Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So can I sing to you in Oakland, California on Saturday?

For my Bay Area peeps, this is an old school off the hook, lets party
like it's still 1999 big scary fire art and punk rawk extravaganza,
and if you don't live in Oakland or SF, I suggest you
this Saturday.....this is the largest do-it-yourself industrial art
space in the Bay Area, known as NIMBY, and she will be opening her
gloriously large industrial doors to celebrate it's new location.

8410 Amelia Street, East Oakland

Art and Entertainment will include The Cyclecide Bike Rodeo Band "Los
Banos", Cyclecide Klowns, Cookie Mongoloid, Big Daddy, Phat Man Dee,
Goat Man Dan, X Ten, Binky, Boy Chaous, DJ Caine, the Derailleurs, the
Disgusting Spectical, the Turks, Therm robots, One Man Banjo, Tilt a
hurl, Orion Fredricks, Fluffy grrl, It’s so $$$$ and even the Golden
Mean, my favorite giant golden snail ever!

Saturday Feb. 21st

Doors open at dark.

$10 or more as you can afford. Worth every penny and then some.

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