Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'm singing 2mrw w/Gene Stovall, Ricardo Iamuuri & Guaracha!

Hello good people! 
 I am sorry to be sending this out so last minute, but truth be told, I have had the worst cold I have had in a whole year..... While I have been sick I have realized, yet once again, how blessed I am to have my the support network I have around me, my Amoeba, my friends, my family, we are there for each other when we need each other, and so I am happy to be part of a wonderful event happening tomorrow at Shadow Lounge. Please come out to hear some great music and to support one of our own who needs us right now. After this gig I will be kind of laying low for a minute, my summer was nuts, and I have some serious writing to do on a composition I am co writing with a German composer named Jens and a Brooklyn based art collective called Madagascar......we are writing music for me to sing while atop a mobile spider sculpture made of metal by a man called "Hackett". I can give no furthur details at present, but just to say, if you would like to hear me sing in person, short of hiring me to sing in your home, tomorrow is the day! 
"Wifey's Wednesday" Local musicians sing to benefit a local artist in her time of need!

August 22, 2012 at The Shadow Lounge
5972 Baum Boulevard  Pittsburgh, PA 15206
8 p.m., $10 suggested donation, 21 and over or with a parent or legal guardian

"Wifey's Wednesday" shall be an evening of music to raise tangible support for our friend Danielle Robinson. Danielle is an incredible artist whose recent hand problems have caused serious and very painful issues not only in her artistic creation but in her day to day life as well. She has been told by her doctors not to work her day job as a security guard and she has no health care. She is unable to work, pay her current bills or even get the medications the doctors have prescribed. Against medical advice she is looking at going back to work before she even has a diagnosis. Not only is a she our friend and a wonderful painter, she has helped support so many charities and local music and arts that we feel we would like to give back to her in her time of need. She has always been there for us, it is now our turn to be there for her.

If you know Danielle and want to help her out, or just want to see what incredible music is made by her friends and family, please come to the show on Wednesday, August 22 at the Shadow Lounge. Featured musicians include Ricardo Iamuuri, Phat Man Dee, Gene Stovall, Guaracha Latin Dance Band, Tony DePaolis, Carlos Peña and more. The night will include folk, soul, jazz, salsa and a whole lot of love. If you cannot attend the event, please consider donating online to help her. Someday everyone will have health care and someday hardworking people will know that they won't lose their apartments if they can't work for a couple weeks, but right now that isn't the case. Let's not let this good friend fall through any systematic cracks!

I hope to see you there, one love,

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Effigies, Burlesque Festivals & Phat Man Dee!

Hello beautiful people, this last month I have spent  interweaving my multiple communities in music and dance. If you missed my show in the Pufferdome at Starwood at Wisteria in Ohio, or on the main stage at Summerfest at Brushwood in New York, then you missed me playing with digeridoos, middle eastern percussion masters, New Orleans Pagan jugband bluesmen, salsa musicians, burlesque dancers, sword dancers, glass walkers and more..... I was blessed with the opportunities to bring my favorite Pgh based musicians and dancers to meld with the larger traveling community of artists that I really only see at festival time. I love any chance I get to bring world class artists to Pittsburgh, but I enjoy showing off our world class Pittsburgh based artists to the rest of the world just a little bit more......
That said, I have one show in Pittsburgh this week on Aug 3, I hope you may attend. One of the dancers I brought with me on my journeys is the indefatigably brilliant Macabre Noir. She is a performer held in high regard, and her art is very popular. I am excited that she is doing a gallery show, she usually sells out of her work as soon as it's created. I will be singing at her opening at Most Wanted Fine Arts located at 5015 Penn Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15224 Macabre is doing a duo show with another artist named Danielle M. Bartone. Both women create 3 dimensional pieces that examine Archetypal Females. Performing at the opening will be members of Macabre Noir and Lillith Deville's newly formed burlesque and sideshow group Kabaret Vulgare. I will be sing, Penny Dela Poison, Deville D'Eggs, and Macabre herself shall perform!

  The following day on Saturday August 4, 2012, I am heading to Cleveland, Ohio, where I am really hoping some of my new fans and old friends from Starwood, many of whom are based in and around Cleveland, can attend.... I am helping emcee the Second Annual Ohio Burlesque Festival curated by Bella Sin of La Femme Mystique and going down at the Beachland Ballroom located 15711 Waterloo, Cleveland, Ohio 44110. Showtime is
Our Headliners are Go Go Amy (NYC) and Crystal Swarovski (L.A.). The charities benefiting from this years event are
The Cleveland Food Bank and MS Society.
Other acts include dancers from all over the United States and for specific details please visit their facebook page or the website.
For ticketing info, please click here!

After these events, I am going on a little trip with my mom, we are driving her back to the Navajo Nation where she teaches special needs children and then I have a private party I must play in Detroit, I don't know the details, all I know is that it's on a river, weird people will be there and I think it's formal, invite only, there may be fire.....it will probably get a little odd...  

On Tuesday August 14,  I am returning home to play with Kabarett Vulgare again, but this time as a fully fleshed performance at the Shadow Lounge. Kabarett Vulgare's Odditease Pittsburgh Premiere shall be joined by NYC band Tigriss. Kabarett Vulgare is a sideshow cabaret that combines traditional American sideshow and Vaudeville into a Weimar Cabaret format and includes Macabre Noir (2012 Pittsburgh Freak of the year), Phat Man Dee (Chanteuse & Legendary Weirdo), Penny De la Poison (Temptress of Tease), Gypsy (The seer of fate), Apex and Kiyla Kitty (Gemini twins of the Hoop), Bella Sin (Cleveland's queen of burlesque), Tadashi (Japanese master of the blade and flame). Hosted by Lilith DeVille (The Mouth of the South)!
Doors @ 9 p.m., show at 10 p.m., must be 21+ to attend, $8 to enter.
Shadow Lounge is located at 
5972 Baum Blvd, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15206

I would love to see you at any of these performances. Blessings upon you and your families and may we play together and make art and music in a kinder, stranger world.