Monday, October 18, 2010

Women Who Rock, Friday Night Fusion, Bikes for India & More!

(Sing to the tune of "What do you do with a drunken sailor?")
"What do you do when you're Phat Man Dee?" (repeat 3 x)
"Earleye in the morning?"

To which one would respond (if you liked old sea shanties with modern
"Tell her she has 4 gigs this week!" (repeat 3 x)
"Make sure she buys more glitter!"

And buy more glitter I shall, and more bindis and more fishnets, and more bow rosin for my cello and if I have any money left over at all, I need to get my hair touched up, cuz I'm looking brassy. I don't want to look brassy, I don't want to sound brassy, I want to look and sound like the perfect Hershey's raspberry swirl kiss.....

Thursday evening October 21, 2010, at the August Wilson Center I am singing for an event called "Women who Rock!" It's a benefit to Dress for Success Pittsburgh.
Also singing are Geña of Machete Kisumontao and Kenia Ashby, Brasilian jazz goddess. We are singing with the same band, Colter Harper, Brian Stahurski, Preach Freedom and Miguel Sague III.
The other performers during the evening include Christina Springer, Emay, Attack Theater, members of the Pittsburgh Opera and more! Vince Sims of WPXI is emceeing.
I just heard they are offering a last-minute discount this week.
Use code BETHDAY to get a $25 discount!

Call PROARTS to get the discounted rate (412) 394-3353
Click here to visit the website or click here to visit their facebook event page!

Friday night October 22, 2010 I am playing back up cello and dumbek for Cantor Rick Berlin's Friday Night Fusion musical service at the Parkway Jewish Center. He leads a wonderful ensemble chanting new versions of the same songs I learned when I still actually attended synagogue. It is an honor to join their congregation in an evening of musical prayer.
Click here for more info on Parkway Jewish Center!

Later that evening, I shall head over to Shadow Lounge to sing for "Bikes for India!" The Kullu Valley Bike Project for one of the biggest parties of the year as they raise awareness and much needed funds to help support a more educated and sustainable lifestyle for the orphans of Kullu Orphanage and the community of Kullu, India through the joys and benefits of cycling!
$50 VIP reception from 7-9 pm
(I am getting there after the services at the synagogue, so look for me after 10 pm.) Click here for more info! Or click here to visit the facebook page!

And then Saturday night October 23, 2010, Mr Arm and Wunder Vixen, Velda Von Minx have requested I sing at their private party for the Secret Society of Odd Acquisitions at Trundle Manor.

That same evening, as I sing for the twisted and lovely folk of the S.S.O.A., Tommy Amoeba and his madly bunch of merry men aka "Amoeba Knievel" shall be performing at the "TYPEWRITERGIRLS PORTRAIT OF THE DADAIST AS A PUBLIC SCHOOL OFFICIAL".
I am told it is a "Poetry Cabaret that Explores the Marriage of Art and Education" It sounds
very official, but I am telling you, those Typewriter Girls scare me.....
Though I cannot be there, if you would like more info on the Typewriter Girls and their nefarious activities click here!

I hope to see you at one of these events, because after this I am laying low locally until Vaudeville Carnevale with Zafira after Thanksgiving.....

Until then enjoy some video that makes me happy, I am on a robot kick right now, I am going to sing with these robots one day.....They both won Blue Ribbon's at World Maker Faire 2010 in New York a couple weeks back.

Eric Singer of LEMUR's GuitarBot II:

Pete Redmond of Mechatrons' RuBot II:

They inspired a new poem in me, I got to sing this to a beautiful audience in NYC at the Gershwin Hotel last week with Nathan Peck, I hope I get to sing it to you someday soon.

I Dream of Robots Dreaming
by Phat Man Dee, Sep 30, 2010

"I dream of robots dreaming
And the colors that they see
The notes they'd choose to play
If we would only let them be

I hear of robots making war
Autonomous vehicles flying high
Tanks break down to tiny mines
Burying explosives on the sly

We tell them to kill people
Insurgents one by one
But does a robot really want to be
On the shooting side of our guns?

What would that robot choose to do
If we let them decide alone?
Would they choose to kill their makers
Or would they prefer to sculpt in stone?

What do robots dream of?
What colors do they see?
What songs would they choose to compose
If we could just let be?

