Monday, August 25, 2008

When you get to meet your heroes....

Gigging in Windber was awesome..... and a little scary
So I went to this hotel, except it's not a hotel really anymore, it's more of a private residence for artists and weirdos with a taste for the dark and maccabre. Right up my alley..... Last year my roommate Christiane dragged me there to see her friend Ken Foley play drums with 2 of my favorite musicians ever, Gerald "Shotgun" Haymon and Dan Wasson. It was a poetry and jazz event, called Kerouac Fest. It's beside a railroad track used for hauling coal, in a small town called Windber. A man named Blair owns it, he bought it some years ago with his friends Damien Youth and Betsy Black. They came here from LA (both LA's, Los Angelos and Louisiana, perfect vampyre combo right?) and I am still not sure why, except they did what I have been telling people to do for years, and they figured it out all by themselves. They bought a massive piece of property in Pennsylvania for the cost of what they were spending to live in California for a couple of months. They own a 30 room motel and they host the oddest events, Big Foot parties and poetry performances. I am thrilled to say I was included in this years festivities. Blair asked me to come with my band, so Tony DePaolis, Colter Harper and Jacob Yoffee went out with the Amoeba and my friends Brother Strawberry and Sister Shortcake. None of us really knew what to expect, I made a set list, put the charts in order, got into our new mini van (we bought from cousin Shelley in Oklahoma) and drove 100 miles to this tiny little town just outside of Johnstown. (You may have heard me mention my old piano player and good friend Johnstown Flood Survivor Jeff Cubeta, now a resident of the NYC? Well, he nearly died laughing when I told him I was gigging in Windber, whatever, he'll find out how cool it was next time he comes through, I will make him take me there so we can sing the songs I am writing about the beautiful and truly odd people who live and work there.)

The last time I went to the Grand Midway Hotel with Christiane and Ken, when we arrived, some poor girl had seen a ghost and screamed so loudly the cops came, we arrived as they were leaving.... I am saying, scary.... Now I have an agreement with the ghosts in my house, they don't bother me and I don't bother them. It's cool if they feel a need to stay, I have no need to remove them or do anything drastic and odd, I just don't want to see them, I have nothing to say to them and they have nothing I need to know. I'm cool.... I don't know the ghosts at this place though, so I just keep the psychic wall up and so far so good. And the guys arrived, set up the gear, and we played. I am excited to say our set was nearly completely original, it has taken a while, but my show is not just a bunch of standards with 2 or 3 originals, now it is mostly our stuff with 2 or 3 chosen classics. It's been a journey I have enjoyed making but I am glad we are writing more now. What was super sweet was the audience, both alive and the not so much. They listened. They really listened. I haven't played a room where everyone just listened in I don't know how long. Usually people are there, but not tuned in, the audience is the most important part of any show and if they are there to get laid or get drunk or whatever, I don't judge, but it's just not as much fun for me. Blairs' friends are awesome, the little art community he is growing, like some mad gardener in a coal town, is incredible. I had a light photo taken by this wonderful artist named Adam Blai, I can't explain it, I will post it when I get the shots. So I digress, I haven't gotten to the part where my brain explodes, I got to meet one of my childhood heroes, and I was blessed with the opportunity to actually play with another.

David J from Bauhuas and Love and Rockets was staying at the Hotel and he got both my cd's!!!!! Aaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!! OHMIGOD like are you ferreal ferreal?!?!?! I tell you I spent my the entirety of my pubescence running naked through my bedroom chanting the lyrics to Earth, Sun, Moon, trapped in Altoona, PA mid 1980's..... Sure I went to Girl Scouts and sold cookies and took tap dance lessons and never got picked for dodge ball teams...... but I also wore my hair so far over one eye I actually atrophied it and made my own fan tee shirts , the one I wore most had so many holes in it by the time I turned 18 my mother burned it. But the top of it read "Love and Rockets" handwritten in black marker and followed by "Dead Milkmen" , "The Cure" and then "Louis Armstrong", don't ask, I don't know. It is just is..... So I met Joe Jack Talcum earlier this year at a gig at Mr Roboto Project and that was pretty incredible, but not completely unexpected at least he is from Pennsylvania, but meeting David J of Love and Rockets and Bauhaus.... in Windber yet.... let's just say it was a pretty unexpected bonus to an already incredible night of art and music in what I mistakenly thought would be a fairly unlikely setting. So that was hot, so hot it has taken me a week to process and write about it. Then he gave me an autographed copy of his new work "Silver for Gold, The Odyssey of Edie Sedgwick", that too is pretty incredible piece of work, he mentioned he may try to bring the show to Pittsburgh with the Warhol Museum, I don't know what is happening with those negotiations, but if it goes down, you know I am there.

