Sunday, August 3, 2008

Gee whillikers ....

I feel like an ever renewing virgin, like the houris of paradise...... bathing in a new electric pool of internet and html impulses..... I have been online since the internet was black and green, back when web crawler was the new fangled toy, back when netscape both searched the web and helped you put stuff online. I registered my domain in 1996, before my first tour with the circus. Here we are, 21st century and the only thing changed is how quickly and how much better the res is on the porn we choose to download.... Ah, technology. Were it not for our base carnal instincts we would still be using smoke signals. (And maybe some of us still are.....)

So I have been "blogging" in my own quiet way, usually just using the forums on myspace, google groups and tribe to promote my shows and rant about the world and humanities' inhumanity to man and woman and everyone else in between, and I hope this forum will allow me access to a greater public from whom I may learn as I promote my shows and continue my incessant and never ending rant against injustice and bad fashion practices. I found a couple exciting blogs on here, namely :
and his wife has one as well, but I can't find the url right now, I'll find it later.

Here is video of me singing for Zafira's Vaudeville Carnevale in 2007 at Kelly Strayhorn Theater, both songs I wrote, the first is "Neverwas is Forevermore" and the second is "T.G.I.D.K.U" Both backing tracks are featuring the musicians that appear on my album, local Pittsburgh cats, namely Tony DePaolis, production/bass, Mike Murray accordion, Jacob Yoffee saxophone , Chris Parker drums, Kenny Peagler organ, and Colter Harper guitar. I am so blessed to have recorded these tracks at Heid Studios in Aspinwall, and so blessed to have the opportunity to sing them for you , not just at the show , but again here and for as long as the ethereal electric medium of the web is alive and kicking....

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Joseph said...

Love your new blog !!!!

Florida friend,