Thursday, January 2, 2014

Two special performances this weekend!

Heidi ho friends and neighbors! 
I am so happy to have made it to 2014, had you asked me 10 years ago I am not sure I would have said I'd still be alive, but look! Still here! Still singing! Still happy to be living in Pittsburgh, PA!

Tomorrow Friday Jan 3, 2014, I am so excited to be singing for my friend Chris Rickert of Rickert Beagle Books (formerly ElJay's Books)! She is having a Grand Opening event to celebrate the fact that she has taken over the business of providing Pittsburgh with a place to buy and sell books that are weird and wonderful. She has partnered with one of my favorite authors, Peter S Beagle famous for his book "The Last Unicorn". He is flying in to help celebrate at the event, so please try to be there and say hi! The event goes from 5:30 - 9 p.m. and I am singing at 6:30 with my old friend Tall Paul Leech and Tony DePaolis. Also performing will be Pixie and Davi della Flamma, Terry Knapton and if we're lucky, maybe Peter S Beagle will play a couple for us!
The bookstore is located at 3233 West Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15216 their telephone # is 412-344-7444.
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The night after on Sat Jan 4, 2014 I am going to go to Lower Burrell and sing at a wonderful art and tattoo space called ArtForm Gallery! The art show is featuring the work of Todd Pinkham in a show called "Modern Day Knight" which tells the moralistic story of a modern warrior as he fights for his beliefs and strict codes against evil hordes of allegorical and fantastical monsters still present in this day and age. I will be performing with my friend guitarist Carlos Peña at about 8 p.m.
The gallery is located at 2603 Leechburg Rd, Lower Burrell, Pennsylvania 15068 and their phone # is (724) 212-3153.
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So that's it for now, then I head off to the Navajo Nation. After a long and painful recovery from a bad ankle break last July, my mother is going back to work. She is a special education and special needs teacher out there and I am going to travel with her and stay a couple days to make sure she can manage ok.

I do have some gigs in later January, I will try to send out a reminder, but it I don't consider this your moment to save the dates:

Thursday January 23 I am performing at Fiesta Flamenca at New Hazlett Theatre with my dear friend filmmaker and dancer Carolina Loyola Garcia. Also performing is Alba Flamenca with guitarist Jon Bañuelos, James Bond, Barbara York, Lucas Savage, Flor Isava-Machi. Other guests include saxophonist Erik Lawrence  and dancer Olivia Kissel.
New Hazlett is located at 6 Alleghyeny Square East, Pittsburgh, PA 15212
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Monday Jan 26, 2013 I am so freaking excited!!!!! My old performance partner, Big Daddy Bull Seal! aka Damon a Griffith IS NOT coming to Pittsburgh, but his DAUGHTER Grannia D Griffith IS and I booked her a gig! She and her grandfather, my dear friend Terry Griffith, Irish Balladeer, will both be performing at the Funhouse Studio at Mr Smalls in Millvale, PA. I am shooting the show as part of my Video Internship at Mr Small's Theatre for my podcast featuring locally based performers. I know Grannia doesn't live here anymore, but she was born and raised here and if we show her how much we love her maybe she'll come back. She left when she in 12 or 13 and this is her first time back and also her first time ever singing in Pittsburgh. She's as beautiful and as talented as the rest of her family, so do come out and support! I don't have a facebook page for the event yet, but I will shortly so pay attention to my facebook Phat Man Dee page and my tweets cuz I'm gonna blow it up! (That's just modern day slang for "tell alot of people about a thing", Don't worry, I don't actually know diddly about incendiary devices.) That show will start at 7 and there is limited seating, so be on time and be ready to hear some wonderful music by Grandpa Terry Griffith and his granddaughter, Grannia.

One last thing for now, dear friends, I just uploaded a new video to celebrate the new era our fair city is about to enter under the leadership of our new mayor, the Honorable Bill Peduto.
Please enjoy and share it around. It's me singing "Won't You Be My Neighbor" with Carlos Peña. 
Peace, unity, and equity for all, I am your friend,