Saturday, August 15, 2015

Dearest friends and supporters! I am currently in Scotland, at the Edinburgh Fringe, it is a festival unlike any I have ever attended. The city is filled with artists and performers from all over the world. 3000 shows are happening right now, and there are industry professionals who book, manage, produce performances of every genre and medium imaginable, all looking for new projects to work with. It is wildly exciting. I have so many ideas for what I am going to bring here next year and the people I am working with now are performers at the top of their game. I am honored to be among them. My companion and videographer Alistair McQueen has been working really hard to capture all of our experiences and put some of them up for your enjoyment. Most of the editing will be done after we get back and can actually watch the hundreds of hours of footage logged and piece it together in a sensible format. A tv producer is coming to our show tonight at "Best of Burlesque" and who knows if it will actually lead to "Take it to the Bridge" to be picked up or not? But hope is a good thing..... Another good thing is clicks, likes, and shares.... social media is the currency and Nielsen ratings of the modern age, so please check out the youtube channel where we have been posting the videos and share them.

The most recent video was made this week, at the Fringe, with members of the 2 shows I am performing with. I mentioned "Chaz Royal and Betty D'Light's Best of Burlesque" (the cast of whom are some of the best burlesque and variety performers working in Europe right now, truly talented and dedicated performers) with whom I have been appearing every night at the Spiegeltent Columbino, I have 2 more shows with them, one tonight and tomorrow and I also have appearances with another show I have made friends with a singer and composer Malcolm Doherty, and his show "The Church of Malcolm" is truly delightful. I adore his music and his message. Please check out our video we made this week, I am singing a song with the Church of Malcolm on the Blue Bridge, Leith docks, Edinburgh, Scotland. We have a dancer named Whisky Falls from Best of Burlesque with us, the song is "Beauty Comes from Within":

And we put one up earlier this week as well, it's my collaboration with 2 wonderful jazz musicians in Hamburg, Germany, Helmar Marczinski and Jan-Phillip Meyer, and our version of "Do You Know What it Means to Miss New Orleans"

 Please, like, share and help me get these videos out there! World wide social media is what will help me win this game of art and life! @phatmandee @churchofmalcolm @bestofburlsque @mswhiskyfalls @smokinmcqueen @edfringe @assemblyfest are all great twitter and instagram handles to mention....let the world know! Phat Man Dee and Friends are coming with music and song!

My next hit after the Fringe is in London, England, at Royal Vauxhall Tavern, a historic gay pub, with Smokin' McQueen and the event is "Bar Wotever" if you have any friends in London, let them know! Facebook event page:

Love, respect, gratitude, I am yours, Mandee

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