Tuesday, September 2, 2008

They are jailing journalists in America

Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! was arrested today attempting to cover the protesters that the mainstream media is trying so hard to ignore.
This is a part of an email I wrote to CNN and NBC News....

"....As newsmen you have a duty to cover this story, as newsmen you should be outraged. Please do not allow yourselves to kow tow to the republican party line, please assert your rights as an American and do your patriotic duty to show that journalists are being jailed for reporting in America. Today. Right now. If you don't stand up today, tomorrow it will be you."

Watch the disturbing video:

Do something about it:

This is really upsetting to me, right now, my dear friend Tom Kennedy and his wife Heydeen are there right now protesting, with their giant art missile rocket car, and I am so afraid for them, I had hoped to join them, but just couldn't afford the airfare to the convention from Pittsburgh at present, and my gig schedule was too crazy, and now I am just praying for their safety.

Be outraged. Do something. Do we or do we not have a free press? What does it mean to be an American? To me it means something altogether different than the reality so obviously presented me this day. When November comes, I am voting for Obama (I have known that for some time, of course. ) I already knew I didn't want another Republican president of any gender, but if this is a taste of the police state we are heading for, than if we do somehow manage to vote in Mccain, I am requesting asylum somewhere civilized.... I can't say I didn't know that we as a nation had long since gone beyond the pale.... but arresting journalists at the convention, or anywhere in this country for that matter??? I mean, how much more black and white can this be?!?? The writing has been on the wall ever since Reagan took office, but this isn't writing, it's giant neon slogans screaming the impending doom of another police state. If you are a patriotic person, you will know in your heart what is right and what is wrong.

There , I am off the soapbox for now....

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E. MAY said...

It's just so scary how outright lies can be used against the common person. Thanks for keeping people up to speed, Mandee, your soapbox is ever so appreciated.