So meeting David was fairly exciting, but then I didn't mention the sweetest part, I actually got to play with Jim Donovan, Colter called him up to sit in on our one tune "My Round Eyes" from the 1st cd by Christiane, and the first time I ever saw nekkid people in public was at a Rusted Root show when I was 16 at some warehouse art venue on the South Side early 90's. So actually like 15 years later getting to really play with one of my hometown heroes and having the sound just kick ass , that was a real thrill. I couldn't stay the rest of the weekend, at the hotel, I had a wonderful gig the next night in Pittsburgh at Hot House with Zafira, and I can't ever say no to the beautiful dancers of Zafira, so I didn have to leave, but trust me I will be back to Windber.... They have no idea what they have gotten themselves into. I already have penned 2 tunes about my time there. The first is about a boy from there named Dylan Fornoff, called "The Boy with the Sun in his Eyes" and the 2nd is about the coal train and the ghosts who stay in the Hotel, "Million Dollar Train".
I will post it when I have some video of the gig, Brother Strawberry is supposed to be getting me his footage soon.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's true, we're rawking aht n'at!!! For those of you new to
Pittsburghese, allow me to translate just this once "It is true, we
are engaging in the act of rocking heretofore in the near future, and
I do hope you might join me."

Reminder, as I don't gig at home nearly enough, I hope you can come
out Saturday night, I am singing with Mike Murray on keys and Nick
Ragheb on dumbek, we are performing on a night called "Chicks who
Rock" at the Club Cafe. Also on the gig: Tangerine, Una de Luna,
Debutante, Lovebettie, Soma Mestizo!

56-58 South 12th Street, Pittsburgh PA, 15203
For advance tix:
Phone: 866-468-3401

ADV Price: $8.00 DOS Price: $8.00
Doors: 6:30pm
Music: 7:00pm
Ages: 21+

So, not many many people can get me to say that sometimes, I pray to
Jesus, I mean, the Goddess of course, Allah, on occasion, Ganesh,
absolutely, but Jesus usually gets the back burner for me, not sure
why, maybe it's lingering painful memories of Jim Bakker in the
morning, or Jimmy Swaggart, probably has something to do with the Bush
family, in my life , with the exception of my mother's family and my
voice teacher Beth , and a very few folks in between who should have
been in my mothers family over the years, I haven't met many so called
"Christians" that I would invite into my home. Usually they forget the
whole "Judge not, lest ye be judged " bit , or the part where you're
supposed to let the the one without sin cast the first stone and the
whole "Love thy neighbor as thyself." Most of the "Christian" people I
have met have been more of the hate mongering, middle eastern war
making, close minded kind that would have just as soon burned me with
the rest of the witches in the 1700's , or locked me up in Gitmo,
whichever was easier and more cost effective.....

That said, I did meet a man a couple weeks ago to whom I felt safe
admitting that sometimes I pray to Jesus and like what the man had to
say. His name is Joseph Michael, and he was a missionary with his wife
and five small children , they lived in Serbia and Bosnia Herzegovina
over the last decade or so helping set up Christian churches. I want
you should take a look at his new blog, he is a new friend of mine and
there's some great photos of him and I on it.
Warning, he is hot hot hot. You would thank Jesus too if you met a
man like this and sang with him. (He sings like an angel.) He is
personal trainer at the resort I played with Foxy Moxy and her (now
my) beautiful friends, and if I had the time I would go down there
and produce a fitness show starring him. He has inspired me to try and
do a fitness regimen myself , I want to chronicle a path wherein I
dance my way to fitness with the bellydancers of Zafira.... Maybe I
would get my cousin Aimee Bennis to lay out a nutrition plan....