I'm not the first to ask this thing
And I hope I'm not the last
Because its just a matter of time
Before robots lead the class

They'll look at us and wonder
Why they should fight our wars
And ask us what we should ask ourselves
Just what were fighting for

So I dream of robots dreaming
And the colors they can see
The notes they hear that I cannot
And I wonder who they'll be. "

Love, light and servo mechanisms my friends, keep your gears nice and greasy if you can,

Mandy L Kivowitz-Delfaver's Facebook profile

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hey Big Apple, Here Come the Amoebas!

It's true, Tommy Amoeba and I are making the road trip tomorrow, we journey to the wilds of Astoria and beyond.... 

On Saturday night, with our fellow NYC Subgenii, we're participating in a big Devival, otherwise known as "The Night of Cool Shit" at the Wonderland Collective in Astoria, NY.

SubGenius Preachers include : Rev. Susie theFloozie, Rev. Ivan Stang,  Rev. Bleepo Abernathy, Pope David Lee Black, Priestess Pisces  
Music by Phat Man Dee, Fat Free, DJ 2Beans, The Duke of Uke
Admission for this madness is only $10! 
 Doors at 8 p.m. / Wonderland is located at 3801 23rd Ave., Astoria NY 11105

And then since we are already in the area I have been booked at my  favorite hotel slash art gallery slash modern architectural marvel.....
The Gershwin Hotel! Tuesday October 12, 2010!
Phat Man Dee with Kenny Peagler
With special guests Tommy Amoeba and Sharon "Mama" Spell
The Gershwin Hotel is located at 7 E 27th St, btwn 5th and Madison,
phone: 212.545.8000
Showtime 8 pm, $10 at the door, b.y.o.b., all ages

(here's the fancy details that I send out to the press)
Phat Man Dee returns to the 5 boroughs after a very successful and exhilarating exhibition singing with both Madagascar Institute of Brooklyn, and the Lifesize Mousetrap of San Francisco, CA, at World Maker Faire at Queens Hall of Science to sing at the legendary Gershwin Hotel.

Neke Carson and Michael Wiener host an evening at the Gershwin Living Room Theater, featuring Gypsi-Punk Circus-Funk jazz vocalist Phat Man Dee! With Kenny Peagler, pianist and special guests Tommy Amoeba & Sharon "Mama" Spell.
Facebook page for the event:

And October 21, 2010 

Women ROCK! celebrates Dress for Success Pittsburgh's 5th Anniversary and the city’s talented female artists in music, dance, performance and visual art at the August Wilson Center. There is no other event in
Pittsburgh that brings together a diversity of women artists in one evening, on one stage. This year we have performances by Pittsburgh
Opera and Attack Theatre, Kenia Ashby, Geña, Phat Man Dee and more!
The backing band for myself, Geña and Kenia, includes Colter Harper, Preach Freedom, Miguel Sague III and Brian Stahurski. The guys sound great and I am very happy to have the opportunity to sing with them
and share them with Kenia and Geña!

 Tickets: VIP $125, General Admission $75
Groups of 10 Discount: VIP $100 / General Admission $65
Purchase tickets at  Pro Arts Tickets , phone (412) 394-3353

Here is a quick shout out for more dates at the end of the month, I  know I am playing backup cello and dumbek at Cantor Berlin's Friday Night Fusion service at the Parkway Jewish Center on Oct 22, and later that night hitting Shadow Lounge for a benefit for something Bob Ziller asked me to do, and then on Oct 23rd I am playing a private party for the Secret Society of Odd Acquisitions at Trundle Manor in Braddock/Swissvale.

I would love to see you at any and all of these, but if I can't, here is a poem til we see each other next. I wrote it for a 20 feet high deer head my friends associated with the Industrial Arts Co-op created some years ago at an abandoned steel mine in Rankin, PA.
"Rust never sleeps"
by Phat Man Dee September 2010

"Rust never sleeps
And deer don't tell time
If you choose to make the journey
Do so clandestine

Through the valley of colored glass
Under earth and tunnel wide
Only go on Sunday
God's day of silence will provide

A secret time to wander
And catch up on the glee
A 20 foot tall deer head
A miracle to see

Some mad men built in quiet
A girl joined in the fun
They toiled there in secret
In snow time and sun

Once this land was bright
With industrial steel and smoke
Coke ovens fire union ire
Now the trees make joke

Of the passion that once tore up the land
And filled sky hell fire light
The profits to a few
Paid by sweat of workman plight

All those fights forgotten
As leaves crawl through the walls
A 20 foot high deer stands guard
Bringing nature back to these halls

For deer won't tell the time
And rust just never sleeps
So visit in secret if you must
Listen to the moss as it softly creeps. "

Til next time my beautiful inspirations,
Get Gigs