Monday, September 1, 2008

I'm opening for Alex Skolnick and debuting at Pegasus!! Same night!

But first, as promised, the stunning photography of Mr Adam Blai, a sometime artist in residence at the afore mentioned haunted hotel in Windber, PA
Don't ask me how he did it, I couldn't explain, but it was weird. Used here with permission of Adam Blai, any unauthorized use and reproduction will result in terrible karma and prosecution.

So I write to you on this Labor Day, hoping that you won't actually read it until tomorrow morning, I hope today you are spending time with your friends, and family. I hope today you are safely evacuated away from the effects of the gulf storm Gustav, I hope today you are happily stuck in traffic trying to leave Burning Man and wondering just how in the world you are going to get all that dust out of your hopefully rental van....
Today I hope you are not in an unjust war, and for those of you in this world who are not where I would wish you to be, know that in my personal never ending drive towards success and
my career as a musician and entertainer, I am not unaware of the world around me and my prayers and thoughts are with you constantly and I hope to sing to you personally someday, sooner , not later.

Now for those of you who ARE in Pittsburgh, PA this Thursday September 4, 2008, you best to come out and support your girl!! In fact buy a cd, and send it to someone in the army and tell them to get home safely. I'll even give a military discount if you promise to send it
overseas to one of our girls or boys and tell them to get home soon.

Phat Man Dee opens for for Alex Skolnick Trio!!
Alex Skolnick is a heavy metal guitar god from Testament, and has a jazz trio and he is backed by hometown jazz heroes Nate Peck (yes my old bassist) and Matt Zebroski. I am so excited to finally open for these guys (accompanied by Colter Harper) , Alex is a truly talented
musician, and hearing all those heavy metal classics rendered in jazz and now with his new original compositions , it's a sweet evening of music and I truly hope you can be there.
Specifical and logistical information:
Thursday September 4, 2008
Doors at 6 pm, show time 7 pm sharp!!!
(I am only doing a 20 min set, so don't be late!!)

Later that same night, after the men of the Skolnick Trio have gotten us all hot and bothered, let's head down to 818 Liberty Ave and celebrate like we only can, where else but Pegasus Lounge!!!
I will be singing in between dj's and hanging out, I am so thrilled to have a venue for me to debut my newer club mixes I have been working on. Get your testosterone pumping and find me at Peg's and join me for an evening of debauchery until they shut the bar down around us.

Thursday September 4..... be there, and if you can't be there, you better post some super hot pictures the next day.... otherwise I may lose all respect.

Stay warm, have a great day today and I hope to see you Thursday.
Love, kisses, and may you get warm sticky jazz all over you and may it never ever come off....

PS Save the date and tell your friends:
Sep 18 at the Gershwin Hotel with Kenny Peagler and and Little Brooklyn in NYC!

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