Ok to see Joseph Michael (anyone in Tampa he trains at Caliente!!) :

And my cousin Aimee's site about nutrition (anyone in Denver, eating
healthy is just a click away!!):

And if that doesn't work out , I just keep in mind the concept of body
acceptance with the words of the incredible singer Candeye Kane in
mind, I really felt her blog this week, "Too skinny for the thin girls
and too :fat for the mall":

Next week, Phat Man Dee and trio hit Kerouac Fest on Friday night at
the Haunted Hotel in Windber, PA and then on Saturday I host the
Vaudeville Carnevale stage and Circle of Inspiration with Zafira
Bellydance Co at Hothouse. More info when I get it.

May you all be naked the next time I see you and may you be loving
your body!
May you feel the blessings of the Goddess in the spaces between your
actions and may the hand of God help direct you on your path, and when
you are feeling sad and confused may the wisdom of the Buddha, with
the depth of Allah, the power of Ganesh and the beauty of the White
Buffalo Woman help you remember why you exist.

Warmth, love and light,

Phat Man Dee and Joseph Michael:
We were about to perform at Caliente with Foxy Moxy's Cabaret Risque.
Paint by Scott Fray:
Photo by Antonio.

Monday, August 11, 2008

New Pictures!!!!

A new photographic team, Brent Isaac and Kimberly Rullo had me on a shoot last week for a project they are putting together, can't remember the charity , but it seemed like a good idea, and who am I to turn down good photographers??? And then today, I took a call from Erin at UGLY NY about a casting for a company that wants something "circusy" .... considering I spent years of my life eating glass and traveling with circus shows like Bindlestiffs, Circus Apocalypse and my most painful and personal favorite , Chicken John's (a one time mayoral candidate in San Francisco) Circus Ridiculous, I thought , well wouldn't that be nice? Of course, the go see is in NYC on wednesday and to get there and not call off at my day job I would need to take a bus overnight from Pittsburgh, spend a hundred bucks to get there and back, and I have done it before and I will do it again before the gig is up, but if I can at all avoid the horrors of the Greyhound bus I will, every time. I mean if it were thursday, I would amtrak it, I love the train. Especially the part around the Horshoe Curve, remind me to tell you about growing up in Altoona , PA and how proud we all were of the Horshoe Curve, it was awful and terrible and I have never been back, but the Curve made it much more bearable.

So I digress, Kim and Brent did these great shots of me and I sent them on in hopes of getting the gig without actually bussing up to audition
(blouse and waist panels by Zoe Collins of Threadneedle St.) :

I sent her this one as well, I know you really aren't supposed to send pictures of other better looking people in pictures with you , but somehow I don't think he and I will be competing for gigs , and if we do, well he has 5 kids and I wouldn't mind. This is Joe , of whom I have spoken earlier. I have a song for him, I met him at Caliente , in Tampa , Fl, while singing for Foxy Moxy's Cabaret Risque, he is a personal trainer there and they are lucky to have him, he also was a missionary in Bosnia for 15 years during the war. I really enjoyed his company, we took one look at him and of course we had to put him in the show. He was our illustrated strong man. (Painting by Scott Fray and friends - I got to help!!!- Aren't we pretty? You should have heard us sing..... With my buddy Bob Shepherd on ukulele we were unstoppable.

Ok , one more picture for now, it's not so new, but I like it, it's me dancin' arahnd in a sari n'at. Photo by Tim Fabian.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Curse of Jorge De Castro Garcia, a work in 4 parts

A response to the Land Pirate, rhyming couplets in four parts To follow up about a previous warning about a thief, I didn't get any stuff back, but I do have the beginnings of a concept album.....

The Curse of Jorge DeCastro Garcia, or Songs for a Land Pirate, in 4 parts

Part 1, The Prediction:

"Well it was fun to pretend, but I think I'd better go now,
And it was joy til the end, but it's time to start my show now.

With you there is no telling, what is truth and what is lies,
I believed the story that you told with your lips and with your eyes.

I don't care about the riches, I never asked for any gold,
Tales of champagne, fortune and fame just make me feel so old..

It was you I did believe in, it was you I tried to love,
You were the biggest lie of all, you crushed me like an iron glove!

Well it was fun to pretend, but I think I'd better go now,
And it was joy til the end, but it's time to start my show now.

You know I might have liked you, for whom you might have been
But I guess we'll never ever know, lies taint you with their sin.

Did you laugh at me? The way I laugh at you,
But don't it hurt to be, the you who can't be you???

