Friday, February 13, 2015

Lordy Lordy.... Phat Man Dee's 40!!!

Friends! I do not know how this has happened.... I have been told that time waits for no Mandee.... and while that was fine by me, as I believe that time is cyclical, everything just comes around and as long as you know the chords, the improv will fall in and around as it desires.... but sometimes you must not ignore the call to get yourself to the gig on time, and it is in those situations I find that thinking in a linear fashion is more appropriate. One step in front of the other til you meet your goals and so on.... Keep the eyes on the prize and all that.... With that in mind, now, in this fourth decade long trip coming to pass during my journey with you on this big blue ball shaped space ship we call the Earth, I have decided (and been advised) that NOW is the time to make my way to Europe to begin my journey as an internationally touring jazz sensation! I have been offered opportunities to sing at the World Body Painting Festival in Austria, as well as some clubs and festivals in Paris, Berlin, Munich and London. To realize these goals, I have JUST launched my FIRST EVER online fundraising campaign of any kind..... I am blessed to have so many fans and friends in my life and I ask, if you can to pledge, and if you can't (cuz I don't love you for your money, I love you cuz you like art and music and weird things.....and so do I) just share it and ask people to share or pledge as well. I don't make alot of $$ as a jazz singer in Pittsburgh, but I really believe if I can get my show to Europe then I can make the connections I need to begin traveling with regularity and take my musicians and co performers in my troupe with me. Pittsburgh has a unique and talented pool of artists and I will share us all with the world. I shall make a web documentary of my trip with filmmaker Alistair McQueen, and we shall post a video travel blog showing my musical collaborations with the musicians I meet along the way. My other dream is to sing on every bridge I can find.... I am from Pittsburgh, the worlds city of bridges, more bridges than anyone else in the world, and I wish to musically connect our brides to the bridges of the world..... So I will sing and document my singing on the bridges of Europe. I will sing my songs, write new ones and learn songs form the people I meet on my way. I have some great rewards for those who can support me and I sincerely appreciate every bit of support I receive. I wish I could do this on my own, but I need help. 
Here is the link, please share and donate if you can! 
photo by Chris Koontz, Philadelphia, PA at J J Jamesons Battle of the 5 Carnies Late Night Cabaret! 

If you would like to see me more locally and sooner than July, I must recommend these beautiful happenings: 

This Sunday February 15 at 3 PM I will be joining Pastor Deryck Tines City Wide Gospel Choir at the Father Ryan Arts Center as part of their 5th annual African American Art Show, this years theme is Black Lives Matter!

Then at the end of the month on Friday February 27, 2015, I will be performing with my trio The Cultural District 
at the Sweetwater Center for the Arts in Sewickley for their Sweet Jazz Series. 

Please come out, tickets available on their website! 
Facebook link:

Thank you for tuning in to my transmissions, one love to you all, I am grateful that we are in the world together right now. We will make it a better place together. 
Yours, Mandee
on twitter @phatmandee 

PS OMG I almost forgot!!!! My friend Alistair McQueen at Smoke This Productions made the most delightful music video for my new song "Hey Phat Chick!" I hope you like it!!!! 

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