Sunday, June 17, 2012

Phat Man Dee & Tommy Amoeba are gonna be on the tv!!!!

Summer Solstice 2012 is proving to be a wildly thick weekend for me and the Amoeba, set your dvrs kids, cuz we're going to be on the Cooking Channel as characters in the upcoming episode of "The Culinary Adventures of Baron Ambrosia"!!! The episode is entitled "The Stomach Rumble of Baltimore, MD" and features a very special guest in the form of the one and only, Mr. John Waters! I met the Baron Ambrosia when he was a mad film student living and creating in Pittsburgh, PA about 12 years ago. He was always crafting something beautiful and bizarre for the movie going public..... I appeared as a snake charming belly dancer in one of his more elaborate pieces "Canzo Empyrean" which detailed the life of Destro after the fall..... Since then he has gone on to return to his motherland of the Bronx and feature their local ethnic eateries in his podcast "Bronx Flavor" and as the engaging culinary quaffer and host, his show debuted on the Cooking Channel several weeks ago. Tommy and I appear in this weeks episode on June 22, 2012 at 10 PM (EST) and we hope you tune in! (They do show the episodes on the web after they air, if you don't have cable.)
Me and the Baron on set, my hair & photo by Regina Wilderman of Luxx Salon and my jacket by Zoe Collins of Threadneedle Street
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If you would like to congratulate me and the Amoeba in person, or perhaps tell us what terrible actors we are, it's your choice, we do have some very exciting live appearances in Pittsburgh this weekend!

Friday June 22, 2012
5 PM - 7:30 PM, no cover, all ages
Backstage Bar, 655 Penn Ave, Downtown, Pittsburgh PA
I will be singing with jazz masters Howard Alexander (piano) and George Jones (percussion) for a delightfully musical way to start your Summer Solstice 2012! Sweet jazz and delicious cocktails. Light menu, no cover. Find a little sanity in this crazy world with some gregarious grooves at this sweet little bar in the heart of Downtown's Cultural District.

Saturday June 23, 2012
10 PM, $5, 21 and over
The 31st St Pub
3101 Penn Avenue  Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Tommy Amoeba's Rock n' Roll Birthday Show!

Come celebrate Tommy Amoeba's Rock n' Roll Birthday with Amoeba Knievel, Phat Man Dee, Middle Children and out of town sensation Poor Elvis, a Chicago-based duo that play hot-rockin', ear-splittin' original Rhythm & Revival music on guitar, washboard, mouth-harp, and ukulele. It's gonna be a night to remember! Come for music, stay for cake!

Things are constantly changing moving, so if you would like to follow me on twitter you might get more info in real time, albeit in a somewhat disorganized stream of consciousness style.....Also, Tommy Amoeba built me a new website for his birthday, check it out, share it around!
Phat Man Dee Dot Com - hosted at the sexiest web hosting and culture blog in the world Laughing Squid!

Be well my friends, may you grow and love and become enlightened as the world shifts and we along with it, and remember to wear a bit of purple, you are royalty, we are all children of the blessed divine.
Love and light,