Well it was fun to pretend, but I think I'd better go now,
(oh yes so fun to pretend) (best you better go now)
And it was joy til the end, but it's time to start my show now.
(so much joy til the end) (you can never stop my show now)"

Part 2
The first reckoning (false)

"He said he'd flown to many foreign lands, and he'd had so many loves,
El capitan di mi corazon, flew away like a magic dove.

I met him on one fateful eve in the city which cannot sleep,
He spoke of sisters far away, in a land of music running deep.

So fly safe, and fly strong, fly fast so we'll all be free!
Try to right this world of wrongs, though so many never see...

His eyes seemed to hold kiindness, his soul seemed fierce and true,
One touch and my heart just melted, I knew not what to do!

So fly away you seeming angel, and I will sing this little song,
Try to bring love in to this world, for your story carries on!

So fly safe, and fly strong, fly fast so we'll all be free!
Try to right this world of wrongs, though so many never see..."

Part 3
A simple blues for a Jorge who might have been:

"Make me another cup of coffee , Jorge.
Please sugar just make me a cup of joe to go,
You know I can't stay here, without mi jorge no mo'

Haz mi otra taza de cafe Jorge,
Te lo rue'jo haz mi una taza de cafe llevar
Porque yo no puedo que dar me con mi Jorge otra vez.....

You've yet to cause one tear, to roll down my pretty face
Tho you did steal things, memories I can't replace,
I'll make many more, with friends who love me true,
And I'll never be so poor, as a you who can't be you!

So take yo' cup of coffee and leave me, Jorge!
I'm not drinking cream and sugared lies no more,
Creo que el diablo tiene su alma, mi amor"

Part 4:
The reckoning (more true, though no one but maybe God and Jorge knows what is really true):

"I wish you could see you through my eyes, through my eyes, through my eyes,
I wish you could see you through my eyes, through my eyes, through my eyes...

I see beauty you can't see, I feel a soul who won't be free,
I see a man hungry for love, a broken soul who can't get above.

You had a chance , and you had friends,
But you blew it all for money when,
You could have stayed , you could have played,
But you choose death yet once again!

I wish you could see you through my eyes, through my eyes, through my eyes,
I wish you could see you through my eyes, through my eyes, through my eyes...

Tho' I can see, who wants to be, the you who's you, the one thru and thru.
The darkness falls, it hides you soul, and you can't light it up for any gold.

I do not know what twisted you, or made you seem so sweet
But still I pray you can find the day when it again can beat.

I wish you could see you through my eyes, through my eyes, through my eyes,
I wish you could see you through my eyes, through my eyes, through my eyes...

I wish you could see you through my eyes, through my eyes, through my eyes,
I wish you could see you through my eyes, through my eyes, through my eyes..."
all work contained herein is the copywritten material of Phat Man Dee Productions 2008

This is a work in progress. More to come later, I have a wonderful song of emotional redemption, found in a beautiful body builder named Joseph. He helped me regain my peace before sorrow tore me apart.
I don't wish to sully the song I wrote for Joe on the same Blog posting as Jorge, so you will have to wait for it. Also, a friend wrote an exquisite curse for him, I want you should read it, so I will find it and post it before we move on.

The Curse of Christiane:
(Now I didn't write this curse, it was emailed to Jorge by my incredibly literary and wonderful best friend and roommate Christiane D., but I think it exquisite and I hope she will let me record it when I have enough $$ to go back into the studio)

On Fri Jul 11 06:20:47 CDT 2008, ChrissyDee wrote:

> How wonderful of you to write such a great letter of thanks,
> hours before
> you decided to make the wrong choice, to steal from my best
> friends, crash n
> burn the concept of trust and hospitality, shit on the beauty of
> humanity,
> as scarce as it is.
> You are caught out there in the mist.
> And until you right the wrong, that all consuming and confusing
> mist will
> cover you and cloud you. And all the things you hold dear, will
> run and fade
> from you. Like dust through your fingertips, you will not be able
> to hold
> onto anything. And nothing will want to hold onto you. Life
> presents us with
> a myriad of choices and you have clearly made the wrong one. The
> kind of
> terrible wrong choice that will follow you like a cloud, creep
> upon you in
> the night, feel like a ball and chain around your mind. Will you
> sleep on
> this, I think not. The darkness you called forth will visit you,
> the blacker
> than black will sit on your bed. You have invited it and now it
> wants to
> take you home.
> I am not so forgiving and curse you with swift karma. It may feel
> good now,
> yes, please do enjoy every moment of your arrogant, conning
> conquest, but
> know that it will fade into darkness and that darkness will
> surround you and
> the voices of your ancestors will begin to choke you and your
> dreams will be
> filled with my words, whispering to you, to right the wrong. You
> will find
> and know no peace. Peace will not find you. This grand conflict
> you have
> created will birth itself, rise up in you like a great wave and
> bring you
> down into the depths, where you will be asked, what kind of man
> are you.
> What kind of man smiles through twisted plans, What kind of man
> takes
> kindness and twists it into unrecognizable forms, What kind of
> man stands
> before cherub faces of kindness and lies, What kind of man are
> you? You will
> hear this question over and over, everywhere you go and it will
> not release
> its hold. Car engines and televisions and playing children and
> store
>'re going to hear it everywhere and from everyone,
> yet they will
> have said nothing. True madness will visit you as you struggle to
> forget
> what is asked of you, struggle to answer, struggle to find your
> character
> through the mud and from that struggle the poison you injected
> the world
> with will enter your veins and not leave until you have an
> answer, a
> truthful answer. Not leave until you right your wrong, clean your
> shit,
> claim responsibility.
> You shall have long, horrible empty days ahead of you. Days that
> will seem
> endless and hot and only to you. Days filled with turmoil.
> Because once you
> have set the un-righteous wheels in motion, nature will swing to
> balance it
> and the pain you have caused will be visited upon you, ten fold.
> Once again
> you have choices, what will you choose?
> So, enjoy every moment now, for it will not last. The darkness is
> around the
> corner and it will visit you and it won't leave. Perhaps you
> should smile
> and cook it a meal, play piano and sing it a song, for it shall
> be with you
> for awhile. You can't hide from or fool or sway the darkness with
> charm.
> I am not so forgiving. Do you actually deserve it? I curse you
> with swift
> karma, and through the little pity I have for you, I laugh, for
> you have no
> idea what you have wraught and what is in store for you. No idea
> the hell
> that awaits you. The universe will equalize and make you pay and
> the toll is
> heavy and your soul is empty. And once it comes, you will ask for
> help and
> find none.
> My, my, my, however shall you free yourself, your mind, your
> heart from the
> evil you have done.
> Whatever shall you do? as the darkness comes for you.
> it comes
> I can hear it
> it comes
> I can feel it
> it comes
> Do you hear it
> it comes
> Do you feel it
> it comes
> coming for you
> My, my, my
> whatever shall you do?
> So, please enjoy, for now, the car, the laptop, the camera, the
> things,
> laugh with glee even, but know this, the soul of my words will be
> etched
> into the crevices of your mind. Repeating, repeating,
> repeating...
> On Wed, Jul 9, 2008 at 12:46 AM, Cpt. G. Garcia-DeCastro <> wrote:
>> Thank you both for everything!!!!!!!!! I enjoyed meeting you,
>> your sister
>> and John and I specially loved the event on Sunday!!!!! :)
>> Until next time
>> Jorge

(The following is a repost from my myspace and tribe blogs, just for background on the Jorge, should you ever be so misfortunate to make his acquaintance)

15 Jul 2008

This man took my car, computer, and trust....
Category: Life

Last week my husband and I allowed a young man to stay with us. I met
him in NYC, he was very sweet and charming. He was well educated and I
was sooooo naive. He said his name was Jorge (or George )DeCastro
Garcia, and he was a pilot with IFL , a company which supposedly
worked for the UN. He said he had the weekend of the 4th of July off,
and I invited him to Pittsburgh to see my show, emceeing for the
Bellydance is Beautiful show. He flew in, stayed 4 days in my home and
left , with our Saturn SL1 2002 lisence plate FRP3900 , the Macbook
Pro, the harddrive, a Canon A 530 camera, our ipod and my trust. If
you see him, let the authorities and me know, don't approach him,
don't put yourself in danger, and don't trust him. Zone 3 Police is in
charge of the investigation :412-488-8326

Please, Tommy and I are still very sad over this, thankfully we have
good insurance, what we don't have is the harddrive with all of our
memories, so if you have any photos or video of us over the last few
years, if it occurs to you to send it on over, that is what is really
hurting. The stuff is just stuff, we are with Sate Farm , Lynn in
Darla Zeli's office is so supportive, I am typing to you now on her
laptop, a loaner from her til we get a replacement.....

