Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's true, we're rawking aht n'at!!! For those of you new to
Pittsburghese, allow me to translate just this once "It is true, we
are engaging in the act of rocking heretofore in the near future, and
I do hope you might join me."

Reminder, as I don't gig at home nearly enough, I hope you can come
out Saturday night, I am singing with Mike Murray on keys and Nick
Ragheb on dumbek, we are performing on a night called "Chicks who
Rock" at the Club Cafe. Also on the gig: Tangerine, Una de Luna,
Debutante, Lovebettie, Soma Mestizo!

56-58 South 12th Street, Pittsburgh PA, 15203
For advance tix:
Phone: 866-468-3401

ADV Price: $8.00 DOS Price: $8.00
Doors: 6:30pm
Music: 7:00pm
Ages: 21+

So, not many many people can get me to say that sometimes, I pray to
Jesus, I mean, the Goddess of course, Allah, on occasion, Ganesh,
absolutely, but Jesus usually gets the back burner for me, not sure
why, maybe it's lingering painful memories of Jim Bakker in the
morning, or Jimmy Swaggart, probably has something to do with the Bush
family, in my life , with the exception of my mother's family and my
voice teacher Beth , and a very few folks in between who should have
been in my mothers family over the years, I haven't met many so called
"Christians" that I would invite into my home. Usually they forget the
whole "Judge not, lest ye be judged " bit , or the part where you're
supposed to let the the one without sin cast the first stone and the
whole "Love thy neighbor as thyself." Most of the "Christian" people I
have met have been more of the hate mongering, middle eastern war
making, close minded kind that would have just as soon burned me with
the rest of the witches in the 1700's , or locked me up in Gitmo,
whichever was easier and more cost effective.....

That said, I did meet a man a couple weeks ago to whom I felt safe
admitting that sometimes I pray to Jesus and like what the man had to
say. His name is Joseph Michael, and he was a missionary with his wife
and five small children , they lived in Serbia and Bosnia Herzegovina
over the last decade or so helping set up Christian churches. I want
you should take a look at his new blog, he is a new friend of mine and
there's some great photos of him and I on it.
Warning, he is hot hot hot. You would thank Jesus too if you met a
man like this and sang with him. (He sings like an angel.) He is
personal trainer at the resort I played with Foxy Moxy and her (now
my) beautiful friends, and if I had the time I would go down there
and produce a fitness show starring him. He has inspired me to try and
do a fitness regimen myself , I want to chronicle a path wherein I
dance my way to fitness with the bellydancers of Zafira.... Maybe I
would get my cousin Aimee Bennis to lay out a nutrition plan....

Ok to see Joseph Michael (anyone in Tampa he trains at Caliente!!) :

And my cousin Aimee's site about nutrition (anyone in Denver, eating
healthy is just a click away!!):

And if that doesn't work out , I just keep in mind the concept of body
acceptance with the words of the incredible singer Candeye Kane in
mind, I really felt her blog this week, "Too skinny for the thin girls
and too :fat for the mall":

Next week, Phat Man Dee and trio hit Kerouac Fest on Friday night at
the Haunted Hotel in Windber, PA and then on Saturday I host the
Vaudeville Carnevale stage and Circle of Inspiration with Zafira
Bellydance Co at Hothouse. More info when I get it.

May you all be naked the next time I see you and may you be loving
your body!
May you feel the blessings of the Goddess in the spaces between your
actions and may the hand of God help direct you on your path, and when
you are feeling sad and confused may the wisdom of the Buddha, with
the depth of Allah, the power of Ganesh and the beauty of the White
Buffalo Woman help you remember why you exist.

Warmth, love and light,

Phat Man Dee and Joseph Michael:
We were about to perform at Caliente with Foxy Moxy's Cabaret Risque.
Paint by Scott Fray:
Photo by Antonio.


Matt said...

hello, do you have anyway to get in touch with joseph,i need an arnold impersanator saturday and all of his contact info no longer works

Matt said...

please email me at if you know how to get in touch with him. thank you very much.