Thursday, July 19, 2012

Phat Blast 2012

Hello my beautiful friends, fans and compadres,

Summer 2012 is well underway and I've been traveling with some wonderful musicians, spreading the good word of our blessed aural community as far as I can!
Last week I was at Wisteria Campground for Starwood, one of America's longest running celebration of diversity and alternatives in belief systems, lifestyles, and spirituality. I sang in the Pufferdome with Miguel Sague Jr and Miguel Sague III of Guaracha and I was joined by my husband of 10 years Tommy Amoeba, Princess Wei R Doe of the Subgenius Foundation, middle eastern percussionist Billy Woods, Pagan Jugband multi instrumentalist songwriter Kenny Klein, didgeridoo master Douglas Bischoff and together we made some wonderfully mixed up music at midnight on Fri the 13th in America's most popular inflatable dome nightclub. The week before Tommy Amoeba and Amoeba Knievel made their out of state debut at the same campground for the Subgenius annual gathering. I am home briefly for a show tomorrow and then I head back out, this time to NY state to SummerFest at Brushwood in Sherman, NY.

I would like you to consider coming out to one of these festivals with me, if not this year then next. My friend Kenny Klein has a great blog about why they are incredible:
All I know is that something special happens in my soul when I am around a fire and drums are beating and people bursting into song and there is art and mead and friends and community. Bonds are formed, friends are made, dreams are born (or realized) and transformation abounds. I mean, it's a camping event, if you don't like to get a little dirty, and you hate the idea of co ed clothing optional showers and drumming gives you a head ache, well, stay away. You should come to my show tomorrow at Cattivo, where there is air conditioning and when it's over you can go home to bed that hasn't been in a dampish tent... But then you won't wake up to moonlight, the smell of fires, but you can wake up to a coffee pot, so you have to make your own decisions.

In the next week, I hope you will decide to come to one of my shows......
TOMORROW Friday July 20, 2012
I will emcee as we celebrate 3 years of Pittsburgh Burlesque and Vaudeville performance with the Bridge City Bombshells! Featuring and DJ Zombo, with performances by Elizabeth Couteau, Countess Von Tella, Macabre Noir, Penny De La Poison, Deville D'Eggs, Boom Boom Bridgette, Cindy Crochford, Johnny Valient, Lita D'Vargas, and Lusciouss Lottie! Representing the sexiest and most hilarious performances Yinz have ever seen, N'at! You know "em, you love 'em, come ott n sho it! Games and Prizes as always, Daggervision films, The Coat Hanger Club and other Vendors TBA! $7 9pm 21+ only
Cattivo is located in Lawrenceville at 146 44th St, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15201
Facebook invite:

Next week, get your tent packed and buy some canned food and meet me in Sherman, NY at Brushwood Folklore Center. I am performing with Phat Man Dee and the Transdimensional Jazz Experience on Thursday July 26, 2012 at the main pavillion with Carlos Peña, Miguel Sague III, Tony DePaolis and we will be sharing the stage with Kabaret Vulgaire, one of Pittsburgh's most exciting burlesque and sideshow's featuring Macabre Noir, Deville D'Eggs and internationally reknowned artist Foxy Moxy! She has just returned triumphant from Austria, where last year she and Scott Fray of Living Brush won "Best Bodypainters" and this year they competed in the Special Effects division.... She is the one who introduced me to Brushwood and their magical events and it is my honor to help bring her back with my current show. The following evening Guaracha Latin Dance Band is performing, so you know it's going to be a good time!

Details for registration:
Brushwood is located
address is: 
8881 Bailey Hill Rd. Sherman NY 14781.
Phone number: 716-761-6750

Whatever you do, know I would love to share it with you, but please, stay safe, drink lots of water and know I feel grateful for having you in my life. I am blessed to know you.