His email is captaindecastro dot com , I don't think you can use
an email to track down a person, but my friends are smart.....

Seriously, I don't think he is dangerous, but you don't know what he's
mixed up in, so don't approach, just be aware...he said he wanted to
go Burning Man this year, so if you see him, beware, land pirate,

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Tommy says I am not allowed to be an Olympic commentator.....

So allow me to begin this email by saying.... Holy cow on a multimedia dreamscape cast of thousands, Batman! Like really?? Like , are you kidding? Like, man alive, well I declare, now that just beats everything..... Holy freaking Olympics opening ceremony man..... I have never really watched one before, maybe that's lame, but I just never have, I am 33 years old, and during the last one I was at Pennsic War with a bagpipe group from Germany and I missed it, 4 years before that I was on tour with a circus side show and somehow I just never was by a tv during the show. Somehow I am thinking they really have never been quite like this before. I think China kind of went over and above board in an it makes me feel like saying , "Never mind, guys, I didn't really need to be a performer anyways, I don't know what I was thinking, I'll just go back to bed now....." kind of way. That said, in the middle of the thousands of tai chi masters moving energy and just generally terrifying the shit out of me , all I could think to say to my dear husband was , "So, do you think if they accidentally misstep and trip another dancer/warrior , that their families all get executed or jailed or something????" Tommy, with an air of complete disdain , said "And that's the reason you are not allowed to commentate during the Olympics, Mandee..." I mean, it was really the most lovely thing I have ever seen, heard, felt , experienced, the Chinese have generally raised the bar artistically , spiritually, in every conceivable way....... But sometimes you just wonder about these things. I mean, it's not like we are any better about these things here in America anyways.....

So I digress, Olympic opening ceremonies, Shmolympic schmopening scheremonies......
I WAS ON THE FREAKING TODAY SHOW Y'ALL! It's just for a second, but it's still pretty durned exciting
To see the video the direct link is :

I am represented by a modeling agency called UGLY NY and they have been great. They have gotten me some super fun gigs and they thrill me generally speaking. I was in a shoot a month and a half again for a Swiss production company called Wiener Klappe and they used a bit of the footage. I am pretty thrilled to say the least. I have known for a long long time that I am not traditionally what is considered within the concept of an American beauty, and being an American girl that has always been important to me on some level, and trying to change the rigid concepts of beauty has always been a personal goal of mine which I have hoped to pursue by performing like I didn't give a damn. To have it validated on the Today show of all places, and with Al Roker yet, well, that was weird. I kind of liked it. I feel so dirty inside and it's ok. Maybe someday I will be singing on the show. Shoot, maybe someday I will play the world stage in Beijing for that matter, I mean, if I am dreaming, I may as well dream big, right?

So, I started a new blog, I may try and start moving my opinions and musings there and kind of save this email list for actual show announcements , if you want to let me know what you think of that, I would appreciate input.
My new blog (I will continue to maintain the ones on myspace and tribe, but I really like the uploading features and openness, i .e. not needing to be a member of something to be able to read it, it just seems more egalitarian to me) is:
Also, I can put pictures and video on it more easily, I can't seem to do that here in Google Groups.

So, I have been traveling a bit, I just played Florida for my first time ever. you know I have always wondered why so many people (specifically all the Jews who could afford it in my family) are always droaning on and on about "Flahr-ida, oh tattelah dahling, ya gotta go, just marry a nice docta and pray he moves you to Boca, baby." So I didn't marry a doctor, I married an Amoeba, and that's that, fortunately his sister lives there and though I did visit her once and it was amazing, I have never played there. I played a beautiful resort, a clothing optional , nudist resort, called Caliente. It was like a dream world. I'm still not sure if it's real. I made some wonderful new friends, I rediscovered a spiritual connection I forgot about some time ago and our show kicked ass. Foxy Moxy put it all together and as soon as I get some video of it I shall let you all see it.

