Friday, November 28, 2014

Justice....If not now, when?

I think my "friends" and "fans" and "followers" may be becoming tired of me posting about race and change and justice.... I think I get more "likes" when I post silly mundane stuff, I think people might be "hiding my posts" because they don't want to hear it anymore.... I want my friends and fans to understand, that I don't want to post about it anymore either! I don't want to go outside in the cold and protest, I just had hernia surgery last week! I should *not* be running around downtown screaming "No Justice, No Peace, No Racist Police!" But more than that... I don't want to live in a world where we *have* to talk about it!

I don't want to live in a country where children are regularly shot and killed by rabidly mad and militarized police who are then vilified as thugs while their grieving parents' churches are burned to the ground by white supremacists while they're in mourning for a child who can't be at thanksgiving dinner ever again! I don't want to hear about people shot and left to burn in their cars because they're protesting injustice. I don't want to live in a city where children are beaten and paralyzed by the very people who are supposed to protect us, and I find myself thinking "Well, at least poor Jordan and Leon aren't dead, cuz Michael Ellerbee and John Gammage are never coming back and their killers are working on the force and free"?!?

That's not good enough!!!! We can do better!  I don't want to worry about my biracial niece and nephews and their beautiful Black cousins and wonder how long until some one feels threatened by them and decides shooting them is the right idea..... I don't want to worry for my friends' children and wonder if Teira's killer will ever be caught.... I'm sick of living in a world where it's even an issue! We have KKK madmen functioning in a world as policemen and doctors by day and murderous monsters in masks by night....and they aren't just over in Missouri, they're in my backyard, right here in Pennsylvania and they don't just hate Black people, they hate all of us, including the actual originally indigenous inhabitants of this land, cuz those fools are too ignorant to know that we're all immigrants! Unless you're indigenous, you aren't from here and you never learned any of their languages!!!

I hate that more people vote for American Idol than their congressional and senatorial representatives. I hate that there is looting going on in the banks and stock market and the pursuit of profit are destroying our economy, our ecology and our souls..... So are you tired yet? Of my ranting? Of my posts that aren't about kittens and cute little kids eating cupcakes? Then go do something about it, tell your racist friends to shut up! Tell your sexist friends to fuck off! Stand up for someone sometime! See how it empowers you and the people around you. Turn off the tv and look at a person and say "Hi, my name is" and make a friend who doesn't look like you and see what kind of power it brings into the world!

And then, after we've all fixed it, and there's no more hate, no more threats and no more attacks and everyone has food, shelter, healthcare and we're not killing the planet to do it...... THEN we can look at some "kitten waking up" videos and coo..... Then I can show you the Dr Who slippers I want for my birthday, and my adorably infuriating little dog who barks at everything, and I can sing "Nature Boy" to you over drinks, and the yinzer version of the "Girl From Ipanema"....and we can all laugh and love and I won't feel guilty for enjoying the little things, because then I'll live in a nation where cops aren't killing innocent children anymore......

Won't that be awesome? Won't that be cool? Let's do it, I triple dog dare you.... And if you are still tired of my posts, and you still think I'm yelling too much about boycotting Black Friday and supporting small business.... Well delete me then. I don't care. I didn't like you anyways and I don't know why we're "friends" cuz you obviously don't really know me. Vote at the ballot box, vote with your dollars, what we do on this earth matters and if we don't fix this now, when do you think we should do it? Cuz it's broken, and we are supposed to fix it.

Yours in solidarity for justice, freedom and peace,
Phat Man Dee

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Do you know what it means? To miss New Orleans?

I do, I know very well. I know the pain of being too far away for far too long from New Orleans. But late is better than never, so I am bound for the swamp, the land that spawned the music I love so much, to sing to the people who have survived both massive flooding and the Bush administration. So, if you have any friends down that way, do tell them to stop in.

My first stop is actually in Valley Head, Alabama. I have never been to Alabama. I am going to be part of a Women's Weekend, Aspects of the Mother, at the Hawkwind Earth Renewal Cooperative on Nov 7-9, 2014. I will be leading a basic vocal workshop and teaching basic breathing technique. 
More info:

Then, rested, and in touch who I am in this world, I shall venture furthur south, for 2 wonderful engagements with and for some of my favorite people in the world.

