Friday, December 18, 2009

Phat Man Dee & Colter Harper to sing in Istanbul! Tomorrow!

Ok, well, at least as close as we've been able to get so far.....
which is the new Istanbul Coffeeshop and Restaurant in Lawrenceville!
My friend Coskun has taken over the old Your Inner Vagabond space at 4130 Butler Street, on the corner of 42nd and Butler. He has done some nice remodeling in the front area for a very comfortable dining experience and the back he has kept with all the Turkish tuffets,
cushions and the big stage, which is awesome, because now you can enjoy his incredible cooking and still see a show in a very comfortable lovely setting. He has a couple eateries around town, a
nice lunch counter downtown on Liberty Ave, so you might have had a chance to enjoy his cuisine before. He is a big sweetie and I am really excited to sing at his new place and that wonderful space that Andrew and AJ worked so hard to bring to our town is preserved.

So this Saturday (tomorrow) I am singing with Colter Harper. I am hoping to have some special guests, and we shall sing some special holiday selections like "Un Flambeau, Jeanette Isabelle" and some of my hebrew / spiritual medleys. I also have a lot of new material I want to swing past you, and we'll throw some classic standards in there as well. A little Turkish rock here, some french cabaret there, a little Sabbath to lighten the mood and my new creepy songs about a
haunted hotel in Windber, PA..... I declare it shall be a delightful evening of sensual song and rhythms. I might even get Colter to break out the djembe......

I hope to see your shining faces, please come spend some time in from out of the cold and have a little coffee, eat some food, and let me sing to you.
The deets:
Showtime 8 pm - 11 pm. Food available til 10 pm.
BYOB , $3 corking fee, all ages, $10 at the door.
4130 Butler St, at 42nd and Butler, Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh, PA

Your friend, your neighbor, your songstress,
Phat Man Dee

Also, I wrote some poetry last week, at Tony DePaolis's cd release party at Little E's, you check out his release, it's pretty awesome, he helped to produce my last disc and I am really proud of him, his disc is called "The Contemporary Dynamic". I wrote this poem at the party while listening to the music.

Righteouscity by Phat Man Dee, copyright 2009

"Righteouscity again, just a little bit brighter
Don't do it again, all night long
With hipsters flying and Gods childrens crying
Sacred music takes many forms as you play that song.

Sing it Kathy, sing it out
And Kenia makes our hearts to shout
Its righteouscity pretty as George cries loud
Little brother selling cds so very proud

But the tune drives us mad with sorrow and pain
Then lifts up our hearts from out of dark rain
Into the heaven where angels fly free
The bass tells a story in counts of three

A flat fourth here and a sus fifth there
The math is almost visible as notes hang in the air
But its the soul which sings from one heart to mine
Its in between phrases that we can feel time

Jimmy wants a peace of the tenderness cuz it fills up inside
And say what you want, they aint playing from pride
And tho some will analyze it all til your sore
My heart cries out for more and more

Righteouscity again, just a little bit brighter
Don't do it again, all night long
With hipsters flying and Gods childrens crying
Sacred music takes many forms as you play that song."

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