Monday, August 11, 2008

New Pictures!!!!

A new photographic team, Brent Isaac and Kimberly Rullo had me on a shoot last week for a project they are putting together, can't remember the charity , but it seemed like a good idea, and who am I to turn down good photographers??? And then today, I took a call from Erin at UGLY NY about a casting for a company that wants something "circusy" .... considering I spent years of my life eating glass and traveling with circus shows like Bindlestiffs, Circus Apocalypse and my most painful and personal favorite , Chicken John's (a one time mayoral candidate in San Francisco) Circus Ridiculous, I thought , well wouldn't that be nice? Of course, the go see is in NYC on wednesday and to get there and not call off at my day job I would need to take a bus overnight from Pittsburgh, spend a hundred bucks to get there and back, and I have done it before and I will do it again before the gig is up, but if I can at all avoid the horrors of the Greyhound bus I will, every time. I mean if it were thursday, I would amtrak it, I love the train. Especially the part around the Horshoe Curve, remind me to tell you about growing up in Altoona , PA and how proud we all were of the Horshoe Curve, it was awful and terrible and I have never been back, but the Curve made it much more bearable.

So I digress, Kim and Brent did these great shots of me and I sent them on in hopes of getting the gig without actually bussing up to audition
(blouse and waist panels by Zoe Collins of Threadneedle St.) :

I sent her this one as well, I know you really aren't supposed to send pictures of other better looking people in pictures with you , but somehow I don't think he and I will be competing for gigs , and if we do, well he has 5 kids and I wouldn't mind. This is Joe , of whom I have spoken earlier. I have a song for him, I met him at Caliente , in Tampa , Fl, while singing for Foxy Moxy's Cabaret Risque, he is a personal trainer there and they are lucky to have him, he also was a missionary in Bosnia for 15 years during the war. I really enjoyed his company, we took one look at him and of course we had to put him in the show. He was our illustrated strong man. (Painting by Scott Fray and friends - I got to help!!!- Aren't we pretty? You should have heard us sing..... With my buddy Bob Shepherd on ukulele we were unstoppable.

Ok , one more picture for now, it's not so new, but I like it, it's me dancin' arahnd in a sari n'at. Photo by Tim Fabian.

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