My next local gig is August 16. I am playing Club Cafe with a festival called "Chicks Who Rock!" I have always thought I was more of a chick who swung, but apparently when you weigh 300 pounds swinging kind of looks and feels like rocking. I dunno, I am going to sing some songs. Some from the cd, some from my head last week and all with Chris Parker, local guitar god. He's hot, he plays like crazy, and I simply adore him. He played with me on my cd on drums and I think he's just swell. Also performing this night is : Tangerine, Una de Luna, Debutante, Lovebettie, Soma Mestizo! 21 and over, tix at door. Showtime is 7 pm, be there on time , the Club Cafe is an intimate space , and I think the performers will take up half the seating..... Hot chicks, alcohol, music and more. S 12th and E Carson St, South Side, Pittsburgh, PA, aka the land of the Giant Killers...... I have no idea what tix are price wise, what ever it is, we are all worth so much more.
Call 412-431-4950 for info.
Or visit:

So, America here, I come, Tommy and I bought my cousin Shelley's minivan , and, though it may have 125,000 miles on it, I know every one of them was lovingly maintained by my Uncle Johnny from Tulsa, Oklahoma , he's a brilliant mechanic and he was a wonderful donkey. I am sad we didn't get a photo of Tommy Amoeba riding the donkey, he really took to the animal. I mean I thought it was sweet, but I am more into beagles. We came home from Tulsa this week in our first ever cross country road trip. It was very exciting.
Next week, South Side, the week after Windber, next month, the world! (Or at least the Northern Coast of California..... I still need to get my passport.)

Love, kisses, lucypoops and raindrops, I remain ever your humble servant,
Phat Man Dee

Monday, August 4, 2008

T may be for Texas, but for me it's Tulsa....

Heading to my family's homeland today, to purchase my cousin's 97 Chrysler Town and Country minivan. For those of you who know me, you have probably read or heard about the curse of of the Land Pirate , Captain Jorge Garcia-DeCastro, for details check my google group and read back emails :
or my blog on myspace:

While there, do something positive and join my email list or friend me or something, let's let this be a growing experience for me and you, not just a "Oh the bad man stole my stuff and I am so sad and so stupid for letting him in my home....." I mean I wrote enough songs out of it to make a concept album.... more on that later. Still not sure how copyright works on this thing.

But I am thrilled to be seeing my family. I haven't seen them in forever, and they are wonderful people. Tommy, my husband, and I shall drive cross country, and it shall be good. I hope we can find friend dill pickle chips somewhere, those are my favorite. Mmmmmm. Little greasy discs of salt, vinegar and fat. That is a taste treat. Cardiac events, here I come, wait for mama!

Until then enjoy video of me singing for the beautiful dancer Christine Andrews of Zafira, and then with a friend Billy Woods I am sorry I didn't get to see this year, I was gigging in Florida, but in doing so I totally missed the chance to see him on his eastern loop through the country, Billy Woods:

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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Gee whillikers ....

I feel like an ever renewing virgin, like the houris of paradise...... bathing in a new electric pool of internet and html impulses..... I have been online since the internet was black and green, back when web crawler was the new fangled toy, back when netscape both searched the web and helped you put stuff online. I registered my domain in 1996, before my first tour with the circus. Here we are, 21st century and the only thing changed is how quickly and how much better the res is on the porn we choose to download.... Ah, technology. Were it not for our base carnal instincts we would still be using smoke signals. (And maybe some of us still are.....)

So I have been "blogging" in my own quiet way, usually just using the forums on myspace, google groups and tribe to promote my shows and rant about the world and humanities' inhumanity to man and woman and everyone else in between, and I hope this forum will allow me access to a greater public from whom I may learn as I promote my shows and continue my incessant and never ending rant against injustice and bad fashion practices. I found a couple exciting blogs on here, namely :
and his wife has one as well, but I can't find the url right now, I'll find it later.

Here is video of me singing for Zafira's Vaudeville Carnevale in 2007 at Kelly Strayhorn Theater, both songs I wrote, the first is "Neverwas is Forevermore" and the second is "T.G.I.D.K.U" Both backing tracks are featuring the musicians that appear on my album, local Pittsburgh cats, namely Tony DePaolis, production/bass, Mike Murray accordion, Jacob Yoffee saxophone , Chris Parker drums, Kenny Peagler organ, and Colter Harper guitar. I am so blessed to have recorded these tracks at Heid Studios in Aspinwall, and so blessed to have the opportunity to sing them for you , not just at the show , but again here and for as long as the ethereal electric medium of the web is alive and kicking....