Monday, August 4, 2008

T may be for Texas, but for me it's Tulsa....

Heading to my family's homeland today, to purchase my cousin's 97 Chrysler Town and Country minivan. For those of you who know me, you have probably read or heard about the curse of of the Land Pirate , Captain Jorge Garcia-DeCastro, for details check my google group and read back emails :
or my blog on myspace:

While there, do something positive and join my email list or friend me or something, let's let this be a growing experience for me and you, not just a "Oh the bad man stole my stuff and I am so sad and so stupid for letting him in my home....." I mean I wrote enough songs out of it to make a concept album.... more on that later. Still not sure how copyright works on this thing.

But I am thrilled to be seeing my family. I haven't seen them in forever, and they are wonderful people. Tommy, my husband, and I shall drive cross country, and it shall be good. I hope we can find friend dill pickle chips somewhere, those are my favorite. Mmmmmm. Little greasy discs of salt, vinegar and fat. That is a taste treat. Cardiac events, here I come, wait for mama!

Until then enjoy video of me singing for the beautiful dancer Christine Andrews of Zafira, and then with a friend Billy Woods I am sorry I didn't get to see this year, I was gigging in Florida, but in doing so I totally missed the chance to see him on his eastern loop through the country, Billy Woods:

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