 is allowed as long as they are accompanied by a
real parent or guardian!

Join us for this great cause!! Help bring awareness of Cystic
Fibrosis. Check out for more info about the disease.
Performing this evening are: Zafira, Sadiqa, Lizzie and Hailey of
BelliBeautiez, Phat Man Dee, and more! Tickets are $10. And who would
miss the Bellydancer Bake Sale??
*All proceeds go to Cystic Fibrosis Foundation!*

Next Saturday on March 14 @ Dreams of Hope Charity @ Edgewood Club
One Pennwood Ave, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
$35 cash only, live entertainment, wine , beer, deserts, appetizers,
auction and raffle
Tickets available at Square Cafe in Regent Square and A Pleasant
Present in Squirrel Hill.

Dreams of Hope develops lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and allied
youth leaders who promote social change by educating audiences. With
Patrick Arena, Mark Lucas, Etta Cox and Lisa Ferraro! One Pennwood
Ave, Pgh, PA!

And last but certainly not least, on March 15, on South Side, @
Birmingham Square
12th and Carson, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15203
The cost is free but for the price of your soul.....ladies and
gentlemen, the time has come, it is now upon us,
The 14th Annual Ides of March March!!!!
Meet us at 12th and Carson, we meet at 6:30 pm, but we leave at 7:30
sharp, so don't come crying to me if you get left behind..... be sure
to wear your dogs heads high and let your bannerjees fly! Fling your
wherewithal to the tattersall and join us in our annual pilgrimage up
and down South Side’s E Carson for no apparent treason but to warn the
good neighbors and passerby to BEWARE! BEWARE THE IDES OF MARCH
MARCH!! All ages, legal for the most part and there will be cake.
Always with the cake, like these hips need more cake......BEWARE!

As a last note, I put a new video up online:

It's about a girl I adored, she passed on this past year, she was a
circus sideshow entertainer who travelled the country with her Wild
West show.... The video work is done by Isaac•Rullo Studio's , they
helped me make it in trade for my being in their "Zircus des Zelbst"
production, which I believe is to be screened in full on March 21, at
Chatham University.

Be well, stay safe and I hope you see you out and about anytime this
Love and kisses and warm wet raspberries to you all,
I remain affectionately yours,
Phat Man Dee

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