Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I am such a bad bad bloggart.....

And I am ok with that. I hope you are I have alot of respect and not a little awe for folks who can maintain a web connection for years at a stretch and can document all the odd and wonderful things around them, I am sure that with enough lightweight technological gee-gaws and thing-a-magigs and whack-a-doodles I too could twitter to you day and night with the ease of simply thinking it onto the web for all too see, a brain cam is months away, I am sure of it.... That said I have seen some beautiful places and made some wonderful music over the last month and a half, I do really wish I had a way to share it with you. Hopefully I can replace my stolen camera sometime soon, but I did do a couple of radio interviews, I am hoping to get at least one that I think was recorded uploaded as a podcast, if I am successful I will post a link. I worked with some great musicians, my friend Chris Campbell and Blake Moore put together a great group of musicians for me to work with at our gigs.

But for better or worse, though it was hard coming home from the gorgeous weather in Northern California, I am so happy to be back with my dear Amoeba and my 25 year old zombie undead beagle, Lucy the Dog. I have a lot of great gigs this month and I hope you can check them out!!

Saturday November 29, 2008
I am singing at Zafira's Vaudeville Carnevale!!

The show will be great featuring performances by:

Mezmer Society NC (luscious cabaret & balkan ruckus)
Mavi of Romka in DC(haunting Kali dance)
Mizz. Phat Mandee, with her Phabulous voice
Mr. Buddy Nutt PA, the one man band- will be bringing back his musical saw
Mab, Just Mab DC, Highly entertaining sideshow girl!
Zafira PA, our hostesses with mostesses (with some NEW! performances for our fellow Yinzers)

Vending, Ambience & Libations with:

Mr. Arm of the Secret Society of Odd Acquisitions PA, (house-of-wonders sculpture and photography)

The Rex Theater's Bar & Lounge

Father Dunn and his treasure chest of jewels and wonders of the world.... you'll want to buy it all!
Your Inner Vagabond PA, with tasty complimentary goodies!

And the following week......

December 4 , 2008 , with Marsha Mellow!!

Ladies, gentlemen, and everyone in between, come on down to the basement and let me sing you to the stars in Pittsburgh's very own Pegasus. Be there baby and let's drink til it just don't hurt no more....

Other gigs on my whirlwind homecoming tour include a trip to NYC!!

Some have called her the Peggy Lee of punk, some have called her an intergalactic juggernaut of vehement and disruptive love, you may call her Phat Man Dee, cosmic jazz chantuese. Join us on Monday December 8, 2008, 8 pm at the Gershwin Hotel's grand ballroom when Neke Carson shall present Phat Man Dee as accompanied by Mike Murray, piano and Tony DePaolis, bass. Special guest Tommy Amoeba. To hear samples of her work, links to video and bio info visit

The Gershwin Hotel
7 E 27th St, btwn 5th and Madison, NYC
8 pm, $10, BYOB, senior citizen discount, wheelchair accessible

I think that's enough for now, but please save the dates:

December 11, 2008

Presented by no wall productions, the Heinz Family Foundation and the New Hazlett Theater
December 11, 2008 at 6:30 pm a multi lingual sing a long ... AND HOLIDAY SPECTACULAR

With Phat Man Dee and the ChristmasChannakwanzaa Tones, Colter Harper, Tony DePaolis and Jacob Yoffee. You will not want to miss this one, kids. Show your love. Show up!
It's FREE!!

December 13, 2008 at CLO Cabaret's Backstage Bar at Theater Square. (It's also FREE!!)
5 - 7:30 pm , with Colter Harper and Tony DePaolis.

December 31, 2008 at First Night, downtown Pittsburgh, more info to follow.

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