Thursday, January 10, 2013

Second Line Saturdays w/ Phat Man Dee & the Cultural District!

There was a galactic and planetary shift of consciousness last December. On the 21st we aligned with our solar system, the galaxy and the universe....whether or not you spent the solstice hiding in a bunker with a gross of rations and water purification tablets, in prayer with drums and chanting to the moon or madly purchasing gifts to prove to your loved ones that you really do care (I myself did a little of each, I like to keep my bases covered), whatever happened for you or for me, I am blessed to know you and have you in my world.

If you are in Pittsburgh this Saturday Jan 12, 2013, I would honored if you would come to NOLA on the Square, located at 24 Market Square in downtown Pittsburgh, between the hours of 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. and allow me the opportunity to sing sweet songs in English, Spanish, French, some original, some classic, with my trusty trio of jazz warriors, "The Cultural District". With Tony DePaolis on bass, Miguel Sague III on vocals and conga and Carlos Peña on guitar, at my side, we four musicians will forge a union so musical that even the hardest among us could not help but weep into their excellent bowl of gumbo.....Well, ok, maybe I got excited, I don't usually get people crying into their food at gigs, that would be awkward. But the gumbo is amazing, and so are my musicians. Reservations are not required, but as there are few tables up by the band, if you want a good seat, I suggest you make one.
For a reservation call 412-471-9100 or visit

I am otherwise laying low this month. I am going back to school for some more knowledge at Pittsburgh Filmmakers and I am in the process of planning my podcast and focusing on speaking my dreams into reality. I don't have too many public engagements right now, but there is an incredible article written by Mr TC Brown in Equal Magazine, please pick up a copy or you can read it online.
Check out the Delta Foundation of Pittsburgh's new magazine! The article is on pages 22-23!! 
I love having you in my life, thanks for being part of the world. If you lost someone you love since last we spoke, my prayers go out to you in one big love. I am sorry you lost them, but I am happy they were here for the time that they could be here. Let's work to make this world a better place to honor and remember them.


PS Casa Rasta just bought a building and moved to 2056 Broadway in Beechview. OMG jerk chicken tostadas.... the Quesofundido is to die for. They even have vegetarian chorizo. Don't ask me how this possible. It's just delicious. Rastafarian Mexicans in Pittsburgh.... whouda thunk??

PPS I went to the Warhol Museum today with some old and new friends who wanted to see what Pittsburgh was all about... and now we have some horrifying black and white silent video proof of why one should NEVER leave me unattended with a camera:
the warhol: PhatManDee's Screen Test

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