Wednesday Nov 12, 2014
"A Musical Rogue's Gallery" 
 w/ Phat Man Dee, Vinsantos & Damien Youth at ALLWays Lounge, New Orleans! Show at 10 pm, no cover. (Bring tips, cuz none of us are rich!) 
Address: 2240 St Claude Ave, New Orleans, LA 70117
Phone:(504) 218-5778 
More info:

Friday Nov 14, 2014
"Bella Via's Birthday Bash"
I am blessed to have such a friend as the artist, Bella Via. She once painted me when we helped break the world record for largest # of body painted people at the American Bodypainting Festival at Brushwood many years ago. She is a beautiful soul and a wonderful artist. I am honored to be invited to sing at her birthday party at the Circle Bar.
Address: 1032 St Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA 70130

As much as I would love you all to come with me, I know many of my friends and fans are not able to come so far away with me! If you are in the Pittsburgh area, please allow me to make some suggestions, cuz there's alot going away while I am gone and I'm sad to miss it, but there's no reason you couldn't go!

Thursday Nov 6, 2014
If you like some hip hop and soul, my sister Elizabeth is throwing a major event at Howler's Cafe.... PR7X "LIVE" a Hip Hop Soul Event. - #PirateRadio "LIVE" Broadcast with #PR7XDJs Nuke Knocka, DJ. KB (Keygen Bryant) and DJ. Rob Chilldren with Performances by Jamar Hubbs, Shad Ali, Soul Dean, MaVe Sami and Get Down Gang Fan Page... it's be very exciting.
More info:

Saturday Nov 8, 2014 
My dear friend Danielle Robinson is a multi faceted artist who creates things of great beauty, and she is participating in a group show called: DOUBLE MIRđ»OR EXHIBIT 4! The event is in South Side on E Carson.... crazy, I don't evem remember the last time I was invited to a visual art show in South Side... If I were in town I would def brave Carson Street madness for this.... More info:

Thursday Nov 13, 2014
"Rumor Rides Again" a film by Emmet Frisbee is having it's world premiere at the Regent Theatre as part of the Pittsburgh Filmmakers Film Kitchen. I actually play a role in the movie and am in the opening sequence. The event includes guest speakers and live music by Jimmy Sapienza and Five Guys Named Moe. I also am contributing a movie short, my first attempt at a music video, with live footage from my cd release party by Jodi Lincoln and Smokin' McQueen and also some footage shot last night (as of this posting) at Filmmakers sound stage. 
More info on the event:

Same night...Nov 13, 2014 
The Steel City Kitty Burlesque And Variety Show featuring my dear friend Smokin' McQueen is happening at the Smiling Moose as part of the Steel City Kitty Burlesque and Variety show. This monthly event showcases local and national burlesque stars, I have been on her stage several times, and I assure you, it's always a debaucherous blast. More info:

Same night ...Nov 13, 2014
And last, but assuredly not least, a terrible decision...cuz you can't do it all, which is unfortunate, as my old friend, supremely talented master percussionist Nicholas Ragheb is coming home for a couple shows and you should absolutely catch him wherever you can.
Min Zaman
2nd Annual Autumn Belly Dance Recital with live music. This
evening of dance will feature Benafsajii (students of Karianne), Joanna Abel, Karianne and showcase live music with Nick Ragheb, Luke Williams, Phil Coatsworth and Ancien!!
Doors at 7:00pm
Show starts at 7:30pm 

3rd Street Gallery
220 3rd Street
Carnegie, PA  15106

Tickets can be purchased via PayPal (fee included), through Kari and Joanna or at the door. 

Saturday Nov 15, 2014 
Nick is also teaching a workshop on Saturday. This Middle Eastern Music 101 for Musicians and Dancers will be a day spent learnign and playing with Nick Ragheb, and I am very sorry to miss it. Hosted by Joanna Abel & Karianne.
For details on how to attend this event, please go to:

So, dear friends, I say unto you, I am southern bound to sing to old friends and hopefully to some new ones as well. But you need not fret, for I am but one of many wonderful performers and musicians who live in Pittsburgh, PA, and any one of them will assuage your need for music, art, dance, film and more.

Love, light and rhythm,
Phat Man Dee
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One more thing, please enjoy some delightful video of me singing with drumming and dancing by the Hamer Sisters, Maria and Christine. We're lucky to have them, so make sure to support them. The song I am singing was written by my dear friends Halim and Deborah El-Dabh. Halim is a magical being. He invented electronic music and ethnomusicology. He gave me this song to sing, and I hope you enjoy this rendition.