Friday, December 10, 2010

2 Shows Tomorrow, New Holiday EP released, & Pgh City Paper says I'm Number 2!

Merry ChristmaChannaKwanzaa!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, especially now, because I have a NEW trio of songs I hope you will purchase for your Holiday enjoyment!  You can buy the downloads right now for only $5.
The new ep is called "Phat Man Dee and friends, Merry ChristmaChannaKwanzaa Vol. 1" and is available RIGHT NOW online!!

Phat Man Dee: Merry ChristmaChannaKwanzaa, Vol. 1

I am sorry I missed getting these up for Channukah proper, I really really tried, who the heck knew Kislev came so EARLY this year??? I used to be in that "Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad" show for a reason...... So I hope you enjoy that little holiday offering, it has been some years in the making, but now that I can so easily upload tunes to CD Baby and get digital distribution through them for less than it costs to actually press 1000 discs, hopefully I shall be able to release more music than an album every 5 years.....

I would like to remind you that I have 2 shows tomorrow, the first one is FREE and the second one is a benefit, so I think if you can, I'd love to see you at both!!

December 11, 2010, 5 pm - 7 pm, all ages, NO COVER CHARGE Live at the Backstage Bar , Phat Man Dee with Colter Harper on his magical looping baritone guitar and Miguel Sague III with his Afro Cuban percussion. Together we make sweet music and I will be in my Santa mini dress......

Immediately following that wonderful cocktail hit, I am heading with Miguel and Colter over to the Shadow Lounge 5972 Baum Boulevard, Pittsburgh, PA, 15206, where we have a packed night of entertainment. Some of Pittsburgh's best musicians and artists get together to support the dream of Dr. J.S. Kofi Gbolonyo to set up an arts and technology institute in Ghana, a school to train Ghanaian youth with limited financial means in both traditional and Western music.

Christiane D., Colter Harper, Preach Freedom, Phat Man Dee, Machete Kisumontao, Timbeleza, Staycee Pearl, Joy Ike, Miguel Sague Jr. & Miguel Sague III of Guaracha, Emay, Emily Pinkerton, Anicet Mundundu, Dj. Soy Sos, Megadef and the Pitt African Drumming Ensemble will be among the many artists giving their talents to this cause.
"Nunya adidoe, asi metu ne o"
“Knowledge is [like] a baobab tree, [one person’s] hands cannot embrace it”
--Ewe proverb

And in case you had not heard, I am very very honored to say that:
 "I'm Number Two! I'm Number Two!" (Envision me dancing around and chanting this with hundreds of issues of the City Paper blowing around me in a giant paper cyclone.....)
That is to say, all of my wonderful fans and friends have all come together and voted in the Pittsburgh City Paper Best Of Poll for 2010 and decided by democratic process that I am the 2nd best Jazz performer in Pittsburgh, PA right now! I am so touched, and so honored, I am just happy to know I have nice people like you, that like to hear me sing. That is all I ever wanted and to get what you
want in this life is a major blessing. Thank you. You are the best ChristmaChannaKwanzaa present ever, and no plastic, rhinestone or even Bakelite diamond and ruby encrusted tchatchke would ever mean more to me than that.
You can read all of the results in the poll online at:

Whatever you celebrate, and however you celebrate, I hope you spend some time with your loved ones and I feel blessed to have you in my life. Please enjoy my new tunes, I hope to see you at a show, and in the end, I'm just happy to be alive in the world right now with you.

Lights and love,

PS New Years Eve.... Shhhhh..... Speak Easy at Shadow Lounge..... with me singing with Carlos Peña, Miguel Sague III, with burlesque and circus stars Foxy Moxy and David Doyle..... I don't know much about the event except that I am singing, I have heard all kinds of rumors about costumes and passwords.... but that's about it. I think there are only about 20 more VIP tickets left, so it's worth checking out soon before the ads go out....

We'll be going til 2 am, so if you want to get your annual celebrational freak on, I will be available to assist in any musical way I can.....

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