Friday, November 28, 2014

Justice....If not now, when?

I think my "friends" and "fans" and "followers" may be becoming tired of me posting about race and change and justice.... I think I get more "likes" when I post silly mundane stuff, I think people might be "hiding my posts" because they don't want to hear it anymore.... I want my friends and fans to understand, that I don't want to post about it anymore either! I don't want to go outside in the cold and protest, I just had hernia surgery last week! I should *not* be running around downtown screaming "No Justice, No Peace, No Racist Police!" But more than that... I don't want to live in a world where we *have* to talk about it!

I don't want to live in a country where children are regularly shot and killed by rabidly mad and militarized police who are then vilified as thugs while their grieving parents' churches are burned to the ground by white supremacists while they're in mourning for a child who can't be at thanksgiving dinner ever again! I don't want to hear about people shot and left to burn in their cars because they're protesting injustice. I don't want to live in a city where children are beaten and paralyzed by the very people who are supposed to protect us, and I find myself thinking "Well, at least poor Jordan and Leon aren't dead, cuz Michael Ellerbee and John Gammage are never coming back and their killers are working on the force and free"?!?

That's not good enough!!!! We can do better!  I don't want to worry about my biracial niece and nephews and their beautiful Black cousins and wonder how long until some one feels threatened by them and decides shooting them is the right idea..... I don't want to worry for my friends' children and wonder if Teira's killer will ever be caught.... I'm sick of living in a world where it's even an issue! We have KKK madmen functioning in a world as policemen and doctors by day and murderous monsters in masks by night....and they aren't just over in Missouri, they're in my backyard, right here in Pennsylvania and they don't just hate Black people, they hate all of us, including the actual originally indigenous inhabitants of this land, cuz those fools are too ignorant to know that we're all immigrants! Unless you're indigenous, you aren't from here and you never learned any of their languages!!!

I hate that more people vote for American Idol than their congressional and senatorial representatives. I hate that there is looting going on in the banks and stock market and the pursuit of profit are destroying our economy, our ecology and our souls..... So are you tired yet? Of my ranting? Of my posts that aren't about kittens and cute little kids eating cupcakes? Then go do something about it, tell your racist friends to shut up! Tell your sexist friends to fuck off! Stand up for someone sometime! See how it empowers you and the people around you. Turn off the tv and look at a person and say "Hi, my name is" and make a friend who doesn't look like you and see what kind of power it brings into the world!

And then, after we've all fixed it, and there's no more hate, no more threats and no more attacks and everyone has food, shelter, healthcare and we're not killing the planet to do it...... THEN we can look at some "kitten waking up" videos and coo..... Then I can show you the Dr Who slippers I want for my birthday, and my adorably infuriating little dog who barks at everything, and I can sing "Nature Boy" to you over drinks, and the yinzer version of the "Girl From Ipanema"....and we can all laugh and love and I won't feel guilty for enjoying the little things, because then I'll live in a nation where cops aren't killing innocent children anymore......

Won't that be awesome? Won't that be cool? Let's do it, I triple dog dare you.... And if you are still tired of my posts, and you still think I'm yelling too much about boycotting Black Friday and supporting small business.... Well delete me then. I don't care. I didn't like you anyways and I don't know why we're "friends" cuz you obviously don't really know me. Vote at the ballot box, vote with your dollars, what we do on this earth matters and if we don't fix this now, when do you think we should do it? Cuz it's broken, and we are supposed to fix it.

Yours in solidarity for justice, freedom and peace,
Phat Man Dee

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